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Education - 08.02.2023

Education - History / Archeology - 21.11.2018

Education - 06.06.2018
Study suggests education causes short-sightedness
The more time a person spends in education the more likely they are to develop short-sightedness, reveals a study led by Cardiff University and the University of Bristol.

Education - 19.04.2018
England behind other countries in maths performance of disadvantaged pupils
Maths performance of disadvantaged pupils in England ranks in the lower half of developed countries, new analysis by UCL Institute of Education and the Education Policy Institute (EPI) reveals.

Education - Administration - 11.04.2018

Administration - Education - 05.04.2018
Early years provision a ’postcode lottery’, according to new report
Government records of Sure Start children's centre closures are a massive underestimate, according to a major report published today.

Innovation - Education - 19.03.2018

Education - 20.02.2018

Education - Health - 05.02.2018

Linguistics / Literature - Education - 31.01.2018

Education - Health - 23.01.2018
Living in poverty - the Global Multidimensional Poverty Index
New figures for Angola, Armenia, Ethiopia, Nepal and Senegal have been published by the Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative (OPHI).

Pedagogy - Education - 17.01.2018
Relentless private school fee hikes "have not put off parents"
Huge rises in the cost of private schooling in the UK in recent decades have had little impact on the number of parents choosing the sector for their children, according to anew analysis from UCL.

Education - Research Management - 10.01.2018

Education - 14.12.2017
Why the best teachers should be in reception classes
Primary schools should consider putting their best teachers into Reception classes according to researchers at Durham University, who found that children who were taught well in their first year went on to achieve better GCSE results in English and Maths. The study of 40,000 children in England provides evidence that a boost in development from an effective first year of school remains with children right through to the end of compulsory education at age 16.

Education - Health - 07.12.2017
Higher education linked to lower risk of Alzheimer’s in gene study
Higher educational attainment is associated with a "significantly lower" chance of people suffering Alzheimer's, according to the biggest genetic study into the potential causes of the disease reported today in the BMJ.

Education - Administration - 07.12.2017

Computer Science - Education - 29.11.2017
Child-proofing the ’Internet of Things’
Computer scientists are to explore how children can stay safe and retain their privacy as they engage with the 'Internet of Things' (IoT).

Education - 19.05.2017
Next-gen solar cells could be improved by atomic-scale redesign
Next-gen solar cells could be improved by atomic-scale redesign
Researchers from the Department of Chemistry have uncovered the mechanism that causes new solar cells to break down in air, paving the way for a solution. Solar cells harness energy from the sun and provide an alternative to non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels. However, they face challenges from costly manufacturing processes and poor efficiency - the amount of sunlight converted to useable energy.

Health - Education - 16.11.2016

Education - 27.06.2016
The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities has issued a statement in response to the EU Referendum vote
In light of the UK's decision to leave the European Union, the members of the Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities - including the University of Glasgow - affirm the importance of the free movement of students and researchers across Europe.
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