First step to a common digital portal for engaging with central services

Our new Service Management platform will provide improved ways to find, request, and track service requests through a common digital portal.

The introduction of a new UCL-wide system - to be called MyServices - will improve staff experience of finding, requesting and interacting with services, and improve how central services are delivered and managed. Over the next eighteen months, the Enterprise Service Management Programme (ESM) will deliver this new system, and redesigned services and workflows to dramatically improve the experience of colleagues who engage with functions such as the Professional Services Hub, Human Resources, Central Finance, Information Services Division, Research Innovation Services, and other critical central services.

This significant programme of work has been prioritised in response to feedback from colleagues, the Strategic Plan consultation and via other channels. This programme supports the operational change required to extract inefficiencies and invest in our digital and physical infrastructure as part of the UCL Strategic Plan.

Aimie Chapple, Vice-President (Operations), said:

"We have heard repeatedly that people find it difficult to raise requests in Remedyforce, which is just as challenging for colleagues to manage. There may be multiple interactions to deal with one process from end to end, for example, in on-boarding new recruits. These complex ways of working cost us time and energy."

Delivered by VP Operations, under Aimie’s executive sponsorship, delivery firstly focuses on building the service foundations and transitioning key functional areas mentioned above onto the new platform. This will be followed by further extension and expansion of services offered on the platform, and in addition to new technical features.

Phase 1 of the programme will be completed by the start of the next academic year (2024-25). By then, all central services that currently use Remedyforce will have migrated to MyServices. Staff will be able to quickly find, access, enquire, and request a range of services using the new MyServices portal. There will also be comprehensive and easy-to-find guidance for service users.

Further phases of the programme will run from October 2024 through to summer 2025. These will focus on enhancing, expanding, and introducing new service offerings. Significantly, these phases will also ’join-up’ processes that are currently operated discretely to provide a seamless experience. Further technology opportunities will be leveraged to enable greater use of chat, automations, and analytics as part of the platform and other integrated technologies.

We need your help: we know there is a vast digital estate that has many links and references to existing Remedyforce request forms or support channels. We will need to update these references to the new MyServices portal. If you do identify links or signposting to Remedyforce, please get in touch with Grayson Jones.

Further announcements and updates will be communicated in the coming weeks and months. Please visit the ESM SharePoint Site for more details or contact the team if you have any questions. The site will evolve as the programme progresses with news updates, training guides and demo videos to help you.
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