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Civil Engineering - Environment - 13.11.2012
New Warwick book tells human tale behind decline of industrial cities
The stories behind the warehouses, mills and factories left abandoned in cities that were once heartlands of heavy industry are the subject of a new University of Warwick book.

Civil Engineering - 12.11.2012
New scientists appointed for cities research using New York as ‘living lab’
Two researchers have joined the University of Warwick to tackle the challenges faced by cities in the 21 st century as part of the New York-based Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP ).

Civil Engineering - Social Sciences - 08.11.2012
Divided cities do not flourish
Divided cities do not flourish
In divided cities, place-based research and activism can enable communities to collectively reclaim their memories." —Wendy Pullan Divided cities such as Jerusalem, Belfast and Nicosia will permanently retain the symptoms of cities at war while the physical features of their division remain, says research announced today.

Civil Engineering - Administration - 25.09.2012
How to crowdsource your happy space
How to crowdsource your happy space
A new online platform will harness crowdsourcing to identify the visual cues that lead people to perceive an urban space as happy, quiet or beautiful - focusing initially on London.

Health - Civil Engineering - 17.09.2012
Biggest European health study identifies key priorities in 26 cities
Researchers have announced the results of the largest ever health and lifestyle survey of cities and conurbations across Europe – including five British urban centres. The research examined and compared the health, life expectancy and lifestyles of the populations of 26 European cities (the Euro-26) and found major differences, not only between cities, but within individual urban areas too.

Civil Engineering - Life Sciences - 06.09.2012

Civil Engineering - 24.08.2012
Booklet published to celebrate 8 million walk-ways fifth anniversary
A multi-million pound river walk created by experts from the University of Sheffield and other volunteers from across the city is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a new booklet telling the trials and tribulations of its formation.

Civil Engineering - 22.08.2012
Building a brighter future
Engineering students were given an invaluable insight into pioneering construction work as they helped lay the foundations of the University of Sheffield's new Graduate School.

Civil Engineering - 01.08.2012
Leaky water pipes problem solved by Sheffield engineers
A leak detection system that can identify damaged water pipes swiftly and accurately has been developed by engineers at the University of Sheffield. Leaky pipes are a common problem for the water industry: according to Ofwat, between 20 and 40 per cent of our total water supply can be lost through damaged pipes.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 18.07.2012
Significant reduction in pollution achieved by creating green walls
Scientists at the Universities of Birmingham and Lancaster (UK) argue that by 'greening up' our streets a massive 30% reduction in pollution could be achieved, according to research published today (18 July 2012) in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.

Health - Civil Engineering - 30.05.2012
Better urban planning is essential to improve health
Better urban planning is essential to improve health
The proportion of the world's population that lives in cities has been steadily rising, so that 3 in 5 of all people globally will live in a city by 2030.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 29.05.2012
Study takes novel ’back-casting’ approach to transform cities for healthier lives
Researchers at four of the country's leading universities, led by the University of Birmingham, are embarking on a low carbon engineering project that could transform the way cities are built, as well as the way we live in them, by taking a novel 'back-casting' approach to their study.

Civil Engineering - Administration - 14.05.2012
Benefit changes raise pressure on country life
Benefit changes raise pressure on country life
Significant numbers of social tenants in rural areas may have to move away from their friends and communities because of changes to housing benefit criteria, a report reveals today.

Civil Engineering - 25.04.2012
Trees help you breathe more easily
Research by the University of Birmingham has contributed to The Woodland Trust's new Urban Air Quality report. Published in collaboration with Lancaster University, the report highlights how considered planting of trees and other vegetation can be used to significantly improve air quality in towns and cities.

Economics - Civil Engineering - 24.04.2012
Warwick Only European university in new NYU led Center announced by New York Mayor
New York's Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, and New York University's President John Sexton yesterday, 23rd April 2012, announced an historic agreement between New York City, New York's MTA, and a

Civil Engineering - Environment - 18.04.2012
Researchers look to the urban future with new book on how to design "resilient" cities
A new book based on groundbreaking research led by academics from the University of Birmingham on how to create robustly-sustainable cities is being launched in London this month. Designing Resilient Cities: A Guide to Good Practice puts forward radical ideas and solutions to ensure our cities are able to adapt to and survive change, whatever the future brings.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 13.04.2012
Take care of water and make your garden grow
With the Environment Agency today (13 April) reporting that England and Wales received only 38% of the rainfall normally expected in March, scientists from the University of Leeds' leading interd

Civil Engineering - Economics - 19.03.2012
Sniffy about the city? Just take a deep breath
Sniffy about the city? Just take a deep breath
A University of Manchester researcher says planners and architects should take the sense of smell more seriously when they are designing cities.

History / Archeology - Civil Engineering - 13.03.2012
Campus welcomes cube of dreams
The results of a week-long art partnership-project between the University of Birmingham's Department of Theology and Religion, an internationally renowned Muslim graffiti artist and young men from a

History / Archeology - Civil Engineering - 09.02.2012
University community art project to help young adults express their dreams
Internationally renowned artist, Mohammed Ali will be working in partnership with the University of Birmingham's department of Theology and Religion and unemployed young men in Bromford, east Birming

Environment - Civil Engineering - 01.02.2012
Tool is new weapon in fight against climate change
Tool is new weapon in fight against climate change
A new service, developed by experts at The University of Manchester and The Mersey Forest, will provide vital information to help urban neighbourhoods avoid the potentially dangerous effects of climate change.

Civil Engineering - 26.01.2012
Using real-time road traffic data to evaluate congestion
Using real-time road traffic data to evaluate congestion
A new project has shown that by using existing sources of information about traffic flow it is possible to create a minute-by-minute image of congestion in cities. Most cities have the types of data we have used in Cambridge and the approach could be used more extensively by Cambridge County Council and extended nationally." —Professor Jean Bacon Britain's roads are getting more and more congested.

Life Sciences - Civil Engineering - 04.01.2012
Plymouth nature in the picture for photograph competition
Photographers with a keen eye for the flora and fauna of Plymouth are being invited to take part in a new competition being launched this month.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 17.11.2011
Rivers may aid climate control in cities
Rivers may aid climate control in cities Planners could make greater use of urban waterways to regulate environmental temperature in our cities, according to research presented today (17 November 2011).

Civil Engineering - Administration - 20.10.2011
Visions of a ’car-free future’ created by Leeds researchers
City centres could become virtually car-free over the next 20 years under new plans proposed by University of Leeds transport researchers.

Civil Engineering - Administration - 24.03.2011

Physics - Civil Engineering - 20.12.2010
Using composites for traffic bridges could save time and money
Using composites for traffic bridges could save time and money
Press release issued 20 December 2010 Extensive use of advanced composite materials - glass and /or carbon fibre reinforced polymers - could be the answer to building bridges in half the time, thereb

Environment - Civil Engineering - 23.11.2010
A step-change in sustainable urban transport
A step-change in sustainable urban transport
The 1.5 million STEP-CHANGE project, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), aims to inform a 'step-change' in attitudes to urban transport by revolutionising the planning of towns and cities.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 29.09.2010

Civil Engineering - 23.09.2010
New energy efficient concrete could reduce road closures
New energy efficient concrete could reduce road closures
New energy efficient concrete could reduce road closures A new type of concrete road that is energy efficient, cheaper to develop and ready for traffic immediately after laying - something that would

Civil Engineering - 17.06.2010
Men benefit more from local green space
Research from the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow looked at the availability of green spaces, such as parks, playing fields and woodlands, in urban neighbourhoods across the Results showed that men living in the greenest neighbourhoods were about 10% less likely to die from lung problems than those in the least green neighbourhoods.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 26.05.2010
Hedgehogs adapt to life in the city
Hedgehogs adapt to life in the city
More hedgehogs may now be living in towns and cities than in the countryside but how they trade off the risks and benefits of an urban environment has been little known ? until now. New research from the University of Bristol, published in Animal Behaviour, investigated how hedgehogs are coping with life in the city.

Civil Engineering - Architecture - 18.04.2010
Divided cities exhibition visits Manchester
Divided cities exhibition visits Manchester
A free exhibition showing the complex relationship between the city environment - such as buildings, walls and murals - with urban conflict is in Manchester this week.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 19.03.2010
Researchers to study poverty and climate change in Bangladesh
Researchers at The University of Manchester's School of Environment and Development have been awarded 500,000 to study poverty and climate change in Bangladesh.

Earth Sciences - Civil Engineering - 08.03.2010

Civil Engineering - Agronomy / Food Science - 16.02.2010
Bartlett professor unveils vision of 'Smartcity'
Bartlett professor unveils vision of ’Smartcity’
Could enlightened urban planning and design help us re-imagine our cities as tapestries of green urban space ripe for agricultural development?

Environment - Civil Engineering - 11.01.2010

Economics - Civil Engineering - 17.12.2009

History / Archeology - Civil Engineering - 15.12.2009
First archaeological survey of Paphlagonia published
First archaeological survey of Paphlagonia published
Project Paphlagonia is the first fully published multi-period archaeological and historical survey of the little explored region of north-central Turkey.

Civil Engineering - Earth Sciences - 22.05.2009

Civil Engineering - Environment - 15.04.2009
Imperial academic awarded a top honour in structural engineering
Imperial academic awarded a top honour in structural engineering
Imperial academic awarded a top honour in structural engineering Professor David Nethercot talks about his career and receiving the Institution of Structural Engineer?s highest accolade %0A " Thursda

Civil Engineering - Environment - 18.02.2009
Find a splash of colour to help scientists understand how birds survive in Birmingham’s concrete jungle
Residents across Birmingham are being asked to help researchers with a major project that aims to understand how some of our best loved garden birds survive in Birmingham's urban jungle.