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Pedagogy - Health - 03.04.2020
Gardening and Wellness: connect to nature during lockdown
On 22nd March 2020, Cambridge University Botanic Garden closed its gates to protect visitors and staff during the global coronavirus pandemic.

Health - Pedagogy - 01.04.2020
Symptoms, sanitising, swabs, shopping...'
Symptoms, sanitising, swabs, shopping...’
Symptoms, sanitising, swabs, shopping...' Sussex experts share their wisdom and advice during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pedagogy - 17.03.2020
Parents with traditional values are more likely to send their children to private school
Parents with higher levels of 'traditional' values are more likely to send their children to private school, UCL Institute of Education (IOE) research reveals.

Computer Science / Telecom - Pedagogy - 11.03.2020

Pedagogy - Life Sciences - 10.03.2020
Pupils’ genes cannot accurately predict educational achievement
Pupils' genetic data do not predict their educational outcomes with sufficient accuracy and shouldn't be used to design a genetically personalised curriculum or tailor teaching, according to a new University of Bristol study.

Linguistics / Literature - Pedagogy - 03.03.2020

Health - Pedagogy - 21.02.2020
Imperial at WEF and funny experiments: News from the College
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From a World Economic Forum webinar on coronavirus, to a comedic engagement programme at White City, here is some quick-read news from across the College.

Pedagogy - 13.02.2020
Analysis: Girls consistently outperform boys in reading skills - but could this be changing?
The global reading gap between girls and boys is closing, but in most cases this is due to decline in girls' performance, rather than an improvement in boys', explains Professor Francesca Borgonovi (UCL Institute of Education). Girls consistently outperform boys on reading tests - and have done so for several decades around the world.

Pedagogy - 13.02.2020

Pedagogy - 06.02.2020

Pedagogy - Pharmacology - 28.01.2020
The Daily Mile(TM) programme can be part of schools’ work on childhood obesity prevention
A study evaluating the effectiveness of the widely used ‘Daily Mile' intervention in schools to tackle childhood obesity has found that the benefits are small, and may be greater in girls than boys.

Pedagogy - 23.01.2020
80 per cent of children in care need special educational support
More than 80 per cent of children in England who were in care during school years between the ages of five and 16 also received help for special educational needs (SEN), according to a new UCL-led study.

Pedagogy - 13.01.2020

Pedagogy - 16.11.2019
Unique Partnership Launched to Improve Birmingham’s Youth Mental Health Crisis
A unique city partnership to improve the mental health and future potential of children living in Birmingham has been announced during Anti-Bullying Week 2019 (Monday 11 to Friday 15 November).

Pedagogy - 07.11.2019
Spending time in nature can improve children’s confidence
Four out of five children say they feel more confident in themselves after spending time participating in outdoor activities, according to new UCL research.

Pedagogy - 05.11.2019
Rich resources of private schools give pupils educational advantage
Pupils in private schools do significantly better at A levels compared to those in similar state schools according to UCL research, which is the first to study the current performance gap in upper secondary education in England.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 16.09.2019
Despite the uncertainty of Brexit EU families feel more welcome and safer in Scotland than south of the border
These conclusions are based on the findings of two reports being launched on Tuesday 17th September at the Cornerstone Centre St John's, Edinburgh by the University of Birmingham. The first report, co-authored by Professor Nando Sigona and Dr Marie Godin , draws on interviews with EU families currently (N=132) and formerly (N=40) residing in the UK.

Pedagogy - 23.05.2019
School choice system is ‘unfair’ to households in areas with fewer choices
The first ever study to assess secondary school choices made across all households in England has shown that the system is unfair to households in areas where they are given fewer options on the application form, with these parents having to make 'less ambitious' choices.

Pedagogy - 23.03.2019
Toddlers, knights and golden bears
Inside the Fitzwilliam Museum, the Armoury and Renaissance galleries are alive with the sound of chattering children.
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