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History / Archeology - 29.03.2019
Stone me! Lost carvings of the ancient Kingdom of Strathclyde turn up in Govan
A community archaeology dig in Govan has uncovered long-lost gravestones from the Middle Ages, when the area was a political and religious power centre on the Clyde.

History / Archeology - 22.03.2019
£1.65m community project to reveal 6,000-year-old ’hidden’ historic site in Cardiff
A South Wales community is on the brink of delivering a major heritage regeneration project following a substantial funding win from the National Lottery.

History / Archeology - 05.03.2019
New Generation Thinkers
Two researchers from Cardiff University are among this year's New Generation Thinkers, the initiative from BBC Radio 3, BBC Arts and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

History / Archeology - 04.03.2019
The meaning of field names unearthed in a new book
Borrow Bread, Dear Bought and Purgatory are just some of the dark names given to fields across history by angry farmers frustrated with poor crops, according to a newly published dictionary of field-names.

History / Archeology - Religions - 15.02.2019

History / Archeology - 13.02.2019

History / Archeology - 06.02.2019

History / Archeology - 04.02.2019
Ancient artefacts returned to Jordan with help of Oxford expert
Three finely carved stones from an ancient temple in modern-day Jordan have been returned to the country thanks to the expertise of an Oxford University archaeologist.

History / Archeology - 30.01.2019
Centuries lost ‘Bristol Merlin’ uncovered at city’s Central Library
A chance discovery, hidden away in a series of 16th-century books deep in the archive of Bristol Central Library, has revealed original manuscript fragments from the Middle Ages which tell part of the story of Merlin the magician, one of the most famous characters from Arthurian legend. Academics from the Universities of Bristol and Durham are now analysing the seven parchment fragments which are thought to come from the Old French sequence of texts known as the Vulgate Cycle or Lancelot-Grail Cycle, dating back to the 13 th century.

History / Archeology - 14.01.2019
On the enduring appeal of Mary Queen of Scots
She was a Queen who only reigned for six years. Yet more than four centuries after her death, Mary Queen of Scotland continues to polarise opinion and to hold a fascination for the general public.

History / Archeology - Health - 17.12.2018

Health - History / Archeology - 14.12.2018
The MRI story in Nottingham - a unique archive in the making
It's going to take a team of specialist archivists, conservators and digitisers 12 months to catalogue and index over two hundred boxes of papers, slides, photographs, films and videos to create a comprehensive archive charting the development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at the University of Nottingham.

History / Archeology - Environment - 13.12.2018
Share your Temple Quarter story
Artists-in-residence for the University of Bristol's new Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus want to hear your stories about the Temple Quarter area ahead of the development of the new campus close to Temple Meads station.

History / Archeology - Social Sciences - 28.11.2018
’Murder map’ reveals medieval London’s meanest streets
First digital map of the murders recorded by the city's Coroner in early 1300s shows Cheapside and Cornhill were homicide 'hot spots', and Sundays held the highest risk of violent death for medieval Londoners.

Education - History / Archeology - 21.11.2018

History / Archeology - 21.11.2018
Literature quality linked to foreign language ability in young people
Reading complex and engaging texts is key to inspiring young learners' interest in Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) and potentially improving how the subject is taught in UK secondary schools, according to new Oxford University research.

History / Archeology - 19.11.2018
Clues to the site of America’s First Thanksgiving
Archaeologists from the Universities of Bristol and Tennessee have located evidence for the site of America's first English Thanksgiving on the James River in Virginia.

History / Archeology - 16.11.2018

History / Archeology - Career - 06.11.2018

History / Archeology - 26.10.2018

History / Archeology - 25.10.2018
New iBook takes readers to the depths of the ocean to explore world-famous shipwreck
A new iBook lets readers explore one of the world's most famous diving sites in the Red Sea, the SS Thistlegorm, in stunning 3D detail giving them a truly unique and interactive experience.

History / Archeology - Health - 10.10.2018

History / Archeology - 08.10.2018
Championing open access with online digital history journal
Two historians are celebrating after an open-access journal for which they sit on the editorial board, reached a million annual page visits.

History / Archeology - 08.10.2018
Mumsnet: talking money and relationships
A University of Birmingham artist and historian is set to lead an outdoor procession as part of a performance and exhibition in commemoration of Captain James Cook's voyage from Plymouth to Australia on HMS Endeavour 250 years ago.

History / Archeology - 04.10.2018
Art Historian reveals the transformation of one of Brighton’s most regal rooms
A University of Sussex art historian has curated an exhibition detailing the restoration of Brighton Pavilion's magnificent Saloon room, drawing on her PhD research at Sussex University to do so.

History / Archeology - 03.10.2018

Health - History / Archeology - 18.09.2018

History / Archeology - 16.09.2018
University of Glasgow publishes report into historical slavery
The University of Glasgow has published a comprehensive report into the institution's historical links with racial slavery.

Art and Design - History / Archeology - 27.08.2018
University of Glasgow makes Gaelic/English audio archive freely available
Tasglann èisteachd Gàidhlig/Beurla Oilthigh Ghlaschu ri fhaotainn saor 's an-asgaidh Their songs and stories speak of a different time.

History / Archeology - Administration - 24.08.2018

History / Archeology - 15.08.2018

History / Archeology - Career - 10.08.2018
Trump’s nation state foreign policy risks taking the world back a century to pre-World War powder keg
Donald Trump risks marching global politics back more than a century to the tinder-box tensions that ultimately led to two world wars, leading University of Sussex historians have warned.

History / Archeology - Event - 08.08.2018

History / Archeology - 31.07.2018
What’s in a name?
Why does Cardiff's Heath suburb have two competing Welsh names: Y Waun and Y Mynydd Bychan? And when did one of the city's best known thoroughfares swap its Welsh name, meaning a muddy patch of land,

History / Archeology - 27.07.2018
Counting the cost of Britain’s most damaging conflict
The human cost of the British Civil Wars is to be revealed in a major new project involving academics from Cardiff, Leicester, Nottingham and Southampton universities.

History / Archeology - Media - 23.07.2018
City inspiration for Eisteddfod
There's a local flavour to Cardiff University's activities at the 2018 National Eisteddfod as the capital city hosts the country's largest cultural festival.

History / Archeology - Life Sciences - 20.07.2018