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Health - Pharmacology - 30.08.2023
Earlier cleft palate surgery linked with better outcomes in children
Early surgery for isolated cleft palate repair is more likely to achieve a successful outcome, according to an international study of newborn babies from across Europe and South America. The study was led by Professor William Shaw on behalf of the University of Manchester and Professor Carrol Gamble on behalf of the University of Liverpool, along with senior co-investigators from the Universities Gothenburg, Copenhagen, São Paulo, and Edinburgh.

Health - Pharmacology - 30.08.2023
Q&A: How can medical science better serve women?
Underfunding in reproductive health research, exclusion from clinical trials and misinformation mean women are being underserved by medical science.

Health - Pharmacology - 29.08.2023

Psychology - Health - 29.08.2023
Breathe! The shape-shifting ball that supports mental health
Breathe! The shape-shifting ball that supports mental health
A soft ball designed to support mental health by -personifying- breath has been invented by a computer science student at the University of Bath.

Pharmacology - Health - 28.08.2023
New trial offers hope for Scots with rare cancers
A major Cancer Research UK clinical trial aiming to find effective new treatments for patients with rare forms of the disease has launched in Scotland.

Health - Psychology - 24.08.2023
Wellbeing hubs crucial for psychological support for health and social care staff during pandemic
A study, sponsored by Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH), and funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR), has found that mental health wellbeing hubs were an important source of support for health and social care staff throughout the pandemic.

Astronomy / Space Science - Health - 24.08.2023
Research to boost bioprinting technology to address critical health challenges in space
New research by The University of Manchester will enhance the power of bioprinting technology, opening doors to transform advances in medicine and addressing critical health challenges faced by astronauts during space missions. Bioprinting involves using specialised 3D printers to print living cells creating new skin, bone, tissue or organs for transplantation.

Health - 24.08.2023
Analysis: Existential crises and long COVID
Analysis: Existential crises and long COVID
Dr JD Carpentieri (Ioe, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society), Chao Fang (University of Liverpool) and Sarah Akhtar Baz (University of York) explore in The Conversation how long COVID patients helped us understand what it's like to lose all sense of identity and purpose.

Health - 23.08.2023
Imperial Professor co-leads UK’s first womb transplant operation
After more than 25 years of research, a team co-led by Imperial's Professor Richard Smith has performed the first womb transplant in the UK.

Health - Life Sciences - 22.08.2023
Eye scans detect signs of Parkinson’s disease up to seven years before symptoms emerge
Markers showing the presence of Parkinson's years before symptoms appear can be found in the eyes, new study proves A new collaborative study has identified markers indicating the presence of Parkinson's disease in patients on average seven years before clinical presentation.

Health - Environment - 15.08.2023
Government funding to ’revolutionise AI healthcare research’
UKRI announces £13 million funding for artificial intelligence in health, with three projects launched at Imperial College London.

Health - Life Sciences - 11.08.2023
MPs learn about vital cancer research at Glasgow
The University of Glasgow this week welcomed a delegation of politicians to the Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre at the Garscube Campus to showcase the cutting-edge research taking place in the School of Cancer Sciences and the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research.

Health - Environment - 10.08.2023
Imperial seeks to expand partnerships in Southeast Asia and Africa
Imperial seeks to expand partnerships in Southeast Asia and Africa
Earlier this summer, Imperial's Global Development Hub led exploratory missions to Thailand, the Philippines, Rwanda and Kenya.

Health - Pharmacology - 10.08.2023
Improving access to prehabilitation for cancer patients
£1.5 million has been awarded to the Cardiff University's School of Healthcare Sciences to develop inclusive prehabilitation for cancer patients - helping patients to prepare for their treatment.

Health - Social Sciences - 10.08.2023
Devastating effect of cost-of-living crisis on disabled people revealed
A new report by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health and Glasgow Disability Alliance paints a deeply concerning picture of the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on disabled people.

Health - Pharmacology - 09.08.2023
UCL backed pancreatic cancer therapy cleared for clinical trials
UCL backed pancreatic cancer therapy cleared for clinical trials
A 'tumour-busting' drug developed at UCL, which scientists say could improve the outlook for people with pancreatic cancer, is set to be trialled in patients following U.S regulatory approval.

Health - 09.08.2023
High level of heart attack protein linked to increased risk of death
A high level of troponin - a protein normally used to exclude the possibility of a heart attack in patients with chest pain - may signal a heightened risk of death from any cause within the next few years, even in the absence of known or suspected cardiovascular disease, according to the research published in the journal Heart.

Health - Life Sciences - 07.08.2023
World Organisation for Animal Health: New insights into disease control published by the RVC’s and APHA’s Collaborating Centre for Risk Analysis and Modelling
The World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) has published a Scientific and Technical Review of Animal Health Data Management , exploring the decision-making and evidence required to effectively manage animal diseases.

Health - Social Sciences - 04.08.2023
Researchers and Moderna partner to help children affected by orphanhood
Research will improve how children affected by orphanhood receive the support they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives now and into adulthood. Imperial College London researchers are partnering with the Moderna Charitable Foundation to improve the lives of children. The COVID-19 pandemic, which led 10.6 million children to experience the sudden loss of a caregiver, emphasised the need to find more effective ways to support these children.

Health - Life Sciences - 04.08.2023

Health - Social Sciences - 02.08.2023
Ageing, internal migration and health outcomes in China
Research has highlighted the links between ageing, internal migration and health outcomes in China. The research examines ageing and internal migration in China.

Health - Pharmacology - 02.08.2023
Vulnerable newborns at Manchester hospitals are first to benefit from rollout of genetic test to prevent hearing loss
An innovative genetic test that can help prevent newborn babies from going deaf if treated with a common antibiotic, based on the work of University of Manchester and Manchester University NHS Foundat

Health - Social Sciences - 02.08.2023
Northern regions relegated to bottom of child health league table
A league table ranking child health by football team area has further shown the dramatic health divide between the North and the South.

Health - 01.08.2023
Health policy research at UCL boosted by over £20m from NIHR
Health policy research at UCL boosted by over £20m from NIHR
UCL has been awarded funding worth an estimated £20m for Policy Research Units by the National Institute of Health and Care Research (NIHR) to support research into health issues including early cancer diagnosis, mental and reproductive health.

Social Sciences - Health - 31.07.2023
Children increasingly exposed to e-cigarettes on display in shops
Children increasingly exposed to e-cigarettes on display in shops, and more likely to buy from small shops, according to new analysis of data. Children are being increasingly exposed to e-cigarettes on display in shops, according to new analysis from Imperial College London of data collected in the annual ASH survey of youth vaping.

Social Sciences - Health - 30.07.2023
Children are increasingly exposed to e-cigarettes on display in shops
New research has examined changes in exposure to and sources of nicotine products in UK adolescents.

Health - Computer Science - 27.07.2023
Public participants help navigate AI and data science
Public participants help navigate AI and data science
Members of the public co-create educational guide demystifying the role of artificial intelligence and data science in healthcare. Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) are rapidly entering the world of healthcare, something many members of the public find daunting. Kelly Gleason ( CRUK Imperial Centre Lead Nurse in Surgery & Cancer) wanted to address this by working alongside the public to create an entry-level resource on the subjects.