2.15 million global research to look into fundamental issues concerning religious concepts and beliefs

A researcher from the College of Arts and Law at the University of Birmingham has been awarded 2.15 million from the John Templeton Foundation and the Dynamic Investment Fund (DIF) for a project to promote philosophical research addressing diverse religious traditions and geographical regions.

Yujin Nagasawa , H.G. Wood Professor of the Philosophy of Religion and Co-Director of the Birmingham Centre for the Philosophy of Religion, will use this research opportunity to explore some of the most fundamental questions concerning religious concepts and beliefs.

The Global Philosophy of Religion Project is the first major initiative aiming to make the philosophy of religion a truly global field and will explore issues concerning the existence and nature of deities; evil and suffering in the world; and death and the possibility of immortality. It is notable that these topics are relevant to a variety of religious traditions and geographical locations.

Yujin Nagasawa said: “I am delighted and honoured to lead this international project. I am particularly excited about working with outstanding researchers from diverse religious traditions and geographical regions. Over the next three years, we will organise numerous research events and training activities around the world to promote and facilitate cross-religious conversation. I think this project will diversify and reshape the philosophy of religion for the 21st century.”

The project will organise funding competitions for collaborative research projects involving underrepresented regions and traditions, and will offer translation and language support for philosophers of religion worldwide. Additionally, it will produce a variety of open-access publications for academic and non-academic audiences and convene conferences, workshops and seminars that are designed to stimulate multi-regional and cross-religious engagement.

The University of Birmingham is historically known for the strength of its diverse approach to teaching and research, which reflects the religious and cultural diversity of Birmingham.

The Birmingham Centre for Philosophy of Religion will situate the Global Philosophy of Religion Project at its heart.

The mission of the Birmingham Centre for Philosophy of Religion is to foster excellence in teaching and research in the philosophy of religion from a global perspective.

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