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Innovation - Computer Science - 04.03.2020
First Fellow for Bristol Digital Futures Institute

Computer Science - Innovation - 02.03.2020
GW4 awarded 4.1m to build Europe’s largest ARM supercomputer
The powerful new 6.5m facility, to be hosted by the Met Office in Exeter and utilised by the universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter, will double the size of GW4 Isambard, to 21,504 high performance cores and 336 nodes.

Computer Science - Administration - 28.02.2020
Cardiff and Airbus demystify AI for Cybersecurity

Computer Science - 25.02.2020
Helpful customization or furtive manipulation? How Germans see personalisation of online services
To ensure that our online experience is closely tailored to our interests and preferences, algorithms collect our personal data and analyse our online behavior.

Health - Computer Science - 25.02.2020
Funding for project to reduce children’s medical discomfort
New research funding for project to reduce children's medical discomfort A University of Glasgow-led project which aims to develop robots to reduce children's distress during medical procedures is one of 10 'responsible artificial intelligence' initiatives to receive new funding. The projects will bring together researchers from the UK and Canada to share in 8.2m from the UK Research and Innovation Fund for International Collaboration and three Canadian federal research agencies.

Computer Science - 17.02.2020
Durham to host new national supercomputer

Computer Science - Materials Science - 17.02.2020
UCL to host a national supercomputer centre
UCL has received 4.5 million from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to build a national supercomputer centre to improve support for UK researchers making scientific breakthroughs, such as designing better batteries and improving drug design. Since 2016, the Materials and Molecular Modelling Hub led by UCL, has brought together partners in London's Thomas Young Centre and others across the country to carry out ground-breaking research on the properties of new and existing materials, and this new funding will build on the Hub's capability.

Mathematics - Computer Science - 14.02.2020
Playing cupid
Especially for Valentine's Day, Game Theory expert Dr Nicos Georgiou looks into the mathematics of dating.

Computer Science - Mathematics - 13.02.2020
One of world’s first online Masters in Machine Learning now open for enrolment

Computer Science - 12.02.2020
Create a WTO-equivalent to oversee the internet, recommends new report
The internet needs an international World Trade Organization (WTO)-style body to protect and grow it as one of the world's unique shared resources: a communications infrastructure that is open, free, safe and reliable, concludes a new report published today.

Computer Science - Linguistics / Literature - 03.02.2020
Canterbury Tales is first major literary work developed as an app
Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales is the first major literary work, in any language, to be developed into a web and mobile phone app with original scholarship, due to a new project by academics at UCL, the University of Saskatchewan (USask), and The National Library of Wales.

Computer Science - 29.01.2020
The ’P’ word

Computer Science - 16.01.2020
Women in STEM: Agnieszka S’owik

Economics - Computer Science - 09.01.2020
UK-led team paves the way for a cyber-secure future
The Cyber Security Body of Knowledge (CyBOK) , the first project of its kind and led by academics from the University of Bristol, was launched this week at London's Science Museum, at an event attended by over 50 leading cyber security experts from academia and industry.

Computer Science - 09.01.2020
Tributes to internet pioneer Professor Peter Kirstein CBE

Criminology / Forensics - Computer Science - 19.12.2019
Novel mobile app could help to reduce sexual violence in Kenya
Crime and memory experts at the University of Birmingham are working with partners in Africa who are developing a mobile phone app that could help to reduce sexual violence in poorer countries and bring its perpetrators to justice.

Computer Science - Linguistics / Literature - 17.12.2019
Online hate speech could be contained like a computer virus, say researchers
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Computer Science - Economics - 13.12.2019
Waymo acquires Latent Logic to accelerate progress towards safe, driverless vehicles
Waymo is acquiring Latent Logic, an Oxford, UK-based technology company, spun out of Oxford University's Department of Computer Science.

Computer Science - Administration - 11.12.2019
AI experts from across Europe assembled in new units

Health - Computer Science - 10.12.2019
Scientists link with hospital partners in China on Data Science health project
Scientists link with hospital partners in China on Data Science health project
University of Birmingham data science experts today signed an agreement to join forces with one of China's best and biggest hospitals to gather, organise and analyse patient information under related laws and regulations from both countries and help improve healthcare for thousands of people.

Computer Science - 10.12.2019
University of Bristol partners with Ben-Gurion University

Computer Science - 06.12.2019
AMs visit Supercomputing Wales
Members of the National Assembly for Wales's Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee have visited Cardiff University to gain an insight into the high-profile science and innovation happening at its state-of-the-art supercomputing facilities.

Computer Science - 22.11.2019
DeepMind renews its commitment to UCL

Computer Science - 19.11.2019
University of Glasgow launches Games and Gaming ArtsLab

Computer Science - Electroengineering - 11.11.2019
What does the ’average engineer’ look like according to AI?
For This is Engineering day, an Imperial PhD student and the Royal Academy of Engineering found out what the average engineer means to search engines.

Computer Science - Economics - 06.11.2019
What’s next for UK research? Data Science Institute’s 5th birthday lecture

Computer Science - Innovation - 29.10.2019
DeepMind scholarships support the changing face of tech

Computer Science - Career - 29.10.2019
UofG welcomes first graduate apprentices to IT software development degree

Computer Science - 20.10.2019
New haptic arm places robotics within easy reach
Imagine being able to build and use a robotic device without the need for expensive, specialist kit or skills. That is the vision that researchers from the University of Bristol have turned into reality, creating a lightweight, affordable and simple solution for everyday users. While multiple robotic arm devices already exist, most are heavy, expensive and outside the reach of individuals who lack the expertise to use them.

Health - Computer Science - 18.10.2019
Flyby fixers and customer care: News from the College
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From a new drone for fixing windfarms, to an exploration of customer feedback, here is some quick-read news from across the College.

Computer Science - Microtechnics - 15.10.2019
Handwashing robot helps schoolkids make a clean break with bad habits
A robot which encourages kids to wash their hands has helped pupils at a remote Indian primary school take a fresh approach to hygiene.

Computer Science - Microtechnics - 23.09.2019
A Science Summer well spent!

Computer Science - 22.09.2019
New augmented reality head-mounted display offers unrivalled viewing experience

Computer Science - 19.09.2019
Cardiff to open new centre for AI and robotics

Microtechnics - Computer Science - 18.09.2019
Imperial’s Nick Jennings says AI will ’augment rather than replace jobs’

Computer Science - Life Sciences - 17.09.2019
Data Science Institute celebrates fifth birthday with distinguished lectures

Computer Science - Health - 16.09.2019
AI to enhance manufacturing, energy, and healthcare thanks to 6.5m EPSRC grant
The grant will help scientists, engineers, and clinicians train algorithms to solve energy, manufacturing, and healthcare problems.

Innovation - Computer Science - 11.09.2019
UCL launches global vision to position AI as a force for good in the world

Computer Science - 29.08.2019
AI art: has science unravelled how we see and appreciate art?
Art, it's in the eye of the beholder but has science found a way to identify what we really appreciate in paintings' The artistic tastes of individuals may have been finally unravelled thanks to University of Bristol researchers, artificial intelligence (AI) and eye-tracking technology.

Computer Science - 07.08.2019
Machine learning to help develop self-healing robots that ’feel pain’

Innovation - Computer Science - 24.07.2019
Bristol grad and online entrepreneur hopes engineering medal will inspire young women

Computer Science - Innovation - 23.07.2019
’Fantastic opportunity’ for teaching and research

Innovation - Computer Science - 10.07.2019
University of Bristol awarded 100m to drive ‘tech for better futures’ research

Computer Science - 07.07.2019
Robot uses machine learning to harvest lettuce

Computer Science - 26.06.2019
Cyber Innovation Hub

Innovation - Computer Science - 21.06.2019
Training the data experts of the future

Computer Science - Health - 18.06.2019
TU Munich expands Imperial partnership in AI, healthcare, robotics and beyond

Computer Science - Music - 14.06.2019
Acoustic aid and model robots: News from the College

Innovation - Computer Science - 13.06.2019
Jack Dorsey discusses future of Bitcoin at Imperial

Health - Computer Science - 07.06.2019
Cholesterol testing and science team success: News from the College
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From new evidence against the need to fast before a cholesterol test, to an inspirational speech on what makes a successful science team, here is some quick-read news from across the College.