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Linguistics / Literature - Architecture - 13.11.2013
Buildings for books: the complete story of the library
For 20 years architectural historian Dr James Campbell waited for someone to write a definitive book about libraries.

Environment - Architecture - 13.11.2013
Scrubbing up: preparing hospitals for climate change
Innovative designs for retrofitting the vast NHS estate to stem rising carbon emissions and adapt hospitals to perform through a changing climate are being created through a multi-university collaborative effort.

Social Sciences - Architecture - 12.11.2013
High rise challenges in China
As the skyscraper centre of the world continues to shift from North America to China, architecture students from The University Of Nottingham are keeping pace with the country's rapidly changing skyline.

Architecture - Religions - 06.11.2013
The secret language of sacred spaces: new book on religious architecture launched in Bristol
The Secret Language of Sacred Spaces, a richly-illustrated overview of the religious architecture of the world by University of Bristol historian Jon Cannon, will be launched at St Stephen's Church, Bristol this Saturday [9 November].

Architecture - 30.10.2013
Future internet aims to sever links with servers
A revolutionary new architecture aims to make the internet more "social" by eliminating the need to connect to servers and enabling all content to be shared more efficiently.

Architecture - History / Archeology - 25.10.2013
Putting our House in order
With the Houses of Parliament requiring costly renovation, new research suggests we may have something to learn from plans in the 1730s to rebuild the Palace of Westminster.

Architecture - Environment - 23.10.2013
Good tidings for coastal communities
The sea sustains life but also threatens it. An innovative design concept by Ed Barsley aims to contend with rising seawater by welcoming it into our coastal settlements.

Architecture - Computer Science - 18.09.2013
Live demonstration of SDN-enabled optical circuit switching at ECOC 2013
A live demonstration of a hybrid packet-optical circuit switched software-defined network (SDN) will take place at Europe's largest optical event next week.

Architecture - 23.07.2013
Final Part of Western Infirmary Site Acquired
The University of Glasgow has completed the transfer of ownership of the last part of the Western Infirmary site resulting in the entire fourteen acres now being owned by the University.

Architecture - 04.07.2013
Nottingham campuses are showcased in a new architectural book
The growth of The University of Nottingham 's campuses is showcased in a new book of stunning photographs by Nottingham-based architectural photographer Martine Hamilton Knight.

Architecture - 04.07.2013
The University of Manchester announces issue of £300m 4.25% Bonds due 2053
The University of Manchester announces issue of £300m 4.25% Bonds due 2053
04 Jul 2013 Bonds assigned a rating of Aa1 by Moody's Not for release, publication or distribution, directly or indirectly, in or into the United States or any other jurisdiction where to do so would be unlawful.

Architecture - Economics - 03.07.2013
Letting buildings breathe
Natural ventilation technology which has the potential to reduce heating bills by as much as 50%, while drastically reducing energy consumption, has been developed by a Cambridge spin-out.

Architecture - Event - 20.06.2013
Innovative designs at The Bartlett Summer Show 2013
Innovative designs at The Bartlett Summer Show 2013
The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL will present innovative designs in its annual student showcase The Bartlett Summer Show from 21 - 29 June.

Architecture - 03.06.2013
Flood defences: small is beautiful
Flood defences: small is beautiful
03 Jun 2013 A changing climate and the increasing prevalence of surface water flooding means we can no longer rely only on large defences to protect people and property, according to a University of Manchester researcher.

Architecture - History / Archeology - 24.05.2013

Art and Design - Architecture - 20.05.2013
Postcard: Dr Iain Jackson in India
Postcard: Dr Iain Jackson in India
Gathering stones from riverbeds surrounding the Indian city of Chandigarh in 1958, Nek Chand, a local road inspector, began to build what is now the country's second most popular tourist destination after the Taj Mahal.

Architecture - 01.05.2013
Sting in the tail
01 May 2013 Meteorologists have gained a better understanding of how storms like the one that battered Britain in 1987 develop, making them easier to predict.

Art and Design - Architecture - 01.05.2013

Architecture - 23.04.2013

Architecture - History / Archeology - 13.03.2013

Architecture - Religions - 31.01.2013

Architecture - 18.12.2012

Environment - Architecture - 06.12.2012

Education - Architecture - 02.12.2012

Education - Architecture - 14.11.2012

Environment - Architecture - 12.11.2012

Environment - Architecture - 07.11.2012
Campus CO2 emissions successfully cut by 13% last year
Campus CO2 emissions successfully cut by 13% last year
The University of Sussex reduced its annual CO2emissions by 13 per cent (2,493 tonnes) in 2011-12 and is now two years ahead of schedule in its bid to nearly halve its carbon footprint.

Architecture - Physics - 07.11.2012

Architecture - 05.11.2012
National energy saving conference comes to Nottingham
Some of the UK's leading experts in the design of energy efficient buildings will gather at The University of Nottingham on Wednesday 7 November and Thursday 8 November 2012.

Earth Sciences - Architecture - 01.11.2012
Buildings key to beating earthquakes
Strong buildings in earthquake zones are by the best form of defence against tremors, a university expert says.

Environment - Architecture - 19.10.2012
International pioneers of zero carbon housing share ideas for the future
An international symposium on the future of sustainable development will offer professionals in the construction industry a unique insight into the latest innovations, policies and legislation which are driving zero/low carbon housing creation throughout the UK and Europe.

Art and Design - Architecture - 19.10.2012
'Centipede' cinema opens in European Capital of Culture
’Centipede’ cinema opens in European Capital of Culture
A new free-standing 'centipede' cinema designed by an academic at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UK - will open this week in Guimarães, Portugal as part of celebrations for the 2012 European Capital of Culture.

Architecture - Education - 10.10.2012

History / Archeology - Architecture - 03.10.2012
Forgotten Methodist Halls 'thrived in every city'
Forgotten Methodist Halls ‘thrived in every city’
03 Oct 2012 A University of Manchester historian has discovered how the Methodist Church built some of Britain's most important and successful community buildings in the early twentieth century - now mostly forgotten. Angela Connelly says that 99 'Methodist Central Halls' were built costing an equivalent of £90 million in today's terms.

Architecture - 13.09.2012

Environment - Architecture - 09.08.2012
University of Cambridge gets go ahead for major new development
University of Cambridge gets go ahead for major new development
The University of Cambridge has been granted planning permission for its £1 billion development in North West Cambridge.

History / Archeology - Architecture - 06.08.2012
Unsung treasure
Unsung treasure
A new Cardiff University project aiming to discover more of the history of one of Gwynedd's unsung treasures is underway.

Life Sciences - Architecture - 01.08.2012
Sainsbury Laboratory shortlisted for the Stirling Prize
Sainsbury Laboratory shortlisted for the Stirling Prize
The Sainsbury Laboratory, designed by award-winning architects Stanton Williams, has been shortlisted for the UK's most prestigious architectural award.

History / Archeology - Architecture - 26.07.2012
"Pray-o-mat" is UK’s first
The UK's first "PRAY-O-MAT" has been installed on the grounds of The University of Manchester, home of a large, three-year research project on Multi-Faith Spaces.

Architecture - Environment - 23.07.2012
Plans approved for Northfield phase three
Plans approved for Northfield phase three
Plans approved for Northfield phase three Brighton & Hove City Council has approved plans for the third and final phase of the Northfield student residences on campus.

Environment - Architecture - 18.07.2012
Preferred architects announced for first phase of North West Cambridge Development
Preferred architects announced for first phase of North West Cambridge Development
Cambridge University has today announced the team of preferred architects for a first phase of its proposed development at North West Cambridge.