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Innovation - Career - 24.05.2019
Digital technologies are key to tackling the regional prosperity gap, say academics
Digital technologies are helping independent businesses be more productive during what is a challenging economic period, research shows.

Health - Career - 13.05.2019
Overhaul of clinical training in Scotland to help retain women in the field
Scottish science is set to receive a multimillion pound boost to transform training for doctors who undertake cancer research - and help retain women scientists in the field.

Career - Economics / Business - 25.04.2019
Corruption contagion: How legal and finance firms are at greater risk of corruption
Companies with fewer levels of management such as legal, accountancy and investment banking firms could be up to five times more susceptible to corruption than similar sized organisations with a taller structure such as those in manufacturing, a new study by the University of Sussex and Imperial College has revealed.

Career - Economics / Business - 18.04.2019
Top jobs still lack diversity and equality
Privately educated, white, male graduates are more likely to be recruited to senior roles and be paid higher wages by elite multinational firms, new research shows.

Innovation - Career - 17.04.2019

Innovation - Career - 21.03.2019

Economics / Business - Career - 12.03.2019

Health - Career - 08.03.2019

Life Sciences - Career - 07.03.2019

Health - Career - 06.03.2019
NHS staff graduate from programme that supports them to take up research
Healthcare staff from three NHS hospital trusts have completed an Imperial programme that aims to support them into research, this month.

Economics / Business - Career - 05.03.2019

Health - Career - 05.03.2019

Career - 28.02.2019
Gig economy platforms causing ’unpaid labour’ among workers in developing world
Researchers at the University of Oxford have found that the practice of hiring workers through freelancer platforms like Freelancer.com and Amazon Mechanical Turk is creating unstable working conditions for millions of people in the developing world.

Health - Career - 04.02.2019
UofG scientists to lead multimillion pound research project into bowel cancer treatments
UofG scientists are set to spearhead a multimillion pound research project that could revolutionise treatment for people with bowel cancer, the second most common cause of cancer death.

Career - Administration - 04.02.2019

Career - 03.01.2019

Health - Career - 29.12.2018

Career - 05.12.2018
Latest survey offers new understanding of the FE maths teacher workforce
PA 257/18 Building a high-quality maths teaching workforce in Further Education (FE) requires a better understanding of career pathways, differentiated high-quality initial training and more subject-specific professional development, new research shows.

Life Sciences - Career - 04.12.2018
Imperial academics win 6million of ERC funding
Three Imperial scientists have won significant funding from the European Research Council (ERC) to be 'truly creative in their research'.

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