Exploring the Intersection of Technology and Democracy

The Department of Social Statistics celebrates the publication of the report "Exploring the Intersection of Technology and Democracy".

Led by Professor Mark Elliot , the 2023 Futures Summer Camp, funded by SPRITE+, was a collaborative effort with the Research Institute for Sociotechnical Cyber Security (RISCS) and facilitated by the School of International Futures (SOIF).

The event aimed to foster future-focused collaborations across various disciplines to address challenges in digital security, identity, privacy, and trust.

The camp brought together 28 experts from academia, government, and industry for a two-day workshop to explore how technological advancements might impact democratic institutions over the next 5-15 years.

Participants discussed potential threats and opportunities, considering actions to mitigate negative outcomes and maximize positive impacts.

Key themes and insights from the workshop will shape SPRITE+’s future initiatives, including a TIPs-focused expert meeting in May 2024 and a themed sandpit in June 2024 titled "Living in an Inauthentic World".

This event underscores the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in preparing for the future intersection of technology and democracy.

The report can be accessed here.