GEIC partner community strengthens with arrivals and renewals

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The Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre’s ecosystem for industrial engagement continues to grow with more Tier 2 partners being added to the roster in recent weeks, while existing partners have also committed to the facility by renewing terms for another year.

Vector Homes , Genvida and Watercycle Technologies have signed new Tier 2 agreements, while Bullitt - designers of rugged tech for phones - and aerospace giant Airbus have re-signed, also as Tier 2s.

Our Affiliate Partner scheme is growing as well, with HDH Accountants added to the list.

James Baker, CEO of Graphene@Manchester, said: "These partnerships demonstrate some of the range of our application work here at the GEIC: from sustainable construction to DNA sequencing and advanced membrane technology.

"We look forward to working with our new partners and also with those renewing terms. As much as we like getting new partners, it’s just as important to ensure our existing partners are seeing success in projects and wanting to take that work forward."

Vector Homes

Manchester-based Vector Homes uses graphene-enhanced recycled materials to produce the unique standardised components of its houses. The company’s products will have greatly reduced embodied carbon and will not contribute to deforestation, quarrying and mining.

The housing systems can be extended flexibly and are optimised for rapid maintenance, modification and technology incorporation.

Projects already lined up at the GEIC aim to take advantage of the expertise of the engineering staff and state-of-the-art equipment to push the technology forward alongside the firm’s supply chain.

Nathan Feddy , CEO and co-founder (pictured), said: "We are delighted to be joining the GEIC at the centre of Manchester’s world-leading advanced materials ecosystem. This partnership is a fantastic opportunity to develop the materials and systems that will enable us to achieve our goal of cutting carbon emissions and the costs of construction."


Hong Kong-based Genvida combines nanoscience and biotechnology, focusing on fourth-generation DNA sequencing technology. Its globally patented SONAS platform (a solid-state nanopore sensor array-based technology) resolves the bottleneck in DNA sequencing and single-molecule sensing.

SONAS streamlines each step in genome sequencing, from smart sample preparation to rapid and precise sequencing and single-molecule identification in a fully automated ’lab-on-a-chip’. This enables real-time and on-site diagnostics with a cloud-based bioinformatics suite.

Dr Ka Wai Wong, co-founder and Vice President of R&D at Genvida, (pictured) said: "Our partnership with the GEIC seeks to unleash the power of fourth-generation DNA sequencing and single-molecule sensing with graphene and 2D materials integrated solid-state nanopores."

Watercycle Technologies

Led by UoM alumnus Seb Leaper , Watercycle Technologies is a spin-out company from the University of Manchester developing water treatment and mineral recovery systems for a range of industries, including mining, desalination, textiles and others. The company is currently focusing on direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology to help reduce the environmental impact of established lithium extraction processes such as mining and chemical conversion.

HDH Accountants

Salford-based HDH Accountants specialise in the technology and manufacturing sector, advising firms on business growth strategy with individually tailored plans. The firm joins our Affiliate Partner scheme, looking to build relationships within the growing innovation community at the GEIC.

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