Behind the scenes with Georgia Wei

We interviewed the cast and crew of Another Life to offer a sneak peek into the characters, the writing process and more.

Behind the scenes with Georgia Wei large
Behind the scenes with Georgia Wei large
Georgia Wei plays Jamie Leung, a first-year University student thrust into a world far from her own.

Why did you decide to audition for this role?

I’ve always wanted to try acting, as it’s a way for me to experience a different life and a different perspective on the world.

Tell us a bit more about your character?

Jamie is a very resilient girl, and although she gets anxious and upset when she encounters new situations that have the potential to break her down, she doesn’t run away and doesn’t give up. At the same time, she is also a person who doesn’t easily show her vulnerable side to others - she prefers to try to maintain harmony on the surface.

What was your first impression of the script?

For Jamie, I think her situation and change of heart were somewhat like mine when I first came to England, but the difference was that I was more devastated than she was. I would talk to my parents about my insecurities.

The end of Jamie’s scene made me feel that if you want a place to be home, it can be home.

How did you feel about performing in a play that is based on real-life testimonies?

It prompts me to analyse the changes of emotions and mentality more carefully, because there are no exaggerated behaviours in daily life, and we need to make everything look so natural and close to life in our performances.

Who would you like to see in the audience and what would you like them to take away from the experience (without revealing any spoilers!)?

First of all, my family and friends. I hope they can see a different version of me and feel the emotions that I want to convey through my performances.

I also hope that the people who are in the same situation as Jamie will feel that I really empathised with them at the time, and that they will be able to recall their memories of that time.

Or people who are going through the transition that Jamie went through, telling them that they’re not the only ones feeling upset and anxious, encouraging them to adapt to the moment and enjoy it.

Is there a particular scene in the play that really excited you? If yes, why?

Yes, I think it was the scene where my parents were helping me pack and I was confronting my mum and talking back to my dad. That’s the part I felt was most removed from my daily life. It wasn’t the way I interacted with my parents, but at the same time it allowed me to experience the different ways people deal with each other and the different environments in which they are raised.

Tell us a little-known fact about yourself?

I’m not sure if it’s little-known, but I think I’m a sensitive person sometimes. A lot of my friends think I’m a big-hearted person, which is why I don’t tend to show my sensitive side.

What should people who enjoyed this play and are interested in Chinese culture see next? Any plays or films you would recommend?

"Farewell my Concubine", the gorgeous costumes, Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera are stunning and reflect the spirit of Chinese Opera.