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Art and Design - Social Sciences - 25.01.2018
UCL turns clock back to Jane Fonda’s Barbarella as part of research celebration of 1960s films
The clock was turned back to 1968  at a London cinema this week as part of the culmination of a three-year project by UCL academics to record, analyse, archive  and publicise the memories of almost a thousand people across the UK about what it was like to go to the cinema in the 1960s.

Art and Design - 19.01.2018
Enduring love affair with textiles and fashion goes back 2500 years in the Mediterranean
‌ They were the original Instagram generation. With a passion for stylish clothes and dressing up for parties, they made sure to record how good they looked so they could share them later with family and friends.

Art and Design - Computer Science - 17.01.2018

Art and Design - 15.11.2017

Art and Design - 13.11.2017
Namibian filmmakers’ Chapter screening
Two Namibian filmmakers being mentored in Wales have had their work screened at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, as part of an African film festival.

Art and Design - 07.11.2017
Work with Falklands War veterans comes to Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts
Work with Falklands War veterans comes to Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts Work made with Falklands War veterans comes to campus next week, following rave reviews in London.

Environment - Art and Design - 06.11.2017
Researchers joined by classical pianist to prompt discussion on climate change
Research shows that most people are worried about climate change, and yet the social silence on the subject is deafening: we hardly ever talk about it, and when we do the conversation can raise difficult questions.

Art and Design - Career - 06.11.2017
University celebrates collaboration between art and research
The University's art centre The Edge joined with Arts Council England for a special event on Tuesday 31 October, looking at collaboration between art and research and its success stories.

Art and Design - Event - 30.10.2017

Art and Design - 20.10.2017
Harp at ee! Now the Clifton Suspension Bridge can play its own tune
One of the UK's most famous bridges has been turned into a musical instrument, capable of playing music composed from its own structural data.

Linguistics / Literature - Art and Design - 18.10.2017
Work made collaboratively with Falklands War veterans comes to Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts
Work made collaboratively with Falklands War veterans comes to Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts In a collaboratively created work with both British and Argentinian veterans from the Falkland

Art and Design - Career - 16.10.2017
Sounding out women for a career in the audio industry
Students Mary Jane Wenlock and Emily Da Rocha Mumby from Kendal College School of The Arts, Media and Heritage trial Lancaster University's Research in a Box Women will take a major step forward in the electronic music industry thanks to pioneering projects underway at Lancaster University.

Art and Design - Linguistics / Literature - 11.10.2017
Rare Robert Burns collection in Braille presented to University of Glasgow
A rare Braille collection of the complete works of Robert Burns will today (Wednesday 11 October 2017) be presented to the University of Glasgow by Joan Muir, from Kilwinning in Ayrshire, who had gifted them earlier to the local Irvine Burns Club.

History / Archeology - Art and Design - 02.10.2017
New Vice-Chancellor takes up office in Nottingham
Professor Shearer West has begun her role as President and Vice-Chancellor at the University of Nottingham.

Art and Design - History / Archeology - 29.09.2017

History / Archeology - Art and Design - 28.09.2017
Govan children are the stars at film’s UK premiere
It will be a red carpet affair. And school children from Govan will be the stars at the UK film premiere tomorrow (Friday 29 September 2017).

Art and Design - Politics - 27.09.2017
Pili premieres at Dinard Festival of British Cinema
A film produced by QMUL researcher Dr Sophie Harman has its international premiere this week at the Dinard British Film Festival.

Art and Design - Linguistics / Literature - 20.09.2017

Art and Design - Research Management - 15.09.2017
UCL ranked in world’s top five universities for arts and humanities
UCL has been ranked fifth in the world for arts and humanities in the latest league table published by The Times Higher Education.

Art and Design - Research Management - 13.09.2017
University of Glasgow climbs the world class rankings in Arts and Humanities
The University of Glasgow's Arts and Humanities subjects have jumped eight places to 70th in the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings which were released today, Wednesday 13 September 2017.

Art and Design - Research Management - 13.09.2017
Durham in World Top 30 for Arts and Humanities
Durham University has been recognised as a global leader in Arts and Humanities in a prestigious international league table.

Art and Design - Health - 08.09.2017
The music of arrhythmia
Translating irregular heartbeats could lead to new insights for computer scientists and medical diagnostics, according to an international project led by a Professor of Digital Media at Queen Mary Un

Art and Design - Linguistics / Literature - 06.09.2017
Music strikes a chord with great writers
Music is identified as a key influence on great poets and novelists of the past century in a landmark book by Professor Dominic Wyse (UCL Institute of Education).

Art and Design - Psychology - 06.09.2017
New app could transform music teaching in schools
New app could transform music teaching in schools A new app is being launched this week that could transform the way music is taught and played in schools.

Art and Design - Physics - 31.08.2017
I asked artists to create films using real sounds from space - this is what they came up with
Art and science are often seen as complete opposites: art is subjective, while science aims to discover objective facts about nature.

Linguistics / Literature - Art and Design - 24.08.2017
People’s Palace Projects develop artistic exchange programme with Brazil’s indigenous Xingu community
According to the indigenous Kuikuro people in Brazil, artists are itseke, powerful spirits of invisible knowledge.

Physics - Art and Design - 21.08.2017
Film festival showcases movies made from space sounds
Alien may have told you "In space no one can hear you scream" but it was wrong! The Space Sound Effects (SSFX) Short-Film Festival , presented by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), has challenge

Art and Design - Chemistry - 09.08.2017
Humphry Davy: Laughing Gas, Literature and the Lamp
A free online course , organised by Lancaster University, will examine one of the best-known men of science of the nineteenth century.

Life Sciences - Art and Design - 04.08.2017
Dreams, dedication and world-changing discoveries | University of Cambridge
Last year, Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, Professor of Mammalian Development and Stem Cell Biology, made not one, but two world-changing discoveries.

Art and Design - Linguistics / Literature - 01.08.2017
Edinburgh Festival date for Lancaster Professor
A Lancaster University professor has co-authored and co-directed a new piece of theatre which has been selected by the British Council Showcase for this year's Edinburgh Festival.

Art and Design - Event - 28.07.2017

Art and Design - Event - 26.07.2017

History / Archeology - Art and Design - 24.07.2017
Durham becomes first UK team to excavate in Forbidden City
Archaeologists from Durham University in the UK have become the first UK team to excavate inside the walls of the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

History / Archeology - Art and Design - 21.07.2017

Health - Art and Design - 19.07.2017
King's research informs major All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Arts, Health and Wellbeing
Today saw the launch of a new report, Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing , the result of an Inquiry led by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing (APPGAHW) in collaboration with King's College London.

Economics - Art and Design - 19.07.2017
Grangetown World Market
Shoppers are invited to the vibrant streets of Grangetown for the community's first street market, thanks to Cardiff University's Community Gateway project working with Grangetown Community Action.