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Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 21.10.2020
Birmingham-led research promises water boost for farmers in India
University of Birmingham water experts have designed a low-energy, high-efficiency means of purifying water in India's rural farming communities, which could allow farmers to safely use high-saline groundwater and wastewater to grow crops. Working in the Gujarat region of India, scientists in the Birmingham-led INDIA-H20 project have used emerging membrane technologies that allow saline groundwater and domestic/industrial wastewaters to be safely and efficiently recycled.

Agronomy / Food Science - 01.10.2020
New Crop Science Centre opens in Cambridge
A new Centre in Cambridge, designed to fast-track technologies to sustainably improve farmers' yields worldwide, was launched today.

Agronomy / Food Science - 25.06.2020
Significant number of Halal meat-eaters might be persuaded to switch to ’stunned’ meat, survey suggests
The UK may need to adopt the New Zealand model, which has done just that, say the researchers from the University of Bristol Vet School.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 05.06.2020
Analysis: Bangladesh has saved thousands of lives from a devastating cyclone - here’s how
Professor Ilan Kelman and Dr Bayes Ahmed (both UCL Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction) discuss how Bangladesh's population survives cyclones through extensive messaging and preparation.

Agronomy / Food Science - 13.02.2020
Pioneering crop monitoring for food security wins Newton Prize
A new way to monitor crop production for global food security developed by scientists at UCL and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, has won the Newton Prize 2019 Chair's Award.

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 10.02.2020
Post-Brexit farming should support more fruit and veg to help reduce CVD deaths
Earmarking more land for growing fruits and vegetables after Brexit could help to reduce deaths from cardiovascular disease.

Life Sciences - Agronomy / Food Science - 07.10.2019
University of Sussex is leading on vegan according to animal rights’ charity
The University of Sussex has been named one of the most vegan-friendly universities in the country by a leading animal rights' charity.

Agronomy / Food Science - Health - 13.09.2019
Experts warn UK food safety at risk with public softened up for lower standards
There are signs that the government is trying to soften up the public for lower food standards post-Brexit, including imported chlorinated chicken and hormone-treated beef, a new briefing from the Food Research Collaboration has highlighted.

Agronomy / Food Science - 20.08.2019
10 million new cases of vitamin D deficiency will be prevented by adding vitamin D to wheat flour
Adding vitamin D to wheat flour would prevent 10 million new cases of vitamin D deficiency in England and Wales over the next 90 years, say researchers at the University of Birmingham.

Agronomy / Food Science - 15.05.2019
Eating insects makes sense. So why don’t we?
Insects are a healthy and environmentally friendly food source. But how can people in the Western world be convinced to eat them? Consuming insects is already an everyday practice for two billion people worldwide, largely in the global east and south.

Agronomy / Food Science - Health - 04.04.2019
Health claims on packaging for many foods marketed to UK kids are "confusing’"
The health claims made on the product packaging for a large proportion of foods marketed to children in the UK are "confusing" and could be contributing to rising rates of childhood obesity, suggests research published online in the Archives of Disease in Childhood .

Agronomy / Food Science - Life Sciences - 18.02.2019

Economics - Agronomy / Food Science - 07.02.2019

Life Sciences - Agronomy / Food Science - 04.12.2018

Veterinary - Agronomy / Food Science - 22.11.2018
Weight loss programme successful at tackling obesity & type 2 diabetes
Severe and medically complicated obesity can be effectively treated with a non-surgical weight management programme called Counterweight-Plus, according to a new study.

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 19.11.2018
Researchers call for urgent action to tackle obesity epidemic
There is an urgent need for new dietary approaches and treatments to tackle the global health crisis of obesity in children and adults say experts.

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 15.10.2018
Child health in England falling behind other European countries
A new report warns child health is lagging behind other European countries, with child mortality potentially 140% higher than other nations by 2030. The 'Child health in 2030 in England: comparisons with other wealthy countries' report, published today by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), and co-authored by an Imperial researcher, compares England with European and other western countries known as the EU15+.

Agronomy / Food Science - Health - 12.09.2018

Agronomy / Food Science - Innovation - 11.09.2018
Transforming the AgriFood Industry in Southwestern China
The University of Nottingham has launched a new flagship partnership with one of China's biggest feed and pig producers to help transform Southwest China's animal feed market.

Agronomy / Food Science - Health - 07.09.2018
Shoppers could be left in the dark about hazardous hormone-treated beef
As the UK prepares to leave the EU, there are signs that some government ministers would be willing to sacrifice food standards to win trade agreements with non-EU states such as the USA.

Agronomy / Food Science - Health - 02.08.2018
Misleading claims on sugar-rich cereals
The BDA has called for sweeping changes to food marketing and product formulation, as new research by Cardiff University reveals the extent of misleading claims on sugar-rich cereals aimed at children.

Administration - Agronomy / Food Science - 24.07.2018
The clock is ticking for UK food security unless a deal is done, says new report
A careless Brexit poses significant risks to food flows into and out of the UK, say experts.

Administration - Agronomy / Food Science - 23.07.2018
The clock is ticking for UK food security unless a deal is done, says new report
The clock is ticking for UK food security unless a deal is done, says new report Amidst all the political uncertainties, the clock is ticking for UK food security.

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 27.06.2018
War, lack of democracy and urbanisation contribute to double burden of malnutrition in adolescents in developing countries
A new study from the University of Warwick blames macro-level factors for the double burden of malnutrition among adolescents in developing countries. The double burden of malnutrition refers to the coexistence of undernutrition along with overweight and obesity, or diet-related noncommunicable diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Innovation - Agronomy / Food Science - 18.05.2018

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 03.05.2018
Improvements needed in end of life care
A study looking at the personal perceptions and experiences of patients, families and healthcare professionals has highlighted the need for improvement in symptom management for end of life care. The analysis by the Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Centre and the School of Healthcare Sciences at Cardiff University has identified several areas of treatment which were often perceived as sub-optimally managed by healthcare professionals, including; pain, breathing difficulties, nutrition, and hydration.

Life Sciences - Agronomy / Food Science - 26.04.2018
Art and science installation to develop new genetically diverse chicken for Africa
Image credit: Koen Vanmechelen A unique initiative to launch the world's 'most intriguing' poultry facility is bringing together art and science in a bid to develop disease-resistant, climate-resilient chickens to improve nutrition and income for farmers in East Africa.

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 19.04.2018
Redefining the preconception period
New research published in The Lancet this week and co-authored by Professor Lucilla Poston CBE , shows that the diet and lifestyle of both parents before conception plays a key role in the long-term health of their children.

Agronomy / Food Science - Administration - 09.03.2018
Government urged to halt food-safety overhaul
Government urged to halt food-safety overhaul Leading food-safety experts have urged the UK Government to halt plans to outsource food safety inspections to private companies.

History / Archeology - Agronomy / Food Science - 09.02.2018
Workshops to give people a real taste of cooking, the Neolithic way
Archaeologists from Cardiff University are collaborating with colleagues from the University of York and English Heritage to explore the food consumed by the masses who constructed the world heritage site, Stonehenge.

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 08.02.2018
Schools alone cannot help to prevent childhood obesity, study finds
School-based healthy lifestyle interventions alone are not effective in the fight against childhood obesity, according to research conducted in the West Midlands. The warning comes after one of the largest childhood obesity prevention trials undertaken to date has found that a healthy lifestyle intervention carried out in dozens of schools did not lead to significant changes in pupils' weight.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 25.01.2018
Think of honeybees as ’livestock’ not wildlife, argue experts
Contrary to public perception, die-offs in honeybee colonies are an agricultural not a conservation issue, argue Cambridge researchers, who say that manged honeybees may contribute to the genuine biodiversity crisis of Europe's declining wild pollinators.

Agronomy / Food Science - Health - 25.01.2018
Imperial academics present food solutions to world leaders at Davos
Imperial academics joined global leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos to discuss innovative ideas around nutrition and food production.

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 03.01.2018
Processed meat may increase breast cancer risk
Consumption of processed meat may increase the risk of breast cancer, according to a new study. The paper, published in the European Journal of Cancer , confirmed findings of carcinogenic risk of processed meat and suggested the overall association is largely driven by the risk of post-menopausal breast cancer.

Agronomy / Food Science - Health - 18.12.2017
4.4m to help reduce 'hidden hunger' in Ethiopia and Malawi
A multidisciplinary team of researchers including those working in agriculture, nutrition, socio-economics, geography, and ethics has received more than 4.4m from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help alleviate micronutrient deficiencies (MNDs). The GeoNutrition project, led by the University of Nottingham , will focus on Ethiopia and Malawi where MNDs - also known as hidden hunger - are widespread.

Chemistry - Agronomy / Food Science - 18.12.2017
Risk of "dirty" turkey after Brexit if UK strikes a US trade deal
Risk of "dirty" turkey after Brexit if UK strikes a US trade deal Consumers could be eating "dirty" chlorinated turkey at Christmas if the UK agrees a post-Brexit trade deal with the USA, according to a new briefing paper by leading food policy experts. The team - from the University of Sussex, Cardiff University and City, University of London - found US poultry, washed in up to four chemical disinfectants, does not meet EU safety standards.

Chemistry - Agronomy / Food Science - 18.12.2017
Risk of "dirty" turkey after Brexit if UK strikes a US trade deal
Consumers could be eating "dirty" chlorinated turkey at Christmas if the UK agrees a post-Brexit trade deal with the USA, according to a new briefing paper by leading food policy experts. The team - from Cardiff University, the University of Sussex, and City, University of London - found US poultry, washed in up to four chemical disinfectants, does not meet EU safety standards.

Life Sciences - Agronomy / Food Science - 14.12.2017

Life Sciences - Agronomy / Food Science - 04.12.2017
Managing the microbes - the key to solving the global nitrogen crisis
Experts from the UK and Brazil have joined forces to address the challenges and opportunities for agricultural nitrogen science in Florianopolis, Brazil. In the first meeting of its kind 24 leading experts from the UK and Brazil came together to find practical, low cost solutions that make more effective use of nitrogen (N) inputs in agriculture, while attempting to decrease N pollution losses to the environment either to the atmosphere or through the soil.

Economics - Agronomy / Food Science - 20.11.2017
The Brexit hit to living standards
The referendum vote is already costing UK households according to a Nottingham economist. Ahead of Wednesday's Budget the first detailed analysis of how the Brexit vote has impacted inflation, wages and living standards, has been released.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 14.11.2017
Hidden nitrate pollution beneath our feet threatens water supplies worldwide
Researchers have found vast quantities of nitrate are stored in the rocky layer between our soils and the water table Researchers have quantified for the first time the long term threat to global drinking water posed by agricultural pollution trapped in the rocks beneath our feet. In a paper published , researchers from the British Geological Survey (BGS) and Lancaster University show that vast quantities of nitrate are stored in the rocky layer between our soils and the water table.

Agronomy / Food Science - Environment - 25.10.2017
Changing the face of Indian farming
Indian agriculture is expected to feed a growing and increasingly urbanised population. But if everyone wants to move to towns and cities, who is left to farm the land? The farming is left to the older women - the mothers and sometimes the grandmothers.

Physics - Agronomy / Food Science - 17.10.2017
’Floating food’ invention could start new culinary craze
'Floating food' invention could start new culinary craze Floating food could be the next culinary craze thanks to a new invention that levitates, transports and delivers food and drink directly onto your tongue. Scientists at the University of Sussex have, in collaboration with the University of Bristol, created a contactless food-delivery system that uses ultrasound to float taste sensations from the kitchen to the mouth.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 16.10.2017
Now’s not the time for "my country first" thinking if we’re to get on with our global problems
Now's not the time for "my country first" thinking if we're to get on with our global problems By Professor Joseph Alcamo The political winds around the world are blowing stronger and stronger towards a "my country first" attitude of protectionism, isolationism and nationalism.