Graduation 2020: "Sussex has helped me to learn more about myself as a writer"

Shaznay chose to study English and Film because she loved films but having never studied them as an academic subject prior to her degree, wanted to combine her studies with English, which she’d previously enjoyed studying.

She would now encourage others to take the plunge and study Film as a single honours degree. On her studies at Sussex she said:

“Sussex has helped me learn more about myself as a writer and the things I’m interested in, it has also given me access to so many amazing academic readings that have completely radicalised my entire world view and way of thinking, which is something extremely invaluable to me.

“Texts such as Black Spectatorship by Manthia Diawara, black looks by bell hooks, Representation by Stuart Hall and Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde have all influenced me during my studies at Sussex. “

Shaznay ’s degree has inspired her to pursue a career in film. On her plans now she has graduated, she said:

“I’m planning to do a masters at Sussex and live in Brighton with my two close friends that I studied here with. In the future I want to be a screenwriter. I would also like to own a production company that centres on black and brown women and LGBT representation.”

On choosing Sussex as a university, Shaznay comments on how its proximity to Brighton was a big draw:

“I have always liked Brighton as a city, and I wanted to go somewhere close to my family home in London since I am very attached to it and love to go home often and visit my friends!

By: Anna Ford
Last updated: Thursday, 23 July 2020

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