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Career - Innovation - 24.11.2020
’Rapid science’ makes custom-fitted facemasks for NHS workers
A company working with experts from the University of Birmingham and King's College London has been awarded funding by Innovate UK to produce custom-fitted, reusable, medical grade facemasks that will fit all people regardless of age, sex or ethnicity.

Career - 19.11.2020
Managers are much more positive about flexible working and staff working from home since the pandemic - says new study
Managers are much more positive about their staff working from home and working flexibly since lockdown says a new study undertaken jointly by the Equal Parenting Project at the University of Birmingham and the Work Autonomy, Flexibility and Work-Life Balance at the University of Kent.

Career - 12.11.2020
Disabled people could have greater accessibility to the legal profession due to rise in flexible working
An increase in remote and flexible working since the COVID-19 pandemic could make the legal profession more accessible for disabled people, research suggests. A survey of over 100 disabled lawyers by the Legally Disabled research team based at Cardiff University, in partnership with the Law Society of England and Wales, found working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak enabled the majority of respondents to manage their disability more effectively.

Career - 06.11.2020
COVID-19 pandemic creates new causes of ’workplace’ stress
The global COVID-19 pandemic has created new causes of job-related stress that have displaced the ‘traditional' main reason for workplace anxiety - ever-increasing workloads, according to new research.

Career - 28.10.2020
Teachers among happiest professionals
The wellbeing and mental health of teachers in England is similar to those in other professions and teachers are less likely to report feelings of 'low self-worth', according to new research from aca

Career - Economics / Business - 21.10.2020
Plenty more phish: Why employees fall for scams and what companies can do about it
Preventive countermeasures to phishing emails may actually increase the likelihood of employees falling for such scams, a new academic study reveals. Protective controls, such as email proxy, anti-malware and anti-phishing technologies, can give employees a false sense of security, causing them to drop their vigilance because they incorrectly assume such measures intercept all phishing emails before they reach their inbox, a study co-organised by the University of Sussex Business School reveals.

Economics / Business - Career - 20.10.2020

Campus - Career - 07.10.2020

Career - 21.09.2020
Lockdown could have lasting effect on survivors of sexual violence and the services that support them, experts argue
Experts argue that lack of visibility made these types of violence invisible at a time when offences were likely increasing, making it harder for individuals to identify the most appropriate forms of support service.

Campus - Career - 18.09.2020

Career - Research Management - 11.09.2020
Scientists awarded share of 677 million to unravel scientific mysteries
Three early career researchers at the University of Birmingham have been awarded 2020 European Research Council Starting Grants to tackle some of the biggest scientific questions of our time.

Innovation - Career - 11.09.2020
Creative industries in South Wales benefit from 900,000 to test new ideas
An initiative to drive innovation in the South Wales screen and news sectors has announced 33 projects as part of its latest funding round.

Economics / Business - Career - 24.08.2020

Career - Economics / Business - 21.08.2020
Creative graduates more entrepreneurial and as employable as peers
Creative graduates more entrepreneurial and as employable as peers, new study finds Graduates in creative subjects suffer no deficit in earnings to students of supposedly “higher value?

Career - Innovation - 11.08.2020

Career - 04.08.2020
Opinion: Covid will force us to reimagine the office. Let’s get it right this time
In an op-ed for the Guardian, Dr Kerstin Sailer (UCL Bartlett School of Architecture) says the Covid-19 pandemic has caused us redefine the working environment, but with many unable to adequately work from home, we should not give up on shared working spaces.

Pedagogy - Career - 30.07.2020
Hours worked dropped by 40% in lockdown
The number of hours worked in Britain dropped significantly in lockdown, with mothers most likely to sacrifice work for home schooling and developmental play, according to new research from the UCL Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS). Two briefing papers, published today by CLS, use new data from a survey of over 18,000 people who take part in UCL's cohort studies to analyse work, finances and parenting among four generations who were born in 1958, 1970, 1989-90, and 2000-02.

Social Sciences - Career - 29.07.2020
Vulnerable families at risk as health visitor workloads increase
Health visitors are concerned that the needs of children have been missed due to staff redeployment to support the Covid-19 workforce and increased caseloads, according to a new UCL survey.

Health - Career - 24.07.2020
Furlough ’stemmed the tide’ of poor mental health during UK lockdown
Researchers say the UK government should ask employers to share out reduced hours rather than lose workers, in order to mitigate a looming mental health crisis as furlough is rolled back. We urge the Chancellor to tell employers to cut hours not people Brendan Burchell Furloughing workers, as well as reducing worker hours, has helped to stem the tide of mental health problems expected to result from the coronavirus crisis, according to a team of sociologists led by the University of Cambridge.

Career - Economics / Business - 03.07.2020
Made in England?
A car constructed entirely of Korean components could be classed as Made in Britain under proposals put forward by the UK Government to the EU, analysis by the UK Trade Policy Observatory details.

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