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Research Management - Campus - 06.04.2022

Environment - Campus - 31.03.2022
People and Nature Lab launched at UCL East
People and Nature Lab launched at UCL East
Long lasting solutions to the global challenges of biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation and climate change, will be the focus of the new People and Nature Lab, launching today at UCL East.

Health - Campus - 29.03.2022
’Traffic Light’ tool used by GPs to assess seriously unwell children is ’unreliable’
A tool used by GPs to help identify seriously unwell children may not accurately detect or exclude acute illness, according to an evaluation using data from UK general practice. The study, led by Cardiff University, assessed data from more than 6,700 cases and concluded the widely used National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Traffic Light system "cannot be relied upon" and is "unsuitable" for use as a clinical decision tool.

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Social Sciences - Campus - 24.03.2022

Life Sciences - Campus - 24.03.2022

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Campus - Linguistics / Literature - 15.03.2022
Learners have not closed the door on languages just before they make GCSE option choices, report shows
Half of all students are open to language learning at the point they make their option choices, new data shows.

Architecture - Campus - 11.03.2022

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Career - Campus - 07.03.2022

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Campus - 04.03.2022
Students taking GCSE Ancient History worry they appear ’elitist’ to friends and family
The tiny minority of state-educated students who take Ancient History at GCSE worry that the subject's exclusive reputation will brand them 'elitist' in the eyes of friends and relatives, research suggests.

Health - Campus - 03.03.2022