International risk experts convene in Southampton to future-proof our world

The aftermath of a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in Turkey in February 2023
The aftermath of a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in Turkey in February 2023

Designing buildings to withstand earthquakes, risk assessments for space missions, and driverless car safety are some of the topics that will be discussed at a major international conference on risk, taking place in Southampton in September.

The ESREL (European Safety and Reliability) conference will be hosted by the University of Southampton, under the theme of The Future of Safety in a Reconnected World.

The experts attending the five-day event will be sharing their world-leading research and knowledge to future-proof our world. They will be discussing subjects from autonomous vehicles, to nuclear power, to natural disasters.

Keynote speakers include Dr Todd Paulos, the risk assessment lead in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, based in California, USA; Professor Anne Barros, a leading academic in degradation modelling, prognostics, condition based and predictive; Jin Wang, Professor in Maritime Technology at John Moores University in Liverpool, who is a world leader in safety at sea; and Professor Iunio Iervolino, a world-leading expert in structural engineering to mitigate earthquake risk.

Conference organiser Mario Brito, Professor of Risk Analysis and Risk Management at the University of Southampton, said: "The ESREL conference brings together the world’s leading experts on risk, safety and reliability, and we are very excited to host this prestigious conference in Southampton. I am looking forward to welcoming researchers in this important field and to discuss the latest innovations."

Register for ESREL

The ESREL (European Safety and Reliability) 2023 conference takes place from Sunday 3 to Thursday 7 September 2023. Registrations for the event close on Sunday 20 August 2023.