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Physics - Economics / Business - 15.06.2021
Manchester launches Advanced Nuclear Energy roadmap
Manchester launches Advanced Nuclear Energy roadmap
Nuclear experts at The University of Manchester have developed a roadmap detailing the eight key actions required to assess the role of nuclear energy in the UK's net zero future objectively.

Economics / Business - 14.06.2021
Opinion: The UK economy could be transformed by a central bank digital currency
The Bank of England's consultation on public digital cash could represent the biggest shift in the monetary system for 200 years, says Dr Josh Ryan-Collins (UCL Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose).

Environment - Economics / Business - 11.06.2021
UK ranks third in new Elite Quality Index 2021
The Elite Quality Report, authored by economists including Professor Maik Schneider, places the UK number three overall against more than 150 countries.

Economics / Business - Environment - 09.06.2021
Helping flood-hit companies build for the future
Helping flood-hit companies build for the future
Companies affected by floods are working with a ground-breaking project aimed at protecting their future business interests.

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 09.06.2021

Economics / Business - Innovation - 09.06.2021

Administration - Economics / Business - 09.06.2021
New report shows it is ’not enough to mandate a human right to adequate housing; we need to define it’
Housing is a human right and ensuring that every household has an adequate house is one of the key obligations on the Scottish Government and Local Councils. A new report published by the Association of Local Authority Chief Housing Officers (ALACHO) has shown that not every household enjoys this right and current housing policies may not be doing enough to improve things.

Economics / Business - Health - 09.06.2021
Mathematicians to help businesses recover after Covid
Mathematicians to help businesses recover after Covid
Bath's Institute for Mathematical Innovation is offering a series of free workshops to help aid post-pandemic economic recovery.

Economics / Business - Research Management - 08.06.2021

Environment - Economics / Business - 04.06.2021
Ten-fold increase in carbon offset cost predicted
The cost of offsetting corporate carbon emissions needs to increase ten-fold to drive meaningful climate action, says a landmark report by UCL and Trove Research.

Economics / Business - 28.05.2021

Economics / Business - Innovation - 27.05.2021

Health - Economics / Business - 27.05.2021

Economics / Business - Social Sciences - 27.05.2021

Economics / Business - Innovation - 27.05.2021

Economics / Business - Social Sciences - 24.05.2021
Opinion: Science should be at the centre of all policy making
Science has played a key role in policymaking during the pandemic and must continue to be central if we are to make breakthroughs in global issues, says Professor Ruth Morgan (UCL Security & Crime Science).

Environment - Economics / Business - 24.05.2021

Administration - Economics / Business - 20.05.2021
Popular destinations will struggle without better regulation of short term lets
Local authorities and city governments must have more power to regulate short term rentals, if popular UK and European travel destinations are to cope with the expected rise in demand for holiday accommodation, finds a new report by UCL researchers.

Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 17.05.2021
Online gambling soared during lockdown, especially among regular gamblers
The study, led by the University of Bristol and published today (17 May) in the Journal of Gambling Studies , showed regular male gamblers were particularly prone to gambling more often online during the public lockdown in the UK, compared to their previously reported gambling habits. Although overall men and women gambled less frequently during lockdown, partly due to betting shops being closed, some forms of gambling increased.

Economics / Business - 17.05.2021

Economics / Business - 13.05.2021
New approach to R&D needed to address regional inequalities
New approaches to Government Research and Development (R&D) initiatives are needed to 'level up' the UK, according to a new UCL-authored report.

Astronomy / Space Science - Economics / Business - 13.05.2021

Innovation - Economics / Business - 11.05.2021

Physics - Economics / Business - 10.05.2021

Economics / Business - Environment - 30.04.2021

Economics / Business - Politics - 29.04.2021
Opinion: Covid has forced a neoliberal retreat, but state intervention isn’t always progressive
We may be seeing the rise of a new authoritarian capitalism shielded from democratic scrutiny, warns Research Associate Laurie Macfarlane (UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose).

Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 27.04.2021
New landmark report recommends OSCE engagement with China
New landmark report recommends OSCE engagement with China
China's growing assertiveness represents both a challenge and an opportunity for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and its 57 participating States.

Environment - Economics / Business - 26.04.2021
Leeds signs up to tackle waste in fashion
Leeds signs up to tackle waste in fashion
Leeds is the first university to sign up to a UK voluntary agreement to slash the impact of the UK clothing and home fabrics industries on the environment.

Innovation - Economics / Business - 25.04.2021

Economics / Business - 22.04.2021
Report highlights CS cluster’s resilience
A report that examines economic activity in Wales and the impact of the CSconnected Compound Semiconductor community has been published by Cardiff University's Welsh Economy Research Unit (WERU).

Environment - Economics / Business - 22.04.2021
Minority of Britons think UK government has clear plan to tackle climate change - poll
Just three in 10 Britons (28%) agree the government has a clear plan for how it can work with business and the people to tackle climate change, according to a new survey.

Economics / Business - Social Sciences - 21.04.2021

Campus - Economics / Business - 19.04.2021

Health - Economics / Business - 14.04.2021

Physics - Economics / Business - 01.04.2021

Materials Science - Economics / Business - 01.04.2021
Act now to secure the UK's critical materials supply, say Birmingham experts
Act now to secure the UK’s critical materials supply, say Birmingham experts
The UK must act now to ensure a stable supply of technology-critical metals (TCMs) essential for its transition to clean energy and the delivery of its ten point plan for a green industrial revolution, according to a produced by the University of Birmingham.
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