Delivering online lessons to schoolchildren across Wales

Cardiff University has teamed up with award-winning charity Teen Tech to deliver a month’s worth of live online digital, science and technology events to children in schools and at home across Wales.

From space, the ‘Internet of Things’ and robotics, to music, health and game design, the students will benefit from a wide range of interactive sessions delivered by well-known science and technology reporters.

The programme of events will run for four weeks, starting on 2 March, and is being supported by local Cardiff-based solutions specialists Circle along with Dell and SonicWall.

Each live interactive session will last for one hour, with students tasked to respond creatively to challenges and projects before participating in a follow-up feedback session with industry experts.

Younger learners can engage with the ‘City of Tomorrow’ programme, working together to design kinder, safer, smarter spaces of the future, while older learners can focus on specialist topics through the ‘Innovation’ programme.

The sessions have been designed to be fun and engaging, whilst providing real context to learning that helps the students to understand more about careers and the way exciting emerging technology is shaping all aspects of our lives.

Content from each of the sessions will be built around work and research undertaken at Cardiff University, from robotic snakes to a youth mental health advisory board, with a live moderated Q&A with Cardiff University staff afterwards.

TeenTech CEO and co-founder, Maggie Philbin OBE, said: “I’m delighted to work with Cardiff University to develop and deliver an exciting live festival of online activities designed to bring careers to life for young people in Wales.

“It’s a great opportunity to hear from their research teams and the impact of their work on the technologies of the future and the next generation. We’re so proud of these sessions which put the fun back into learning and help students clearly see how they could be the innovators of the future.’

Professor Rudolf Allemann, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Physical Sciences and Engineering at Cardiff University said: “I’m incredibly excited about our partnership with the TeenTech Live Festival. Inspiring and equipping the creators and innovators of the future is at the heart of Cardiff University’s mission.

“TeenTech is a wonderful opportunity for young people from all parts of Wales to discover how science and technology apply to their own lives and interests, whatever their background.’

Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams said: “I’m really pleased that TeenTech and Cardiff University have teamed up to provide these live online events, as one of our key priorities is to ensure our learners have an equal opportunity to reach the highest standards in science, technology and maths.

“We have a wide range of support and initiatives for STEM teachers and learners in Wales, and are taking action to support our commitment to improving STEM skills, narrowing the attainment gap and also encouraging take up of particular STEM subjects at both GCSE and A level.’

Teen Tech are an award winning charity, founded in 2008 by Maggie Philbin and Chris Dodson to help students see the wide range of career possibilities within science, technology and engineering.

Teachers, parents and students can find out more and register for as many events as they like at

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