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Health - Social Sciences - 17.09.2020
Call to improve care for dying people in Scottish hospitals
Marie Curie and the University of Glasgow are calling for action to improve the care and experience of dying people in hospitals.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 16.09.2020
Children from low income backgrounds show elevated mental health difficulties throughout lockdown
Emotional difficulties were consistently elevated among children and young people from low income households over a month of lockdown compared to those from higher income households.

Social Sciences - Event - 16.09.2020
Positive reaction to Somerset study into the best way to prevent domestic abuse
A Somerset study into the most effective way to tackle domestic abuse has received a positive response from its first participants.

Social Sciences - Politics - 16.09.2020
Less than half of Welsh prisoners return to settled accommodation on release, report says
Hundreds of prisoners are being released into homelessness in Wales, new research indicates. The report, from Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre, shows 543 people were released from Welsh prisons without a fixed address to return to in 2018/19*.

Criminology / Forensics - Social Sciences - 15.09.2020

Social Sciences - Linguistics / Literature - 14.09.2020
University of Glasgow launches unique Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic
With its turrets, vaulted cloisters and ornate decorations, the iconic University of Glasgow has a touch of magic about it.

Social Sciences - Environment - 11.09.2020

Health - Social Sciences - 10.09.2020
Opinion: England faces a bleak winter unless it gets a grip on test and trace
Professor Anthony Costello (UCL Institute for Global Health) lists the issues which led to the failure of England's test, track and trace programme and calls for reform to this system to keep a second wave of Covid-19 under control. After a summer of social gatherings, "eat out to help out" and urging commuters to "get back to the office", the government appears to be losing control of the pandemic.

Social Sciences - Event - 10.09.2020

Health - Social Sciences - 10.09.2020
Opinion: What Spanish science policy can (and should) learn from the pandemic
PhD researcher Pablo Izquierdo (UCL Biosciences) and his colleagues discuss Spain's response to the Covid-19 pandemic and urge for stronger collaboration between public and private research, as well as more government support for scientific research.

Health - Social Sciences - 08.09.2020
Study aims to reduce risk of Covid-19 to people experiencing homelessness
People experiencing homelessness and offered accommodation since Covid-19 will be interviewed as part of research assessing the support they have received.

Health - Social Sciences - 04.09.2020
Analysis: The culture of health and sickness
Professor David Napier (UCL Anthropology) discusses a case study of a Ugandan community and takes away lessons to be learned about vulnerability before disasters.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 02.09.2020
Lockdown at home less stressful than school for children with SEND
Lockdown at home less stressful than school for children with SEND, new study finds The majority of children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) felt less stress and anxiety away f

Health - Social Sciences - 27.08.2020
Community testing site opens at University of Birmingham
A walk-through coronavirus testing facility has opened today (Thursday 27 August 2020) at the University of Birmingham, as part of the Government's UK-wide drive to improve the accessibility of coronavirus testing for communities.

Health - Social Sciences - 27.08.2020
Only one in 10 plan to return to live as they did before Covid-19
Only 10% of people plan to return to living exactly as they did before Covid-19 after the pandemic ends, find UCL researchers as part of the Covid-19 Social Study.

Social Sciences - Politics - 20.08.2020
Children’s fiction on terror is leading a youth ’write-back’ against post-9/11 paranoia
A wave of children's fiction which tackles subjects such as suicide terrorism, militant jihadism and counter-terror violence is helping young readers to rethink and resist extremism and Islamophobia, new research suggests.

Politics - Social Sciences - 17.08.2020
Opinion: Countries around the world are using border surveillance systems against their own citizens
Dr Keren Weitzberg (UCL History) comments on the plight of stateless citizens who struggle to move outside refugee status, and on the harms of data-driven surveillance in the UK and Kenya.

Health - Social Sciences - 15.08.2020

Health - Social Sciences - 14.08.2020
A quarter of people have experienced discrimination since Covid-19 lockdown began
Prospective students Current students UCL in the media Services for media Tell us your story A quarter of people in the UK report experiencing some kind of discrimination since lockdown began, find UCL researchers as part of the Covid-19 Social Study. The most common forms of discrimination included being treated with less courtesy or respect than others, others acting as if they were afraid of them and receiving poorer service than others for deliveries or in stores.

Religions - Social Sciences - 13.08.2020

Social Sciences - History / Archeology - 12.08.2020
Eating out was a very social matter for early humans
A half-a-million-year-old internationally significant archaeological site in Sussex, England, offers unprecedented insights into the life of a poorly understood extinct human species, according to new UCL research. The findings of a meticulous study led by UCL Institute of Archaeology are detailed in a ground-breaking new book ' The Horse Butchery Site ', published by UCL Archaeology South-East's 'Spoilheap Publications'.

Social Sciences - 11.08.2020
Predicting A-level grades accurately ’near-impossible task’
Predicting A-level grades is a 'near-impossible task', and the system needs to be overhauled to reduce inaccuracies that can lead to unfair disadvantages for some students, says new research from the UCL Institute of Education. For the working paper published today (Tuesday 11 August 2020), academics from UCL Centre for Education Policy & Equalising Opportunities (CEPEO) and Oxford Brookes Business School studied data from 238,898 pupils' GCSE performance to see whether they could accurately predict their subsequent A-level results.

Social Sciences - 11.08.2020
Analysis: England planning proposals aim to tackle housing crisis - but overlook key issues
Dr Ben Clifford (UCL Bartlett School of Planning) analyses the UK Government's proposals to reform the planning system in England and warns this overlooks the potential of local authorities, does not address green belt reform and will result in major repercussions for housing. The government has published proposals for a radical reform of the planning system in England.

History / Archeology - Social Sciences - 10.08.2020

Social Sciences - Health - 09.08.2020
Researchers warn of impact of ’lost decade’ in adult social care
The crisis is partly the result of a 'lost decade' in which policymakers systematically failed to act on alarms raised back in 2010, say the researchers. Photograph:Dorminik Lange Urgent reform of the funding of UK adult social care is needed to save a desperately overstretched system which has now reached breaking point, warn policy experts at the University of Birmingham.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 06.08.2020

Health - Social Sciences - 06.08.2020
Mental health concerns: New survey finds majority of LGBTQ+ community showing signs of stress and depression
“Similarly, the results show unambiguously that younger LGBTQ+ people in the sample had markedly higher levels of stress and depressive symptoms during the pandemic than older LGBTQ+ people.

Health - Social Sciences - 30.07.2020
Four in 10 dementia cases could be prevented or delayed
Modifying 12 risk factors from childhood to late life could delay or prevent 40% of dementia cases, according to a new report led by UCL researchers.

Health - Social Sciences - 29.07.2020
To investigate links between COVID-19 and ethnicity
UCL academics will play key roles in three new nationally funded research studies, which aim to improve our understanding of the links between COVID-19 and ethnicity.

Social Sciences - Career - 29.07.2020
Vulnerable families at risk as health visitor workloads increase
Health visitors are concerned that the needs of children have been missed due to staff redeployment to support the Covid-19 workforce and increased caseloads, according to a new UCL survey.

Social Sciences - Health - 29.07.2020
Kenyan government must tackle pandemic-related sexual and domestic violence
Urgent action is needed to protect women and girls in Kenya from increased sexual and domestic violence in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, say researchers at the University of Birmingham. The team investigated ways in which the pandemic has heightened the risk of violence across the whole population in Kenya.

Social Sciences - Health - 28.07.2020
Practitioners who support young adults needed to take part in digital technology study
The study, led by the University of Bristol and supported by the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute , will work with key stakeholders, including health and social care practitioners, to explore questions

Environment - Social Sciences - 27.07.2020
To end King Coal’s reign, must his loyal subjects get paid? Compensating phase-out losers for a just transition
The huge task of phasing out coal requires a detailed roadmap to sequence coal plant retirement with a range of policy instruments and support for key stakeholders which will expand current notions of a just transition, leading energy experts have said.

History / Archeology - Social Sciences - 27.07.2020

Social Sciences - 27.07.2020
UofG study to explore how lockdown impacts on some of the most vulnerable in Scotland
A project that will explore how lockdown has impacted on those who were already isolated or marginalised has been launched by the University of Glasgow.

Social Sciences - Law - 24.07.2020

Health - Social Sciences - 24.07.2020
Opening schools - and keeping them open - should be prioritised by Government, report says
Opening schools - and keeping them open - should be prioritised by Government, report says
Keeping schools open from September should be a Government priority as it manages the COVID-19 pandemic, while closures could have severe social and economic effects that endure for decades, according to a new report.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 24.07.2020
Opening schools should be prioritised
The report, Balancing the risks of pupils returning to schools, highlights the potential impact on the 13 year groups of students who have been affected by the lockdown.
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