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University experts line up for Hay Festival
The value of learning languages in Brexit Britain comes under the spotlight as part of Cardiff University's Cardiff Series at this year's Hay Festival.

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Linguistics / Literature - 04.05.2018
Why Americans have gone bonkers over Lynne’s latest book
Why Americans have gone bonkers over Lynne's latest book "When people talk about the love-hate relationship between British and American English, the hate mostly goes one way and the love the other.

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Linguistics / Literature - 21.12.2017
Tolkien’s magical letters and illustrations bring Father Christmas to life
Handwritten illustrated letters from Father Christmas written by the author JRR Tolkien to his four children give a touching insight into Tolkien's personal family life.

Linguistics / Literature - Event - 12.12.2017

Linguistics / Literature - Astronomy / Space Science - 10.12.2017
The Billingford Hutch and the moonwort fern - a medieval mystery solved
A heavy oak chest in the Parker Library (Corpus Christi College) was used to store objects left as collateral for loans of money.

Linguistics / Literature - Mathematics - 01.12.2017
Sir Isaac Newton’s Cambridge papers added to UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register
The Cambridge papers of Sir Isaac Newton, including early drafts and Newton's annotated copies of Principia Mathematica - a work that changed the history of science - have been added to UNESCO's International Memory of the World Register. Newton's papers are among the world's most important collections in the western scientific tradition and are one of the Library's most treasured collections.

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Linguistics / Literature - History / Archeology - 08.11.2017
Archaeologists uncover rare 2,000-year-old sundial during Roman theatre excavation
A 2,000-year-old intact and inscribed sundial - one of only a handful known to have survived - has been recovered during the excavation of a roofed theatre in the Roman town of Interamna Lirenas, near Monte Cassino, in Italy.

Linguistics / Literature - 07.11.2017
New education project focuses on multilingualism in the UK
Baroness Jean Coussins, Chair of the APPG on Modern Languages, delivers a keynote at the launch event for our new Family Language Policy research project.

Linguistics / Literature - 06.11.2017

Linguistics / Literature - Religions - 06.11.2017
Analysing new John Donne manuscript
King's academic analyses newly discovered John Donne manuscript A handwritten manuscript of a satirical social commentary on Jacobean England by the young John Donne has been found buried amongst hundreds of fragments of documents in a tin trunk at Westminster Abbey.

Religions - Linguistics / Literature - 27.10.2017
The Reformation is remembered
The Reformation is famously traced to an event that took place in Germany 500 years ago and reverberated across Europe.

Linguistics / Literature - History / Archeology - 26.10.2017
The man who tried to read all the books in the world
One man's quest to create a library of everything, 500 years before Google Books was conceived, foreshadowed the challenges of 'big data' and our reliance on search algorithms to make sense of it all.

Linguistics / Literature - Administration - 26.10.2017
Finding the UK’s favourite nature book
Finding the UK's favourite nature book Which nature book is a real favourite? Or maybe inspired a life-long love of wildlife? The diversity and influence of nature writing has never been so great and

Linguistics / Literature - 22.10.2017
Step inside the mind of the young Stephen Hawking as his PhD thesis goes online for first time
Stephen Hawking's PhD thesis, ' Properties of expanding universes' , has been made freely available to anyone, anywhere in the world after being made accessible via the University of Cambridge's Open Access repository, Apollo.

Linguistics / Literature - Art and Design - 18.10.2017
Work made collaboratively with Falklands War veterans comes to Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts
Work made collaboratively with Falklands War veterans comes to Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts In a collaboratively created work with both British and Argentinian veterans from the Falkland

Linguistics / Literature - History / Archeology - 18.10.2017
Is it better to remember or forget? New seminar series launches on Friday
In a free, public event, the Sierra Leone-British novelist and journalist Aminatta Forna will discuss her search for the truth about the death of her father, and explore questions about commemoration.

Art and Design - Linguistics / Literature - 11.10.2017
Rare Robert Burns collection in Braille presented to University of Glasgow
A rare Braille collection of the complete works of Robert Burns will today (Wednesday 11 October 2017) be presented to the University of Glasgow by Joan Muir, from Kilwinning in Ayrshire, who had gifted them earlier to the local Irvine Burns Club.

Linguistics / Literature - 02.10.2017
In pictures: Highlights from the Curiosity Carnival
Thousands of people turned out for the Curiosity Carnival - Oxford's biggest ever public engagement event - on Friday.

Environment - Linguistics / Literature - 01.10.2017
Into the woods with Shakespeare
The Shakespearean Forest reimagines the real forests that our greatest playwright evoked in his works. The final book of renowned scholar, Anne Barton, it explores the changeable and sometimes sinister presence of the forest in literature and culture.

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