Connected strategies for net zero and levelling up

In a piece for the Academy of Social Sciences, Professor Sherilyn MacGregor, Professor Matthew Paterson and Dr Helen Holmes argue that the next government should develop more innovative strategies for a net zero transition that leaves no communities behind

MacGregor , Paterson and Holmes discuss the Joined-up Sustainability Transformations (JUST) approach, which they have developed at the Sustainable Consumption Institute at Manchester:

’JUST entails three core ideas that together enable a shift toward principles that respond to complex social and political conditions that currently block progress towards the scale of change needed to tackle the interlocking crises of climate, care, cost of living, and more.’

Further, given the political backlash against net zero strategies, they argue that the ’JUST approach has potential to counteract negative assumptions and fears that reduce public support for climate policy, by overcoming mistrust through participative strategies, targeting policy action to reduce not intensify inequalities, and to generate spaces for imagining and valuing new ways of living.’