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Social Sciences - Art and Design - 20.12.2021

Art and Design - Social Sciences - 16.12.2021
Best Research Film of the Year
'The Art of Peace, Medellín' has been awarded Best Research Film of the Year by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) for its depiction of how marginalised youth in the city of Medellín, Colombia, create alternatives to violence through arts.

Art and Design - Physics - 12.10.2021
AI used to reproduce 'lost' Picasso nude
AI used to reproduce ’lost’ Picasso nude
A painting of a naked woman by Pablo Picasso that has been hidden beneath one of his 'Blue Period' masterpieces for more than a century, has been recreated by UCL scientists using a combination of X-rays, AI and 3D-printing. PhD researchers Anthony Bourached (UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology) and George Cann (UCL Space and Climate Physics) have developed a five-step technology to reproduce art works, that have been painted over.

Art and Design - History / Archeology - 17.08.2021

History / Archeology - Art and Design - 04.08.2021
Scottish and Irish researchers to investigate ancient Ogham script
Academics from Scotland and Ireland are harnessing cutting-edge digital and 3D technologies to protect the inscriptions and transform our understanding of the ancient Celtic Ogham writing system, it was announced today.

Campus - Art and Design - 10.06.2021

Event - Art and Design - 25.05.2021

Health - Art and Design - 21.04.2021
New research project explores experiences of walking and creativity during COVID-19
New research project explores experiences of walking and creativity during COVID-19
A University of Glasgow led project is to explore people's experience of walking during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Art and Design - 19.03.2021

Social Sciences - Art and Design - 11.03.2021
UofG project willinvestigate impact of touch deprivation on deafblind community
A University of Glasgow collaborative research project will investigate the impact of touch deprivation on the deafblind community during the Covid pandemic.

Art and Design - Event - 12.02.2021

Art and Design - 05.11.2020
New book explores the visual identity of the famed Bloomsbury Group
A new book by a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sussex investigates how the famed Bloomsbury Group framed their visual identity.

Health - Art and Design - 27.08.2020
People with hidden medical conditions create drawings to document the impact of lockdown
People suffering from invisible diseases have explored the impact lockdown has had on them by drawing about their experiences.

Art and Design - 23.07.2020

Administration - Art and Design - 02.07.2020

Art and Design - 03.03.2020

Health - Art and Design - 22.01.2020

Art and Design - 27.11.2019

Art and Design - 13.11.2019
Midlands Art Papers launches special issue on inclusion, disability and access in the arts
Midlands Art Papers (MAP) - a collaboration between the University of Birmingham's History of Art Department and cultural practitioners from 13 partner museums and galleries across the Midlands - has launched its latest annual issue.

History / Archeology - Art and Design - 13.11.2019
Results of research on Spanish masterpiece Lady in a Fur Wrap announced
Leading international specialists in the field of art history have released the initial findings of a four-year collaborative research project centring around one of Glasgow's most famous paintings, the Lady in a Fur Wrap. For over 100 years scholars have been debating who painted the beautiful portrait Lady in a Fur Wrap, traditionally thought to be by El Greco (1541-1614).

Art and Design - Administration - 17.04.2019
British and German soldiers’ stories reveal historic cinema and theatre insight
A University of Birmingham expert is joining forces with British Army and the Bundeswehr to help strengthen bonds between German and British soldiers through his research into their shared entertainment history.

Art and Design - Health - 15.11.2018
University of Glasgow academics collaborate on exhibition featuring images of the final days of life
‌A series of drawings by a Scottish artist showing powerful glimpses of death and dying will have their first public exhibition in Scotland.

Art and Design - 07.11.2018
Celebrating Scotland’s Wee Cinema
For many living in remote parts of Scotland it was their first experience of cinema. The operators of the Highland and Islands Film Guild, affectionately known as the "Men of the Wee Cinema" took the Big Screen to small communities up and down remote areas of Scotland.

Art and Design - 22.10.2018
Twin prizes for Arts & Humanities academics
Two members of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities, Dr Erika Balsom (Film Studies) and Dr Shaul Tor (Philosophy & Classics), have been awarded prestigious Philip Leverhulme prizes.

Art and Design - Economics - 04.10.2018

Art and Design - Linguistics / Literature - 01.10.2018
The Henry Moore mystery
External Relations writer Jacqui Bealing goes on the trail of an iconic sculpture that, for a while, lived at the University of Sussex.

Art and Design - 27.09.2018