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Politics - 18.12.2019

Politics - 06.12.2019
Oxford interviews explained
Oxford interviews explained
Over the next two weeks Oxford will welcome thousands of prospective undergraduate students as they take part in the University's annual admissions interviews.

Politics - Environment - 29.10.2019
Opinion: Greta Thunberg highlights the problematic way both the right and left view child activists
Dr Diana Georgescu, Lecturer at UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies, writes that Greta Thunberg divides opinion due to deep-seated beliefs that childhood is an age of innocence and being dependent on adults.

Politics - 18.10.2019
Offers alternative interpretation of iconic Rainbow Portrait & challenges myths of Elizabethan England
New book offers alternative interpretation of iconic Rainbow Portrait & challenges myths of Elizabethan England A new book by a Professor at the University of Sussex offers a new interpretation o

Politics - Linguistics / Literature - 02.09.2019
A new home for the archive of ’Radical Jack’
A political firebrand, a radical reformist and a leading society figure - the life and times of John George Lambton, first Earl of Durham, were truly captivating.

Politics - 26.06.2019

Politics - Social Sciences - 20.05.2019
Female ex-combatants need help to improve post-conflict lives - study
Female ex-combatants need more help to integrate into society when conflicts end or they will continue to face major barriers in living ‘normal' lives, according to research carried out in Guatemala.

Politics - 09.03.2019
1989: The year Margaret Thatcher's apparent mastery slipped away
1989: The year Margaret Thatcher’s apparent mastery slipped away
Forty thousand pages of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's personal and political papers from 1989 are being opened to the public at the Churchill Archives Centre and online at the website of the Margaret Thatcher Foundation.

Politics - Life Sciences - 31.01.2019
Elevate research above Brexit impasse, urge Imperial and TUM Presidents
Elevate research above Brexit impasse, urge Imperial and TUM Presidents
UK-European research cooperation should continue, say the heads of Europe's top two technical universities.

Politics - 15.01.2019
The story behind the lost play of Irish rebel leader James Connolly
The story behind the lost play of Irish rebel leader James Connolly
Academics at the University of Glasgow have discovered a short story which they believe could solve the mystery of a lost play by revolutionary socialist James Connolly. The story called The Agitator's Wife was discovered last year during the 150th anniversary year of the birth of the Irish rebel leader who was born in Scotland in 1868.

Politics - 07.12.2018
Nottingham expert puts museum collection under the spotlight
The stories behind objects in People's History Museum's vast collection have been given a fresh perspective and relevance for contemporary audiences.

Politics - 29.11.2018
University of Bristol supports building a sustainable peace in Colombia
University of Bristol supports building a sustainable peace in Colombia
A team at the University of Bristol is investigating the gendered nature of armed conflict in Colombia in support of the Colombian Truth Commission, which formally launches today, 29 November and aims to address injustices from the war. In 2016 a peace agreement brought an end to the world's longest running armed conflict, the 51-year dispute between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC-EP).

Politics - 23.11.2018
We are all 'others': teaching children to celebrate differences
We are all ’others’: teaching children to celebrate differences
As the world around us increasingly divides into 'us and others', the University of Cambridge Primary School is taking part in a new research project to help children discover for themselves that far more unites us than divides us.

Politics - Business / Economics - 12.11.2018

Politics - 09.10.2018
A Brexit referendum is clearly possible, but contingency planning must start now
A referendum on Brexit is clearly possible, but the details matter. Various processes must be put in place to ensure the referendum is legitimate, according to a new report by the UCL Constitution Unit.

Politics - Social Sciences - 02.10.2018
Liberals see elite-educated politicians as more competent, while conservatives see them as less relatable
A small number of elite universities serve as the prime breeding grounds for American power brokers.

Politics - 01.08.2018
One-party dominance of Wales examined
The consequences of one-party dominance for political life in Wales will be examined by the political communicator of the year at the National Eisteddfod.

Politics - Physics - 29.06.2018
Gut bugs and e-politics: News from the College
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. It's been a busy week of news at Imperial, and it's not letting up quite yet.

Politics - Administration - 25.06.2018

Politics - Religions - 25.06.2018

Innovation - Politics - 21.06.2018
Major new project to examine the politics of fracking in the UK
Major new project to examine the politics of fracking in the UK A new research project by academics from the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex is hoping to shed light on the politics of fracking and the utilisation of shale gas within the UK, primarily England. A hotly contested issue since its emergence on the scene in 2010, the study will assess the scope for public opinion to influence policy and decision-making on shale site development in the UK, and whether this is likely to reduce or amplify controversy.

Media - Politics - 12.06.2018
Facebook used less for news as discussion moves towards messaging apps
The use of social media for news has started to fall in a number of key markets after years of continuous growth, according to the seventh annual Digital News Report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford.

Social Sciences - Politics - 05.06.2018
Report sheds light on prison system in Wales
Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre has today (Tuesday 5 June) published 'Imprisonment in Wales: A Factfile', a set of Wales-specific data examining the prison system.

Career - Politics - 25.05.2018
The spies who loved him – what do real intelligence officers think of James Bond?
As a new art exhibition opens at Bletchley Park celebrating the James Bond series and exploring Bond creator Ian Fleming's links to the secret world of intelligence and espionage, two University of Warwick academics reveal what real spies think of Fleming's famous creation.

Linguistics / Literature - Politics - 21.05.2018
University experts line up for Hay Festival
University experts line up for Hay Festival
The value of learning languages in Brexit Britain comes under the spotlight as part of Cardiff University's Cardiff Series at this year's Hay Festival.

Politics - Environment - 18.05.2018
Brexit gives rise to new political identities - new report, one year on from EU referendum, finds
The UK's decision to leave the EU on 23 June 2016 has given birth to new political identities, a new report by The UK in a Changing Europe shows. EU referendum: one year on , commissioned by the Political Studies Association, demonstrates how the referendum has produced new political allegiances based on the Leave-Remain divide.

Politics - Administration - 26.04.2018
Urgent action needed to safeguard the internet for all, says expert
World leaders must join together to ensure new technologies do not become a means of harm, according to an influential academic in the field of internet governance.

Business / Economics - Politics - 18.04.2018
New approach needed for countries caught in ’fragility trap’
Members of the LSE-Oxford Commission on State Fragility, Growth and Development (from left): Ngaire Woods, Paul Collier, David Cameron, Donald Kaberuka.
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