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Social Sciences - 12.12.2019

Religions - Social Sciences - 22.11.2019
UCL announces action against racism, antisemitism and Islamophobia
As part of its commitment to drive race equality and tackle discrimination, UCL has agreed three key actions that will support its work to raise awareness and understanding of different forms of racism.

Social Sciences - 22.11.2019

Social Sciences - Philosophy - 11.11.2019
Free internet access should be a basic human right - study
Free internet access must be considered as a human right, as people unable to get online - particularly in developing countries - lack meaningful ways to influence the global players shaping their everyday lives, according to a new study.

Academic Rankings - Social Sciences - 06.11.2019

Social Sciences - 04.11.2019
Animations in Amazonia
Animations in Amazonia
A Social Anthropologist from the University of Bristol has been working with the Matses, an indigenous people who live in a very remote area of the Amazon rainforest, to create a series of animated films that aim to raise awareness of their culture and the challenges they face in the 21st century.

Social Sciences - 01.11.2019
Seven Questions with Kyoo Hwa Kim
This week we chat to third year Experimental Psychology PhD student Kyoo, who worked in banking for 15 years before deciding to return to studying after becoming a mother.

Social Sciences - 01.11.2019

Law - Social Sciences - 31.10.2019
Why repatriation is important
The question of repatriation is on the table again for negotiation internationally and the discussion has moved on from where it was in the last decades.

Social Sciences - Administration - 31.10.2019
Getting Better at Doing Good: A Toolkit for Measuring NGO Progress
A Cardiff University academic has launched an innovative toolkit that will help non-government organisations (NGOs) to measure the effectiveness of their work.

Business / Economics - Social Sciences - 24.10.2019

Social Sciences - Event - 23.10.2019

Pharmacology - Social Sciences - 17.10.2019
The Power of Song: Why your doctor should be prescribing choir practice
The Power of Song: Why your doctor should be prescribing choir practice
GPs should prescribe participation in communal singing activities to patients to raise self-esteem and overcome loneliness, a tuneful event at the University of Sussex was told this week. Dr Sarah Andersen, a practicing GP and former masters' student at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School , told the Singing for Wellbeing event held at the University of Sussex that academic studies indicated significant benefits if more doctors used community choirs as part of their social prescribing.

History / Archeology - Social Sciences - 16.10.2019

Health - Social Sciences - 16.10.2019
Rapid response research centre to predict and prevent global health crises
Rapid response research centre to predict and prevent global health crises
The world's most advanced institute for disease and emergency analytics is opening in London this week.

Environment - Social Sciences - 14.10.2019
Colombian River Guardians rally support in Scotland
Guardians of a unique river in Colombia with its own legal rights have travelled to Scotland to work with academics at the University of Glasgow to help protect and rehabilitate their waterway.

Social Sciences - 09.10.2019
Spotlight on Christoph Lindner
This week we meet Christoph Lindner, Dean and Professor in Urban Studies at The Bartlett, who talks to us about his faculty's efforts to mobilise expertise to address climate change and his role in leading the initiative to create the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis.

Social Sciences - 09.10.2019
Vice-Provost’s View: The future of research is... open
The start of a new academic year (in an increasingly turbulent external context) provides a good opportunity to reflect on the future of research at UCL, writes Professor David Price, Vice Provost (Research).

Social Sciences - Environment - 07.10.2019

Career - Social Sciences - 07.10.2019
UK needs bold new direction to solve social inequalities
The UK Government's current approach to tackling inequality should urgently address the multiple levels of disadvantage that some people face, according to a new UCL report.

Business / Economics - Social Sciences - 07.10.2019
Millions struggling to pay council tax and other essential bills, says new Financial Inclusion Study
Poverty is rising for all groups - even those in work - according to a new financial inclusion monitor report.

Social Sciences - 04.10.2019
Seven Questions with Laure Montangerand
This week we catch up with anthropologist Laure, who tells us about her experiences as a student rep - and her love of salsa dancing! What are you studying, why are you interested in this subject and what do you plan to do in the future?

Social Sciences - 25.09.2019
Affirmative action needed to protect young carers’ human rights
Academics want affirmative action for young carers and are calling for policies that go beyond simply levelling the playing field in a new study launched at the EU parliament today. The new study, the largest ever of young carers across six European countries, warns that governments' failure to take proactive action on behalf of young carers could be in breach of their human rights.

Social Sciences - 18.09.2019
The small bag making a big difference to children's lives
The small bag making a big difference to children’s lives
More than 50 social workers at seven local authorities across the country are trialing the use of a specially-created bag of resources to help professionals to communicate and engage with children.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 16.09.2019
Despite the uncertainty of Brexit EU families feel more welcome and safer in Scotland than south of the border
These conclusions are based on the findings of two reports being launched on Tuesday 17th September at the Cornerstone Centre St John's, Edinburgh by the University of Birmingham. The first report, co-authored by Professor Nando Sigona and Dr Marie Godin , draws on interviews with EU families currently (N=132) and formerly (N=40) residing in the UK.

Innovation - Social Sciences - 04.09.2019
Feature staircase installed at Cardiff Innovation Campus
Feature staircase installed at Cardiff Innovation Campus
An Oculus staircase, the first of its kind in the UK, is being installed at Cardiff University's cutting-edge Innovation Campus.

Social Sciences - 02.09.2019

Social Sciences - Administration - 22.08.2019
‘Whole housing approach’ needed for victims of domestic abuse
More needs to be done to support victims and survivors of domestic abuse who are homeowners or private renters, according to a new report from the University of Bristol.

History / Archeology - Social Sciences - 09.08.2019

Social Sciences - 02.08.2019

Social Sciences - 31.07.2019
Commission for Countering Extremism publishes University of Birmingham paper on extremism
A peer-reviewed academic paper from the University of Birmingham has been included in a series of eight released by the Independent Commission for Countering Extremism today.

Innovation - Social Sciences - 31.07.2019

Social Sciences - 29.07.2019

Religions - Social Sciences - 23.07.2019
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