Kieran Flanagan wins 2022 Ernest Rutherford Medal

Congratulations to Professor Kieran Flanagan, who has been awarded the 2022 Ernest Rutherford Medal and Prize by the Institute of Physics.

The Institute awards Silver Subject Medals and Prizes annually to recognise and reward distinguished contributions to physics.

Kieran, who is Professor of Nuclear Physics in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, was awarded the prize for "pioneering contributions to laser spectroscopy of exotic nuclei, particularly the use of resonance ionisation and its application to single-atom sensitivity in mass spectrometry and trace-metal analysis for environmental testing."

The Ernest Rutherford Medal and Prize, normally awarded biennially, recognises distinguished research in nuclear physics or nuclear technology and is named in honour of Lord Rutherford of Nelson. Ernest Rutherford, 1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson, was a New-Zealand-born British physicist who is generally considered to be the father of nuclear physics.

This medal comes with a prize of 1,000 and a certificate.