Book launch event: Expansion Rebellion

expansion rebellion
expansion rebellion

Join us for a lively roundtable discussion of Celeste Hicks’ new book, ’Expansion rebellion’ on 31st January!

On Tuesday, 31st January, Celeste Hicks ’ launch of her book ’Expansion Rebellion: Using the law to fight a runway and save the planet’ is taking place from 3pm in 10.007 and on Zoom.

Can the UK expand Heathrow airport, bringing in 700 extra planes a day, and still stay within ambitious carbon budgets? One legal case sought to answer this question. Campaigning lawyers argued that plans for a third runway at one of the world’s busiest airports would jeopardise the UK’s ability to meet its commitments under the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change. This book traces the dramatic story of how the case was prepared - and why international aviation has for so long avoided meaningful limits on its expansion.

Hosted by the SCI and Manchester University Press we will be hearing from Celeste as well as a panel consisting of Mat Paterson (SCI), Luke Yates (SCI, Movements@Manchester) and Abhilasha Fullonton (Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research).