Daron Acemoglu launches Adam Smith Distinguished Speaker Series

Professor Daron Acemoglu launches Adam Smith Distinguished Speaker Series

Globally renowned political economist Professor Daron Acemoglu delivered an inaugural lecture on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in the economy and society at the University of Glasgow.

Professor Daron Acemoglu’s talk, entitled ’Power and Progress: Our Thousand-Year Struggle over Technology and Prosperity’, was part of the University’s flagship Adam Smith Distinguished Speaker Series, led by the Adam Smith Business School.

Professor Acemoglu provided new perspectives on AI, addressing the following questions:

o How can we make the best use of AI - and what paths should we choose’ o Will it deliver the kinds of benefits tech leaders are promising’ Or will it increase further inequality and wealth concentration’ o What about emerging economies and the world as a whole’ In recognition of his contribution to research on economics and public policy, during his visit, Professor Acemoglu was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Glasgow.

The Distinguished Speakers Series welcomes speakers to the Adam Smith Business School to discuss and tackle a wide range of contemporary topics in the world of business.

The series builds on the legacy of Smith, inviting prestigious academics, business leaders, politicians and researchers to share their experiences and specialisms and to offer reflections on challenges to conventional wisdom, addressing the current and emerging economic, political and social realities of our times.