’Black at Sussex’ partners with Culture ConneX for programme of Fringe Festival events

The University of Sussex is partnering with creative arts programme , Culture ConneX , to produce an exclusive series of local, B lack-led events at this year’s Brighton Fringe Festival. The aim of the events programme is to develop opportunities for different communities to access the arts and connect with each other.

Produced by arts development agency UrbanFlo , the events are a combination of performances, installations and exhibitions and will be hosted at various locations, including the Ironworks Studios, Phoenix Art Space and Caravanserai Brighton, throughout May 2023. The festival programme is a result of a collaboration between the University of Sussex’s ’ Black at Sussex ’ project, Pride Community Foundation and Ironworks Studios.

’ Black at Sussex ’ was first established to help improve the experience of Black students at the University of Sussex through the celebration of its Black alumni and their contribution to British life, alongside a programme of critical discussion about the experience of being a Black student at Sussex.

The shows include a nostalgic installation by highly acclaimed writer, playwright and curator, Michael McMillan, a photography exhibition by Sussex PhD candidate, Tunde Alabi Hundeyin II celebrating Africa as a cultural powerhouse, as well as a variety of panel events, artist discussions and DJ sets.

Jenni Lewin-Turner , Sussex alumna, Director and Creative Producer at UrbanFlo says:-

"There is a profound uniqueness to the Culture ConneX Festival Season for Brighton Fringe 2023 in that it is a locally produced B lack-led programme infused with the creative talents of a high calibre delivery team. In addition to showcasing performance and visual arts, it offers a dynamic space for critical debate, networking and career development opportunities. I’m pleased to be working with ’ Black at Sussex ’ in partnership with Brighton Pride and Ironworks Studios to bring this unique vision to life and ultimately, to mainstream diversity within this creative arena."

Professor Sasha Roseneil , Vice-Chancellor at the University of Sussex, says:

"This latest partnership between Brighton Fringe 2023 and Culture ConneX reflects the rich and dynamic contribution of Black students at the University of Sussex. The ’ Black at Sussex’ programme is gathering real momentum within Brighton and is a vital part of the University of Sussex community of students and alumni, doing important, future-facing work. I look forward to celebrating as an audience member over the coming weeks and continuing to see the ’ Black at Sussex ’ ogramme grow and flourish."

ConneX Festival can be found here.