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Health - Environment - 26.03.2020

Environment - 13.03.2020
Opinion: Why is UAE about to open four nuclear reactors’
Writing in The Conversation, Dr Paul Dorfman (UCL Energy Institute) considers UAE's decision to build four nuclear reactors despite being an area where solar energy is abundant.

Environment - 12.03.2020
Women in STEM: Dr Maria Russo
Dr Maria Russo is a Research Associate in the Department of Chemistry, where she studies the physical and chemical processes at work in the atmosphere. Here, she tells us about the links between climate and air pollution, the excitement of 'blue-skies' research, and achieving work/life balance while raising a family.

Environment - Health - 12.03.2020
New global centre of air pollution research as Frank Kelly group joins Imperial
Imperial is to become the world's leading centre for the study of air pollution, as Frank Kelly becomes the inaugural Humphrey Battcock Chair.

Environment - Health - 09.03.2020
Birmingham experts join forces in global fight for clean air
Ex perts at the University of Birmingham's Institute for Global Innovation (IGI) have launched a new multi-disciplinary research theme around clean air that could help to save millions of lives around the world.

Environment - 05.03.2020
New Climate Emergency Funding for Govanhill Project
The University of Glasgow has been awarded around £250,000 by the Scottish Funding Council's Climate Emergency Collaboration Challenge for a new sustainable housing project in Govanhill, announced today by Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation, Ivan McKee.

Environment - 04.03.2020
A decade of sluggish action has left nations needing to slash emissions at twice the pace originally estimated
Experts have warned that a decade of insufficient political action on climate change has left the world with a vast gap between the current trajectory of global emissions, and where they should be heading in order to meet the goals set out in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Innovation - Environment - 04.03.2020
Bristol Digital Futures Institute selects its first fellow
Bristol Digital Futures Institute selects its first fellow
Stephen brings more than 20 years' experience in innovation and collaborative research projects to the University's newest research institute, as well expertise in developing smart, sustainable and inclusive cities.

Environment - Social Sciences - 03.03.2020

Environment - 03.03.2020
’Biggest shift yet’ in British public’s attitude to risks of climate change
Britons believe climate change is one of the most important issues facing the country in the next 20 years, according to research led by Cardiff University.

Environment - Innovation - 02.03.2020

Environment - Business / Economics - 28.02.2020

Environment - 27.02.2020

Business / Economics - Environment - 26.02.2020

Environment - 26.02.2020

Environment - Materials Science - 24.02.2020

Environment - 20.02.2020
World failing to provide children with healthy life and climate
No single country is adequately protecting children's health, their environment and their futures, finds a landmark report co-led by UCL and convened by the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and The Lancet.

Environment - Life Sciences - 19.02.2020
Scientists produce emergency plan to halt decline in freshwater species and habitats
Scientists produce emergency plan to halt decline in freshwater species and habitats
A global team of scientists has developed the first Emergency Recovery Plan to reverse the rapid decline in the world's freshwater species and habitats. The six-point plan is outlined in a scientific paper, published today in BioScience , calling for urgent steps to tackle threats to biodiversity in rivers, lakes and wetlands.

Life Sciences - Environment - 19.02.2020
Otter genome to help understand genetic legacy of pollution crisis and secure species' future
Otter genome to help understand genetic legacy of pollution crisis and secure species’ future
One of Britain's best-loved mammals is set to receive a boost with the sequencing and release of the first high-quality Eurasian otter genome by scientists at the Wellcome Sanger Institute in partnership with the Cardiff University Otter Project. The genome will be published today through Wellcome Open Research , where it will be openly available for use by the research community.

Environment - Administration - 16.02.2020
UCL-led centre to investigate challenges of net zero future
New funding for the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), which extends across 20 institutions and is hosted by the UCL Energy Institute, will enable engineers, social scientists and natural scientists to conduct vital research into the challenges of a net zero emissions future.

Environment - 14.02.2020

Environment - Life Sciences - 14.02.2020
Sussex staff help bring the City Nature Challenge to The Living Coast
The City Nature Challenge is coming to the Brighton & Lewes Downs Biosphere ( The Living Coast ) for the first time, thanks to the efforts of staff at the University of Sussex.

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 10.02.2020
Sun explorer spacecraft launches successfully
The European Space Agency's Solar Orbiter, which carries instruments proposed, designed and built at UCL, launched today from Cape Canaveral in Florida at 4am UK time.

Environment - Chemistry - 07.02.2020
Policy and academic leaders debate the future of plastics
Policy and academic leaders debate the future of plastics
Solving one of the great environmental challenges - that of plastic waste and pollution - took centre stage at The Forum's latest policy workshop.

Environment - 31.01.2020

Earth Sciences - Environment - 30.01.2020
Exploring hidden Ice Age landscape in the English Channel
An ambitious survey of a former Ice Age landscape, which sits off the coast of Jersey in the English Channel seabed, is to be carried out on foot by a team of archaeologists led by UCL's Institute of Archaeology.

Environment - 30.01.2020
Data rules - OK?
Paul Ayris (Pro-Vice-Provost, UCL Library Services) writes about the Sorbonne Declaration on research data management and research data rights.

Environment - 16.01.2020
Sussex Professor’s treaty proposal to keep fossil fuels in the ground taken to the UN
A treaty proposal to keep fossil fuels in the ground, developed by a University of Sussex Professor, has been presented to the United Nations Security Council by former Irish Prime Minister Mary Robinson.

Environment - Innovation - 10.01.2020
New centre to put London at heart of zero-carbon revolution
New centre to put London at heart of zero-carbon revolution
Imperial has outlined plans to transform the capital's global response to climate change through a new collaboration with the Mayor of London.
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