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Administration - 11:05
Why better guidance on school PE is needed
Since lockdown began in England, children have become increasing sedentary with one in fourteen children reported to be doing no daily exercise.

Health - Administration - 10:06
About 5000 heart attack sufferers in England missed out on hospital treatment due to the pandemic
The number of admissions to hospital with heart attacks fell by 35% by the end of March.

Administration - 13.07.2020
Opinion: Energy and morality are key pieces in high-consequence game for UK and China
Dr Paul Dorfman (UCL Energy Institute) and Professor Jeffrey Henderson discuss the controversial Hinckley Point C nuclear project and urge for the cancellation of the Sizewell and Bradwell nuclear plans in order to limit the Chinese Government's influence in global nuclear power.

Health - Administration - 07.07.2020
Opinion: Reducing barriers to data access for research in the public interest-lessons from covid-19
In a joint letter, Research Fellow Francesca Cavallaro, Associate Professor Katie Harron (both UCL GOS Institute of Child Health) and their colleagues explain how the Covid-19 pandemic has generated an urgency to improve data access.

Administration - Innovation - 07.07.2020

Health - Administration - 03.07.2020
Team will transform bowel cancer screening into a precision medicine tool using AI
Glasgow team will transform bowel cancer screening into a precision medicine tool using AI The University of Glasgow, in collaboration with the NHS and Scottish tech companies, will lead a 3.

Administration - Art and Design - 02.07.2020

Economics / Business - Administration - 02.07.2020

Administration - 05.06.2020
Opinion: the learning of scientific advisers is the other curve to consider
Opinion: the learning of scientific advisers is the other curve to consider
Policymakers around the world are relying on the expertise of scientists to help make decisions around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social Sciences - Administration - 03.06.2020
Project to examine impact of Covid-19 on child protection services
A new research project , awarded 360,000 from the Economic and Social Research Council, part of UK Research and Innovation, will explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on child protection practice and children and families, with the aim of improving the capacity of social workers to keep children safe in a period of institutionalised social distancing.

Environment - Administration - 27.05.2020
New policy priority tool to supercharge sustainable development
A pioneering policy priority tool for tracking progress towards the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), has been developed by UCL in collaboration with a UK-Mexico team.

Health - Administration - 17.05.2020

Health - Administration - 01.05.2020
Opinion: Giving scientific advice to government during a crisis
Covid-19 has drawn attention to the role that science and expert advice plays in policymaking during an emergency, writes Professor Brian Collins (UCL Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering) in an article co-authored with Kieron Flanagan from the University of Manchester.

Event - Administration - 30.04.2020

Health - Administration - 17.04.2020
Further government funding secured for Imperial coronavirus research
Three Imperial research projects have received £2.4 million of national funding to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Health - Administration - 10.04.2020
New guidance to support innovators fighting COVID-19
New guidance to support innovators fighting COVID-19
Researchers have set out key regulations innovators must comply with when designing and building technologies safely to tackle COVID-19.

Administration - 02.04.2020

Health - Administration - 01.04.2020
University of Glasgow to support COVID-19 response with new testing facility
The University of Glasgow will host a major COVID-19 testing facility in Glasgow, in support of current UK and Scottish Governments and NHS efforts against the coronavirus pandemic.

Physics - Administration - 01.04.2020
Researchers awarded European Research Council funding
Four researchers at the University of Cambridge have won advanced grants from the European Research Council (ERC), Europe's premier research funding body.

Health - Administration - 01.04.2020
Heavy drinking into older age adds 4cm to waistline
The researchers used data from the Whitehall II cohort, which collected information from UK civil servants, aged 34-56 years at study outset, since 1985-88. The final sample for this study was made up of 4,820 older adults, aged between 59 and 83 years. The mean (average) age was 69, and 75% were male.

Innovation - Administration - 31.03.2020
2.5m project set to shed light on future of solar power generation from space
A new project which will explore the possibility of using space-based reflectors to shine additional sunlight towards future large-scale solar power farms at dawn and dusk has won backing from the European Research Council.

Health - Administration - 26.03.2020
David Nabarro says coronavirus challenges can be averted with rapid action
David Nabarro says coronavirus challenges can be averted with rapid action
The WHO's coronavirus special envoy and Imperial academic David Nabarro says the challenges faced by Italy and Iran can be avoided with rapid action.

Administration - Health - 25.03.2020
Oxford University launches world’s first COVID-19 government response tracker
The new tracker records and compares governmental measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic worldwide.

Administration - 09.03.2020

Administration - Social Sciences - 02.03.2020

Computer Science - Administration - 28.02.2020

Administration - 27.02.2020
Seven Questions with... Carol Paige
This week we meet Carol Paige, who is the Democracy, Operations and Community Sabbatical Officer at Students' Union UCL.

Innovation - Administration - 27.02.2020
Multi-million pound grant to unlock 5G potential in rural Wales
A collaborative project to be delivered by experts at Cardiff University is aiming to unlock the potential of 5G technology in rural Wales.

Economics / Business - Administration - 26.02.2020
As humanity’s relationship with AI grows, experts call for protective framework
Scientists have proposed a new international framework to keep ethics and human wellbeing at the forefront of our relationship with technology. We're facing a fourth industrial revolution through the rapid development of AI and technology - but as our relationship with AI grows, so does its potential to disrupt our lives.
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