Education inspection finds trainee teachers flourish at The University of Manchester

Initial Teacher Education (ITE) at The University of Manchester has once again been recognised as a high-quality route for diverse and committed primary and secondary teachers joining the profession.

Ofsted carried out an inspection in May 2024, through face-to-face meetings, online meetings and on-site visits to partner schools.

final report highlights ’the provider’s vision for excellence, which encompasses values such as inclusion, tolerance, respect and social justice’ and how ’trainees throughout the partnership are extremely well prepared to confidently begin their teaching careers’.

Trainees at the University of Manchester flourish in a partnership that places high-quality communication at its heart. Staff and mentors share aspirational expectations of how trainees can inspire future generations of children and pupils. Through exceptional centre and school-based training experiences, trainees are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills that they need to successfully develop and refine their classroom practice. Trainees across all routes thrive.

Manchester Institute of Education (MIE) takes great pride in the skilful practice and deep, principled commitment brought to the teacher education partnership by university staff and school-based mentors, and is delighted to see these qualities recognised by Ofsted in their most recent report.

However, MIE has decided not to focus on the single-word judgement given by Ofsted, in recognition that the wellbeing of teachers and educators remains a critical issue, and is calling for fundamental change to the inspection process.

Along with many others, we are pressing for fundamental change in the Ofsted system, which currently creates such stress for teachers and educators before, during and often after the inspection. And positively: we value dialogue with knowledgeable and experienced inspectors, and want to see a system where such dialogue drives informed educational development. We believe that a better system is within reach.

We are immensely grateful to everyone who contributed to the recent inspection, and the significant preparation and planning that it entailed. Many individuals and teams were involved, in the University and in our partner schools and colleges, and many hours of work.