Body modification innovations explored in new interactive story

A new interactive Imperial Stories feature article explores some of the body-focused innovations created by the College’s community.

From mind reading machines to edible water bottles, self-learning bionic hands to smart tattoos, the feature article highlights a range of inventions created by staff, students and citizen scientists which aim to make our lives a little more exciting and a little easier.

The article, hosted on our Imperial Stories website, is built around an interactive infographic. Simply click on any of the 11 icons below to explore the incredible innovations.

Immersive storytelling

The interactive feature is the latest in the series of Imperial Stories - the College’s home for inspirational and immersive storytelling. The platform contains the very best features and opinion from the Imperial community, from world-leading experts in science, medicine, education, enterprise and more.

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  • Mission to the sun : The visually stunning story of the Solar Orbiter mission, and the science behind Imperial’s magnetometer instruments on board.
  • More than meets the eye : Meet five Imperial staff and students with invisible disabilities.
  • Robotics revolution : Learn more about the ways robots are playing an increasingly important role in our lives.

Head on over to Imperial Stories to delve into the full range of immersive feature articles.

Image credit: All illustrations designed by Jungmin Studio.

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