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Environment - 09:05
Revealing the atmospheric impact of planetary collisions
Giant impacts have a wide range of consequences for young planets and their atmospheres, according to research led by our scientists.

Environment - Computer Science - 13.07.2020
Cloud computing could be producing hidden greenhouse gas emissions
The amount of energy used for cloud computing, which contributes to climate change, needs to be more transparent says an Imperial researcher.

Environment - Life Sciences - 13.07.2020

Environment - Innovation - 13.07.2020

Materials Science - Environment - 08.07.2020
Printed coatings enable more efficient solar cells
Printed coatings enable more efficient solar cells
Researchers at Cambridge, Imperial and Singapore have developed a method to print ultrathin coatings on next-generation solar cells, allowing them to work in tandem with silicon solar cells to boost efficiencies. Photovoltaics, or solar cells, work by absorbing sunlight to produce clean electricity. But photovoltaics can absorb only a fraction of the solar spectrum, which limits their efficiencies.

Environment - Social Sciences - 08.07.2020
Opinion: Climate crisis causing families to shun farmers for arranged marriages
Dr Luiza Campos (UCL Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering) and her colleagues write how climate change has altered social norms around the world, and offer an in-depth look at the resulting marriage crisis in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Environment - Health - 07.07.2020
Air and noise quality study will help inform Oxford City’s future environmental policy approach
Researchers at the University of Birmingham and University of Oxford have secured £207,000 funding from the Natural Environment Research Council to investigate the impacts of COVID-19 related public health measures upon air and noise quality in Oxford.

Life Sciences - Environment - 06.07.2020
Why it's no last orders for the Tequila bat: DNA helps conservation of elusive bat
Why it’s no last orders for the Tequila bat: DNA helps conservation of elusive bat
Scientists studying the -near threatened- tequila bat, best known for its vital role in pollinating the Blue Agave plant from which the drink of the same name is made from, have analysed its DNA to help inform conservationists on managing their populations.

Environment - 06.07.2020

Environment - Economics / Business - 03.07.2020
Warmer summers risk chilling energy bill rises at supermarkets
Warmer summers risk chilling energy bill rises at supermarkets
A new report from Imperial and Sainsbury's outlines how well-managed fridges can keep food cooler, be greener and cut costs.

Environment - Health - 02.07.2020
Learn from the pandemic to prevent environmental catastrophe, scientists argue
Learn from the pandemic to prevent environmental catastrophe, scientists argue
COVID-19 is comparable to climate and extinction emergencies, say scientists from the UK and US - all share features such as lagged impacts, feedback loops, and complex dynamics. The consequences of continued inaction in the face of catastrophic climate change and mass extinction are too grave to contemplate Andrew Balmford The dynamics of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic share "striking similarities" with the twin environmental crises of global heating and species extinction, argue a team of scientists and policy experts from the UK and US.

Environment - Social Sciences - 01.07.2020
‘Gatekeepers' of biodiversity hotspots facing COVID crisis
‘Gatekeepers’ of biodiversity hotspots facing COVID crisis
Due to historical inequalities, communities in the country's Andean lowlands are economically poorer and more vulnerable than those in the high Andes.

Environment - Social Sciences - 26.06.2020
UNESCO projects leads the way on sustainable development and creates values for local communities 
Published today by the UK National Commission for UNESCO, new research shows UNESCO projects can help build a greener, more equal and more peaceful world, while also creating financial value.

Earth Sciences - Environment - 25.06.2020
Opinion: Why the Anthropocene began with European colonisation and mass slavery
Professor Mark Maslin and Professor Simon Lewis (both UCL Geography) write about how colonisation marks the beginning of the Anthropocene, and how the origins of racism and climate emergency share common causes.

Environment - Transport - 25.06.2020
Opinion: Five ways to kickstart a green recovery
As a worldwide recession is expected to follow in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Professor Raimund Bleischwitz (UCL Bartlett School of Environment, Energy & Resources) discusses five ways for the UK to implement a green recovery plan to benefit its people and the planet.

Health - Environment - 24.06.2020
Mapping coronavirus in sewage could reveal disease hotspots
A new project to model SARS-CoV-2 virus in raw sewage could help efforts to map the prevalence of COVID-19 in humans and potential animal hosts.

Health - Environment - 22.06.2020
Opinion: Four potential consequences of wearing face masks we need to be wary of
Dr Olga Perski (UCL Behavioural Science and Health) and a colleague warn of four potential consequences facing the population and the environment from people wearing face masks. If healthcare workers wear surgical masks, there is good evidence that it limits the spread of respiratory viral infections in hospitals.

Environment - 19.06.2020
Analysis: COVID-19 shutdowns will give wildlife only short-term relief from climate change
With many questioning the impact of Covid-19 on global ecosystems, Research Fellow Dr Tim Newbold (UCL Biosciences), and his colleagues explain how while the pandemic has resulted in a lighter human footprint, human efforts must work toward reducing carbon emissions.

Health - Environment - 18.06.2020
Opinion: One metre or two? The science behind social distancing
With air currents, droplets and the environment to consider, Dr Lena Ciric (UCL Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering) discusses the science behind what safe distance guidelines to avoid infection of Covid-19.

Environment - Economics / Business - 15.06.2020
Could Africa have a sustainable palm industry?
Could Africa have a sustainable palm industry?
Palm plantations are associated with deforestation and ecological harm, but researchers are pointing to ways things can be done differently in Africa.

Environment - Health - 15.06.2020
From clickbait to transparency: Reimagining the online world
You're scrolling through your YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter feed when a video appears: a report on secret political deals, media conspiracies, or fake scientific studies.

Environment - 12.06.2020
New species extinction target proposed for global nature rescue plan
The upcoming future strategy for conserving biodiversity must include a prominent target to lower extinction rates, according to group including UCL scientists. Biodiversity loss has continued unabated at an alarming rate, and so far, action to deliver on the global agreements in place has failed to prevent further declines.

Environment - Innovation - 11.06.2020

Environment - Economics / Business - 11.06.2020
New report reveals how to make energy from waste part of the regional circular economy
A new report published by the Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) and the Birmingham Energy Institute at the University of Birmingham provides a blueprint for how the UK can lead the world in managing its waste and converting it into clean energy.

Environment - Health - 11.06.2020
What are the effects of climate change on pollinators and human health?
What are the effects of climate change on pollinators and human health?
Declines in pollinators are predicted to have negative impacts on human health as key dietary micronutrients in insect pollinated crops, such as vitamin A and folate are lost from the diet.

Environment - 10.06.2020
Sussex Sustainability Research Programme launch webinar series in response to pandemic’s impact on sustainability
How did human and environment interactions influence the emergence of COVID-19 and the resulting pandemic?

Environment - 08.06.2020
Countries must work together on CO2 removal to avoid dangerous climate change
The Paris Agreement lays out national quotas on CO2 emissions but not removal, and that must be urgently addressed, say the authors of a new study.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 05.06.2020
Analysis: Bangladesh has saved thousands of lives from a devastating cyclone - here’s how
Professor Ilan Kelman and Dr Bayes Ahmed (both UCL Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction) discuss how Bangladesh's population survives cyclones through extensive messaging and preparation.

Environment - Health - 05.06.2020
Plastic: the new fantastic?
On World Environment Day, hear how Cambridge researchers are working towards eliminating plastic waste and making best use of one of the most successful materials ever invented. As a chemist I look at plastic and I see an extremely useful material that is rich in chemicals and energy - a material that shouldn't end up in landfills and pollute the environment Erwin Reisner Plastic has become a malevolent symbol of our wasteful society.

Environment - 05.06.2020
Reveals Bristol won't reach 2030 carbon neural target without major transport transformation
Reveals Bristol won’t reach 2030 carbon neural target without major transport transformation
The report, Bristol: Net Zero by 2030 - A Modal Share for a Sustainable Transport system, found that the number of car journeys need to be cut by 31 per cent and at least 55 per cent of journeys need to be made on foot or bike to hit the ambitious target in the next 10 years.

Life Sciences - Environment - 05.06.2020

Environment - Event - 02.06.2020
Policymakers how UK can benefit from circular economy
Policymakers how UK can benefit from circular economy
How to transition to a circular economy, a topic rising up the economic and climate agendas, was the focus of The Forum's latest policy workshop.

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 29.05.2020
Solar Orbiter to pass through the tails of Comet ATLAS
The European Space Agency's Solar Orbiter, which carries instruments proposed, designed and built at UCL, will cross through the tails of Comet ATLAS during the next few days in a chance encounter flagged to ESA by a team from the UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory (UCL MSSL).

Environment - Administration - 27.05.2020
New policy priority tool to supercharge sustainable development
A pioneering policy priority tool for tracking progress towards the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), has been developed by UCL in collaboration with a UK-Mexico team.

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 26.05.2020

Environment - 26.05.2020
Bristol key partner in international project to tackle climate change resilience in the Horn of Africa
Bristol key partner in international project to tackle climate change resilience in the Horn of Africa
Led by scientists at Cardiff University with substantial contributions from 13 other partners in seven countries, including a team from the University of Bristol, the EU project, called DOWN2EARTH, will employ state-of-the-art seasonal forecasts and decadal projections of climate change.

Environment - 21.05.2020
Experts issue recommendations for a green Covid-19 economic recovery
Green Covid-19 recovery packages could boost economic growth and help stop climate change, a Cardiff University academic says.

Environment - Social Sciences - 21.05.2020

Environment - 15.05.2020
Durham academic selected as New Generation Thinker
Durham academic selected as New Generation Thinker
Dr Noreen Masud has taken up the prestigious role as one of this year's New Generation Thinkers (NGT) which will see her working with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and BBC Radio 3.
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