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Life Sciences - Environment - 01.02.2023
Imperial startup Biocentis to develop genetic tech to control harmful insects
Biocentis has received investment to use CRISPR-based gene-editing to control insect populations that harm health, food security and biodiversity.

Environment - Chemistry - 24.01.2023
Novel adaptation for existing blast furnaces could reduce steelmaking emissions by 90%
Novel adaptation for existing blast furnaces could reduce steelmaking emissions by 90%
Birmingham researchers have devised a -closed loop- carbon recycling system that could radically reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the steelmaking industry Researchers from the University of Birmin

Environment - Economics - 23.01.2023
Analysis reveals scale of tertiary education’s carbon emissions
A major analysis of the carbon footprint of universities and FE colleges has revealed for the first time the source and scale of their emissions.

Linguistics / Literature - Environment - 19.01.2023

Environment - History / Archeology - 19.01.2023
Archaeologists shed light on the lives of Stone Age hunter-gatherers in Britain
A team of archaeologists from the Universities of Chester and Manchester has made discoveries which shed new light on the communities who inhabited Britain after the end of the last Ice Age. Excavations carried out by the team at a site in North Yorkshire have uncovered the exceptionally well-preserved remains of a small settlement inhabited by groups of hunter-gatherers around ten and a half thousand years ago.

Environment - 18.01.2023
Towards green and just transitions in city regions
Towards green and just transitions in city regions
PhD candidate Usman Aziz, Professor Elvira Uyarra and Dr Josephine Mylan, from the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR) and Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI), studied sustainability policymaking in city-regions.

Environment - Social Sciences - 18.01.2023
SCI research round up December 2022
SCI research round up December 2022
Don't miss out on any article, podcast or presentation by SCI members anymore with our regular research round ups covering any recently published SCI research! SCI Lecturer Jeremy Brice is the co-author on the open access paper 'When you wish upon a (GWP) star: Environmental governance and the reflexive performativity of global warming metrics' in Social Studies of Science .

Environment - Economics - 17.01.2023
The UK needs a national energy advice service
Written by Stefan Bouzarovski , The University of Manchester ; Ami Crowther , The University of Manchester , and Neil Simcock , Liverpool John Moores University The UK government recently launched

Innovation - Environment - 16.01.2023
UCL to co-lead new 8 million project to help UK reach net-zero
UCL and the University of Oxford will jointly lead a new 8.7m, five-year project to establish an Energy Demand Observatory and Laboratory (EDOL), which aims to generate data on energy usage in UK homes and inform strategies to meet net zero targets.

Environment - Economics - 16.01.2023
Forest carbon credits: report shows new ways to manage risks and returns
Investors wanting to finance forest carbon credit projects should look to diversified investment portfolios in the tropics, says a new report. The report, Forestry-Backed Assets Design , published today by Imperial College Business School reveals that bundling forest investments across forest ages, geographies, and ecosystems can reduce investment risk by half or more.

Environment - 11.01.2023
Modelling study could help Nile countries manage major new dam
Countries affected by the River Nile's Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) could benefit economically under cooperative adaptive management of the Nile that allows for different climate change scenarios, finds a study involving UCL researchers. The GERD will be Africa's largest hydroelectric power plant in terms of installed power capacity when completed.

Environment - Health - 19.12.2022
The 2022 Review of the Year
As we round the corner in to the home stretch of the year this retrospective look at the previous 12 months shows just a glimpse of some of the amazing work which goes on throughout the University.

History / Archeology - Environment - 15.12.2022
Drought encouraged Attila's Huns to attack the Roman empire, tree rings suggest
Drought encouraged Attila’s Huns to attack the Roman empire, tree rings suggest
Hunnic peoples migrated westward across Eurasia, switched between farming and herding, and became violent raiders in response to severe drought in the Danube frontier provinces of the Roman empire, a new study argues. People respond to climate stress in complex and unpredictable ways Susanne Hakenbeck Hungary has just experienced its driest summer since meteorological measurements began, devastating the country's usually productive farmland.

Environment - 14.12.2022
UK behind European countries on home upgrades to combat bills and climate crisis
The UK-s efforts to upgrade homes to combat energy bills and climate change are trailing behind European countries, according to a new Imperial paper.

Environment - Life Sciences - 14.12.2022
Silencing the symphony of one of the most biodiverse rainforests on the planet
Silencing the symphony of one of the most biodiverse rainforests on the planet
New study measuring biological sounds reveals how palm oil and teakwood industries contribute to deforestation and threaten wildlife in Costa Rica. A recording captured in one of Costa Rica's expansive rainforests floods my ears: the steady drip of humidity from verdant plants, the caws of vibrant toucans, the signature screeches from howler monkeys that can be heard from miles away; if I close my eyes, I can nearly feel the swoosh of air from these creatures as they soar and swing in lush trees above.

Environment - Architecture - 14.12.2022
University of Bath and B&NES partner on ambitious sustainable construction policies
University of Bath and B&NES partner on ambitious sustainable construction policies
University experts will monitor, analyse and investigate the implementation and industry response to new sustainable building policies.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 14.12.2022
Major new project to study ways to improve access of poor to nutritious foods in India
A new research project to study ways in which poor communities in India can gain improved access to nutrient-dense foods in climate-friendly ways has been launched.

Environment - Architecture - 13.12.2022
Analysis: One in four homes is 'hard to decarbonise'
Analysis: One in four homes is ’hard to decarbonise’
Dr Rokia Raslan (UCL Bartlett School Environment, Energy & Resources), with Aimee Ambrose at Sheffield Hallam University, warns in The Conversation that a quarter of houses worldwide are classified as "hard to decarbonise" using conventional energy efficiency upgrades.

Health - Environment - 09.12.2022
Community groups receive free air sensors to monitor and tackle local pollution
Community groups receive free air sensors to monitor and tackle local pollution
The second round of London community groups to receive free sensors to monitor and tackle local air pollution have been announced.

Environment - 08.12.2022
Protecting Europe's seabirds
Protecting Europe’s seabirds
New conservation guide launched to protect European seabirds at risk from climate change The time to act is now if we are to buffer species from the impacts of climate change Nathalie Pettorelli Numer

Health - Environment - 08.12.2022
Building standards failing to deliver healthy ventilation
Building standards are failing to ensure offices, shops, public buildings and homes provide healthy ventilation, say leading experts. In a report on air pollution by England's Chief Medical Officer, the panel of scientists and engineers describe a system where buildings were complying with the standards at the design phase but there was limited scrutiny to see if those standards were being met as the buildings went up, when in use or if they were adapted over time.

Environment - Electroengineering - 06.12.2022
University of Manchester and National Grid named Best Innovation in Net Zero
National Grid and The University of Manchester have been named 'Best Innovation in Net Zero and Sustainability' at the E&T Innovation Awards for their commitment to developing a retrofill solution to replace SF6.

Environment - Chemistry - 06.12.2022
Scientists involved in two new major projects to clean up UK rivers
Scientists involved in two new major projects to clean up UK rivers
Bath chemists have been awarded funding on two 1.5 million national projects on monitoring and improving water quality.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 05.12.2022

Environment - Campus - 02.12.2022