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Pharmacology - Chemistry - 29.03.2019
Raising smoking age and mapping HIV transmission: News from the College
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From recommendations to raise the smoking age to 21, to sequencing HIV transmission networks in Africa, here is some quick-read news from across the College.

Chemistry - Environment - 21.03.2019
Non-toxic salt water battery prototype can charge in seconds
A battery prototype has been designed using salt water and materials that are non-toxic and charge quickly, paving the way for new types of battery.

Chemistry - Pharmacology - 01.02.2019
First-of-its-kind automatic chemistry facility opens at Imperial
The Centre for Rapid Online Analysis of Reactions (ROAR) is the first national centre for the study of reactions, focusing on data-centric chemistry. ROAR is the flagship Research Facility for the Dial-a-Molecule Grand Challenge , which aims to make the synthesis of any desired molecule ‘as easy as dialling a number'.

Chemistry - 29.01.2019
Periodic Table celebrations will have Nottingham in its element
The International year of the Periodic Table is launched today (Jan 29 th ) in Paris and the University of Nottingham has revealed some exciting plans to celebrate this scientific milestone, includin

Chemistry - 20.12.2018
US science superfan has Christmas wish granted with visit to YouTube hero
An 8-year-old science fan from California had his Christmas wish come true when he met his science hero and YouTube star Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - 02.11.2018
Bristol to join forces with one of the world’s most prestigious research societies New Max Planck-Bristol Centre for Minimal Biology announced
Bristol to join forces with one of the world's most prestigious research societies New Max Planck-Bristol Centre for Minimal Biology announced The University of Bristol partners with the Max Planck Society in Germany to establish an innovative new Max Planck Centre for Minimal Biology in Bristol.

Chemistry - Physics - 31.08.2018
’Molecular hopper’ created, small enough to move single DNA strands
Researchers from the University of Oxford have constructed a "molecular hopper", capable of moving single strands of DNA through a protein nanotube. The tiny hopper works by making and breaking in sequence simple chemical bonds that attach it to a nanoscale track. This can be turned on, off or reversed by a small electrical potential, which ultimately might make it suitable for use in nanopore DNA sequencing devices.

Health - Chemistry - 17.08.2018
University spin-out Ziylo acquired by global healthcare company in $800m deal which could transform the treatment of diabetes
17 August 2018 University of Bristol spin-out company Ziylo has been bought by global healthcare company Novo Nordisk in a deal which could be worth around $800 million.

Chemistry - Environment - 09.07.2018
Salt is key ingredient for cheaper and more efficient batteries
A new design of rechargeable battery, created using salt, could lead the way for greener energy. Researchers at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) have joined forces with a specialist group at the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences on designs for the novel energy store which allows for greater power while also lasting longer than conventional batteries.

Chemistry - Career - 28.06.2018
Imperial’s scientific glassblower talks about his life’s work before retirement
Steve Ramsey, who has worked with glass for 50 years, retires this month from creating bespoke scientific equipment.

Economics / Business - Chemistry - 25.06.2018
New report says UK electric vehicle battery industry could be worth 2.7 billion per year for UK chemical companies
A new report published today Monday 25 th June 2108 shows that UK companies are well-placed to supply valuable materials needed for batteries to be built in UK - a potential 2.7 billion per year business opportunity.

Chemistry - Career - 15.06.2018
Top female scientists win international research bursaries
Three leading scientists have won prestigious Stevenson Fund awards to support global research placements.

Physics - Chemistry - 24.05.2018
Polymer crystals hold key to record-breaking energy transport
Scientists from the universities of Bristol and Cambridge have found a way to create polymeric semiconductor nanostructures that absorb light and transport its energy further than previously observed. This could pave the way for more flexible and more efficient solar cells and photodetectors. The researchers, whose work appears , say their findings could be a “game changer? by allowing the energy from sunlight absorbed in these materials to be captured and used more efficiently.

Physics - Chemistry - 24.05.2018
Plastic crystals hold key to record-breaking energy transport
Scientists from the Universities of Cambridge and Bristol have found a way to create plastic semiconductor nanostructures that absorb light and transport its energy 20 times further than has been previously observed, paving the way for more flexible and more efficient solar cells and photodetectors.

Chemistry - Life Sciences - 21.05.2018
Artificial cells-in-cells triggered by light act as mini chemical reactors
Artificial cells that release materials when exposed to light have been embedded in a durable membrane, allowing chemical reactions to be controlled. These structures could be used to control the synthesis of drugs in the body on demand, as well as function as microreactors that can simplify the production of valuable chemicals.

Chemistry - Environment - 08.05.2018

Chemistry - Physics - 08.05.2018

Physics - Chemistry - 16.04.2018
5.54m project set to stamp UK expertise on manufacturing innovation
An ambitious University of Glasgow-led research project which aims to develop new manufacturing techniques for advanced materials and devices has received more than 5m in funding support.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - 12.04.2018
Warwick-backed state-of-the-art cryo-electron microscopy facility opened
Cutting-edge research technologies brought to the Midlands with opening of new facility A new state-of-the-art Cryo-Electron Microscope (Cryo-EM) facility that will advance the understanding of the processes of life has been officially opened.

Health - Chemistry - 10.04.2018
Research into manufacture of life-saving drug wins industry-sponsored award
Research into manufacture of life-saving drug wins industry-sponsored award (10 April 2018) Durham University chemists have won a national award for research that could increase the availability of an effective treatment for a strain of meningitis in less developed countries.

Astronomy / Space Science - Chemistry - 05.04.2018
Absent phosphorus questions possible life on other planets
A distinct lack of the chemical element phosphorus in other parts of the Universe could make it very difficult for extra-terrestrial life to exist there.

Physics - Chemistry - 27.03.2018
Understanding the strange behaviour of water
The properties of water have fascinated scientists for centuries, but yet its unique behaviour remains a mystery. Published this week in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America , a collaboration between the Universities of Bristol and Tokyo has attempted a novel route to understand what makes a liquid behave like water.

Astronomy / Space Science - Chemistry - 20.03.2018
UCL to lead European mission to study new planets
UCL is leading a multi-million pound European mission to study newly discovered planets after it was selected today as the next European Space Agency science mission.

Astronomy / Space Science - Chemistry - 20.03.2018
Green light for exoplanet mission
Cardiff University scientists will be part of an international space mission, which the European Space Agency (ESA) has announced today, to investigate fundamental questions about how mysterious exoplanets form and evolve.

Continuing Education - Chemistry - 14.03.2018

Physics - Chemistry - 13.03.2018
Ultra-white coating modelled on beetle scales
Researchers have developed a super-thin, non-toxic, lightweight, edible ultra-white coating that could be used to make brighter paints and coatings, for use in the cosmetic, food or pharmaceutical industries.

Social Sciences - Chemistry - 08.03.2018
UCL celebrates exceptional women with ’Female Firsts’ art project
Britain's first female doctor, the first female President of the Royal College of Surgeons and the first black woman to play for England Women's cricket team are among 12 exceptional women to be celebrated in a new UCL art project called 'Female Firsts'.

Chemistry - Innovation - 05.03.2018
Imperial partners with Agilent to boost molecular research and innovation
A £4m deal has been signed for a suite of equipment that will promote research collaboration at the new Molecular Sciences Research Hub in White City.

Health - Chemistry - 22.02.2018
Carbon monoxide detection in the body could lead to rapid disease diagnostics
A quick and reliable way to detect levels of carbon monoxide in the body could allow clinicians to diagnose disease. Carbon monoxide is normally considered in terms of the amount of damage it can cause us, but a team of scientists at Imperial College London and the Polytechnic University of Valencia have been looking at the other biological roles it can play.

Chemistry - 16.02.2018
New sensor tech for commercial Lithium-ion batteries finds they can be charged 5 times faster
Researchers at WMG at the University of Warwick have developed a new direct, precise test of Lithium-ion batteries' internal temperatures and the electrodes potentials and found that the batteries can be safely charged up to five times faster than the current recommended charging limits.

Physics - Chemistry - 23.01.2018
Researchers part of multi-million pound battery project
Lancaster University researchers are part of a team of the UK's top battery experts working to support the development of next generation batteries.

Physics - Chemistry - 19.01.2018

Chemistry - Life Sciences - 17.01.2018

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