Food waste: how graphene can solve a growing global crisis

The statistics on food waste are shocking. According to the United Nations , one-third of all food produced globally is wasted, including half of all fruit and vegetables. And in a world of increasingly precarious water supply, one-quarter of all the world’s fresh water is used to grow food that will never be eaten.

In the face of a fast-growing world population, these numbers are clearly unsustainable and next week (Wed 28 July), a prestigious international event will put a spotlight on food waste - and reveal how graphene-based innovation can make a difference.

The webinar - entitled ’How can we stop the global food system from destroying our planet?’ - is being hosted jointly by the UAE and UK, in partnership with UAE-UK Business Council.

The webinar brings together industry experts, government representatives and start-ups to share insight and showcase innovation that could significantly change how we manage food, packaging and transport across the supply chain from grower to consumer. Register for free at this Eventbrite page.

Who is on the panel?

Manchester entrepreneur Dr Beenish Siddique will be speaking about the innovative agritech around vertical farming and water conservation that she is pioneering at Manchester’s world-class advanced materials accelerator, the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre.

Enterprise leader Ray Gibbs, from Graphene@Manchester, based at The University of Manchester, will be moderating the session and says the issue of food waste is now an urgent one.

He explained: "The global food system is putting immense pressure on our planet’s ecosystems. So much so that the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation calls the global food system ’the single largest driver of environmental degradation and transgression of planetary boundaries’."

Panellists and guest speakers include:

Keynotes Speakers

  • Her Excellency Mariam Al-Muhairi, Minister of State for Future Food Security UAE (TBC)
  • Rebecca Pow, Parliamentary Under Secretary, DEFRA (TBC)
  • Najla Al-Midfa, CEO, Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre

Panel 1: The Future of Food Sustainability

  • Martin Wickham, food and drink investment specialist at the UK’s Department of International Trade

Panel 2: Using Technology for Change

  • Khalid Al Huraimal, CEO Bee'ah (UAE)
  • Ignacio Ramirez, Managing Director Winnow (UK)
  • Sean Dennis, CEO Seafood Souq (UAE)
  • Dr Beenish Siddique, AEH Innovative Hydrogel (UK)

Closing remarks will be given by Bradley Jones, Executive Director UAE-UK Business Council.

Food Waste & Innovation (UAE-UK) Tickets, Wed 28 Jul 2021 at 11:00 Eventbrite

[main pic: Paul Schellekens on Unsplash]

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