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Materials Science - 23.10.2019
Revealing the nanostructure of wood could help raise height limits for wooden skyscrapers
Understanding how the components of wood come together to make super strong structures is important for understanding both how plants mature, and for new materials design.

Materials Science - 05.07.2019
How a tiny bug inspires surfaces that don’t get wet
A tiny bug is the inspiration for research that could one day provide clean water or help ships sail more efficiently.

Materials Science - Business / Economics - 28.06.2019

Environment - Materials Science - 08.05.2019
Nottingham's Pint of Science tickets selling fast
Pint of Science is now a firm fixture in Nottingham's annual events calendar but get your tickets soon because some of this year's ‘Pint of Science Festival' events are already sold out! Academi

Materials Science - 18.04.2019

Materials Science - Innovation - 25.01.2019
CSC concludes pioneering VCSEL project
A consortium led by the Compound Semiconductor Centre (CSC) has concluded an Innovate UK-funded project to produce cheaper, faster devices that will drive tomorrow's sensing technologies.

Materials Science - Administration - 07.02.2018
54 million funding to transform health through data science
Today, the Faraday Institution announced up to 42 million in new government funding to four UK-based consortia to conduct application-inspired research aimed at overcoming battery challenges to accelerate the electric vehicle (EV) revolution.

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