Dr Leszek Majewski re-elected as BSI Chair

Dr Leszek Majewski, a member of Materials, Devices, and Systems (MDS) Division in the Department of EEE, working on sustainable materials for printed electronics, has been re-elected as a Chair of the AMT/9 - "Printed Electronics" committee, as confirmed by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

Standards are involved in virtually every aspect of our lives. AMT/9 is responsible for the UK input to the work of IEC TC 119 ("Standardization in the field of printed electronics for terminology, materials , processes, equipment, products and health/safety/environment") and IEC TC 124 Wearable Electronic Devices and Technologies ("Standardization in the field of wearable electronic devices and technologies which include patchable materials and devices, implantable materials and devices, edible materials and devices, and electronic textile materials and devices").

As a Chair of AMT/9, Leszek will lead the work of the committee with the aim to advise and guide the standardisation work in the area of sustainable printed electronics and wearable electronic devices and technologies.

Leszek said, "I am delighted to be re-elected as a Chair of AMT/9 for another three years. This will allow me to continue leading the work of the committee and represent the UK as the Head of the UK Delegation during IEC TC 119 and 124 plenary meetings.

Dr Majewski is the first Chair of AMT/9 from the University of Manchester. This appointment not only confirms that he is nationally and internationally recognized as a highly competent, first-rate engineering expert, which strongly evidences a higher-level of achievement, but also reinforces the international reputation of Manchester as a leader in social responsibility.