An opportunity to be part of an international symposium on Forest Food Gardens remotely

Forest gardens have many benefits, and not just for food!Forest gardens have many benefits, and not just for food!

Students from the ’Creating a Forest Food Garden’ elective module offered by the Department oif Education at Sussex are to contribute to an international symposium on forest food gardens on 24 February. The session - on the potential of forest gardens for additional benefits, such as mental health. starts at 2pm and the students contribution will be from 3pm.

The session might be of interest to staff and students in life sciences, sociology, education, etc. If there is enough interest, colleagues from the Department of Education will arrange a viewing in a lecture theatre or similar.

For more details of the symposium, the programme, and/or to register your interest in joining the session remotely, please send an email to by Friday 3 February with the subject:
’Forest Food Gardens - I’m In!’