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Health - Psychology - 11.09.2020
Over a quarter of people say their lives are very different now compared to before Covid-19
Despite the easing of lockdown measures, 28% of adults have reported that their lives are currently 'completely different' or have 'lots of differences' compared to prior to Covid-19, find UCL researchers as part of the Covid-19 Social Study.

Health - Psychology - 14.08.2020
New rehabilitation app to aid recovery of COVID-19 ’long-haulers’
Prospective students Current students UCL in the media Services for media Tell us your story An innovative digital programme, developed by UCL researchers with Barts Health NHS Trust and UCL Partners, to treat the long lasting effects of COVID-19 infection, is now being used by patients. The app, believed to be the first such tool to be rolled out in the UK, is being given to patients from Barts Health hospitals, who have been discharged but are continuing to recover and rehabilitate at home.

Psychology - Health - 21.07.2020
Comic books and problem solving school counsellors are secret weapons in the fight against India's youth mental hea
Comic books and problem solving school counsellors are secret weapons in the fight against India’s youth mental hea
A randomized trial in large, low-income secondary schools in New Delhi tested a novel intervention based on practical problem-solving, which was delivered by school counsellors with no prior mental health training The low-cost programme showed improvements in students' psychological and social problems and reduced stress over a three-month period and could have global implications for youth mental health intervention Academics from the Universit

Psychology - Social Sciences - 16.07.2020

Psychology - Social Sciences - 15.07.2020
Increased child benefit may help families escape lockdown inequality
Policy makers should increase child benefit and consider difficulties faced by families on low incomes in order to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic heightening existing inequalities and creating new ones, according to a new study. COVID-19 has caused additional, often extreme, hardship in families' lives with policy responses often not focused on the needs of families with dependent children.

Pharmacology - Psychology - 15.07.2020
You can see it in their eyes: Traumatic experiences leave mark on pupils
The pupils of people with post-traumatic stress disorder respond differently to those without the condition when they look at emotional images, a new study has found. The study looked for traces of traumatic events in the eyes of patients with PTSD, which can occur following a distressing event and causes greater sensitivity, or hyperarousal, to everyday events and an inability to switch off and relax.

Health - Psychology - 29.06.2020
COVID-19: National PTSD screening programme urgently needed
Patients affected by COVID-19 need to be urgently screened for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and receive regular check-ups for at least a year.

Computer Science - Psychology - 12.06.2020
Seven Questions with... Tao Bi
This week we meet Tao Bi, who is a PhD student in Human-Computer Interaction and a past winner of the #loveUCL Instagram competition.

Psychology - 11.06.2020
Project aims to help shape post-Covid mental health support in Wales
Researchers behind a major new study charting how the people of Wales have coped with coronavirus are appealing for volunteers to share their experiences.

Health - Psychology - 22.05.2020
Analysis: Coronavirus affects mental health too - here’s what we know
In a piece for the Guardian, Professor Anthony David (UCL Institute of Mental Health) writes about the potential mental health effects of Covid-19, partly based on new studies by Dr Jonathan Rogers (UCL Psychiatry) and Dr Daisy Fancourt (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health).

Health - Psychology - 22.05.2020
3.8m funds international psychotherapy trial with new mothers
A UCL team has been awarded 3.8 million from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to fund a new study in Lebanon and Kenya looking at the treatment of post-natal depression, child development, and the mother-child relationship.

Health - Psychology - 19.05.2020
Researchers launch survey for UK undergraduates to assess impact of COVID-19 and help shape mental health services
Starting University and transitioning from one year to the next can be both exciting and challenging for many students, but how has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted how students think and feel?

Health - Psychology - 07.05.2020
Why collective behaviour will get us through the Covid-19 pandemic
Why collective behaviour will get us through the Covid-19 pandemic
Sussex psychologist Professor John Drury is among a group of behaviour scientists giving the UK government guidance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Health - Psychology - 01.05.2020
How our emotional memories of Coronavirus affect our future
Elena Miltiadis from Anthropology considers the way our emotional memory of this pandemic will affect our future behaviour As we do whatever we can to stop the spread of coronavirus, we are being for

Psychology - 23.04.2020
Spotlight on... Dr Bennett Kleinberg
This week we meet Bennett Kleinberg, lecturer in data science in the Department of Security and Crime Science and the Dawes Centre for Future Crime.

Health - Psychology - 17.04.2020
Zoom, booze and blues in lockdown
Sussex researchers continue to share their knowledge and expertise during the Covid-19 crisis. As life in lockdown continues, what's happening to our work-life balance, our mental health, and our drinking habits?

Health - Psychology - 07.04.2020
Helping healthcare workers to cope with stress
A group of mental health experts, led by UCL, have issued advice for frontline healthcare workers on how to cope with stress during the COVID-19 crisis.

Psychology - 27.03.2020
Five ways to create household harmony during lockdown
As the nation grapples with public lockdown, the reality of all living under the same roof has taken on a whole new meaning.

Psychology - 04.03.2020
Seven Questions with... Sam Fardghassemi
This week we meet third-year psychology PhD student Sam. Here, Sam - who currently runs guided meditation sessions at the Student Centre - explains how meditation can help you beat exam stress.

Psychology - 15.01.2020
Higher rates of post-natal depression among autistic mothers
Higher rates of post-natal depression among autistic mothers
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Psychology - Life Sciences - 17.12.2019
Mothers’ and babies’ brains ’more in tune’ when mother is happy
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Psychology - 10.12.2019
UK universities will work together to improve research quality and reproducibility
UK universities will collaborate to improve the quality of UK academic research output. Whilst the UK is at the leading edge of research globally, there is a need to constantly strive to improve in order to retain that positions.

Life Sciences - Psychology - 21.10.2019

Psychology - 21.10.2019
Seven Questions with Tayla McCloud
This week we caught up with Psychiatry PhD student Tayla, who is carrying out the SENSE study, a UCL-wide survey of student wellbeing and mental health.

Psychology - 28.06.2019
This Sussex Life: Natalie Bowling, Research Fellow -
This Sussex Life: Natalie Bowling, Research Fellow - "Some people can ’inhabit’ other people’s bodies"
University of Sussex psychologist Dr Natalie Bowling will be explaining the unusual phenomenon of mirror-touch synaesthesia at The Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition in London, July 1-7.

Psychology - Economics / Business - 04.06.2019

Psychology - Economics / Business - 04.06.2019

Psychology - 31.05.2019
What is consciousness’ New Impacted podcast tackles the big questions with University of Sussex researchers
Neuroscientist Anil Seth discusses his decades-long exploration of consciousness and the perception of ‘reality' in the first of a new series of podcasts spotlighting the work of outstanding University of Sussex researchers.

Health - Psychology - 16.05.2019
First manual on child blast injuries launched by Imperial and Save the Children
First manual on child blast injuries launched by Imperial and Save the Children
A coalition of British doctors, researchers and charities has launched the world's first guide for treating children severely injured by explosives.

Psychology - 14.02.2019
Aims to give birth to fearless pregnancy
Academics and local business owners have launched a new research project to ease fear and anxiety around childbirth for parents to be.

Psychology - 07.02.2019
Free online course created to help better understand and prevent suicide
A new, free online course has been developed to allow healthcare professionals, and those working with at-risk or vulnerable individuals, to gain a better understanding of suicide and ways to prevent it.

Psychology - 21.01.2019
To look at a dog’s emotional attachment to toys
Does your dog have an attachment to toys' If so, researchers from the University of Bristol Vet School and School of Psychological Science want to hear from dog owners for a new study on pets' attachment to toys.

Psychology - 10.12.2018
1.5m study to test diagnostic tool for child and adolescent mental health
A diagnostic tool, which can be used by mental health clinicians to assess children and teenagers, is to be evaluated by experts from the University of Nottingham and Institute of Mental Health, thanks to a 1.5m NIHR grant.
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