Electric vehicle experts to answer public’s questions at Warwick

Get your questions about electric cars and the future of British transport answered by leading experts in academia and industry at the University of Warwick next week.

Members of the public are invited to ’Charging Britain’ on 23 January, a ’question time’ panel made up of the researchers who will be developing the energy infrastructure and charging technology to make electric vehicles the norm on UK roads.

The aim is to address concerns and misconceptions about electric vehicle charging that have emerged since the UK government announced its plans to ban new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040.

Speakers will include the founder of an electric vehicle charging start-up, Innovate UK’s Lead Technologist, and specialists in smart charging technology and vehicle electrification.

Professor Phil Mawby is from Warwick’s School of Engineering and leads the University’s Energy Global Research Priority. He commented:

"’Charging Britain’ is designed to be a showcase event operating in a Question time style, with audience participation. The panel will consist of experts in the area of electric vehicle technology as well as policy making.

"The UK is helping to set the future agenda for electric vehicles against a backdrop which is often sceptical. The event has been set up by the Energy Global Research Priority at Warwick, with the aim of giving the public the opportunity to ask searching questions relating to the reality of electric vehicle use, and to get a the opinions of people at the cutting edge of the technology.

"The panel will also look to the future, where virtually all internal combustion engines will be replaced by electric vehicles of some sort."

Dr Colin Herron, another panellist who has 42 years of automotive industry experience and works on electric vehicle infrastructure, commented:

"Currently the UK is undergoing a massive transition away from fossil fuels to mainly electric vehicles. This transition has produced a plethora of myths and subsequent fears.

"I enjoy a good panel session where myths are busted and fears allayed. So people attending can air their views, question the panel and if they want, get things off their chest about the eventual end of petrol or diesel vehicles."

The speakers are:

Tim Martin

Tim Martin is the founder and CEO of ZAPINAMO, an electric vehicle charging start-up that aims to empower EV owners by putting them in charge of when, where and how they get their energy. Tim and his team are working to develop a disruptive new charging system for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles that will eliminate problems of slow, inconvenient and unreliable charging.

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson is the Lead Technologist on Energy Systems at Innovate UK. He leads the Innovate UK activities supporting the integration of electric vehicles into our energy system and maximising the opportunities for the UK in this sector. His background spans engineering, project management, manufacturing, marketing, intellectual property and innovation management.

Dr Rebecca Gough

Becky specialises in vehicle-to-grid and smart charging technology and is an expert in the business case for uptake in the UK and Europe. Her knowledge base covers low carbon transport systems, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and renewable technology and she has a strong track record in securing funding from a range of agencies.

Dr James Marco

James Marco is a Reader in Vehicle Electrification and Energy Storage Systems. Research interests includes all aspects of engineering design that are required to scale-up individual battery cells to complete energy storage systems; real-time control, modelling, optimisation and thermal management. In recent years, the focus has been on enabling technologies to introduce a circular economy for battery systems for example: 2nd-life applications, improved state of health estimation and accelerated grading of cells for reuse and repurposing.

Dr Colin Herron

Colin Herron has 42 years of automotive industry experience, including 17 years with Nissan. Colin retains close links with Nissan in UK, Europe and Japan as well as other key EV OEM’s, due to his EV infrastructure work. Also works with; APC, Innovate, BIS, OLEV and various universities. As a visiting Professor at Newcastle he is involved in various teaching and industry related projects.

Professor Phil Mawby

Phil is the academic lead for the Energy GRP. Phil’s research covers power semiconductor components for control and processing power. His main interests are materials for new power devices, electrothermal modelling of power devices and circuits and the design of new devices and packaging. Phil’s research has applications in a range of industries including aerospace, automotive and high power networks as well as consumer products.

The event, ’Charging Britain’, will take place of 23 January 2018 at International Digital Laboratory on the University of Warwick campus. 6:30pm doors open, 7:00pm discussion panel.

All are welcome, and attendance is free - please register here .