2023 Graphene Hackathon

The Graphene Hackathon recently hosted an inspiring event, challenging student teams to push the boundaries of innovation using graphene. 60 participants across 10 teams went head-to-head to develop graphene-enhanced prototypes of innovative products - from haptic devices for stroke recovery to smart boxing gloves, the creativity was boundless!

The GEIC were pleased to source printing screens which the hackers used, while First Graphene prepared and supplied the ink. The collaboration showcased various applications, including chemical sensors, antennas, strain sensors, and heating elements.

Congratulations to the winning teams:
  • 1st prize: Iron Glove Technologies - smart boxing glove
  • 2nd prize: PythagoRAIN - wind rain and chemical sensors
  • 3rd prize: Digital Wall - early warning system for farmers
  • Best pitch: Plasmonic sensor - 3D printed graphene meta material
  • Sustainability prize: PythagoRAIN - wind rain and chemical sensors

Kudos to our esteemed judges, Scott Dean, Abdul A., Ian Martin, Professor Irina Grigorieva and Rob Whieldon, and a big thank you to our post-doctoral researchers (alumni of the Graphene NOWNANO CDT based at the National Graphene Institute who shared their expertise!

Well done to all those involved for turning ideas into tangible prototypes and pitches into potential, showcasing the vast opportunities for graphene.

- Adi Gal-Greenwood