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Astronomy / Space - Research Management - 06.03.2024
Astronomers spot oldest 'dead' galaxy yet observed
Astronomers spot oldest ’dead’ galaxy yet observed
A galaxy that suddenly stopped forming new stars more than 13 billion years ago has been observed by astronomers. Using the James Webb Space Telescope, an international team of astronomers led by the University of Cambridge have spotted a 'dead' galaxy when the universe was just 700 million years old, the oldest such galaxy ever observed.

Physics - Research Management - 05.12.2023
Diamonds and rust help unveil 'impossible' quasi-particles
Diamonds and rust help unveil ’impossible’ quasi-particles
Researchers have discovered magnetic monopoles - isolated magnetic charges - in a material closely related to rust, a result that could be used to power greener and faster computing technologies. If monopoles did exist, and we were able to isolate them, it would be like finding a missing puzzle piece that was assumed to be lost Mete Atatüre Researchers led by the University of Cambridge used a technique known as diamond quantum sensing to observe swirling textures and faint magnetic signals on the surface of hematite, a type of iron oxide.

Research Management - 11.10.2023
Researchers to study home based support for deaf infants in South Africa
A research project is to investigate a home-based early intervention programme for deaf infants under the age of 6 in South Africa. This collaborative study between the University of the Witwatersrand's Centre for Deaf Studies and the University of Manchester's Social Research with Deaf People programme will analyse the programme's impact on their development.

Health - Research Management - 27.06.2023
Researchers highlight flaws in COVID-19 weather studies and call for improved publishing practices
Research that linked the weather with the spread of COVID-19 during the pandemic was inaccurate and poorly scrutinised by fellow scientists, suggests a new study. Because most respiratory viral infections, such as flu, have seasonality with peaks in activity in different seasons, many researchers around the world investigated the potential link between COVID-19 and the weather for clues to how the disease spread.

Health - Research Management - 01.06.2023
Billions spent on cancer research but only small percentage goes on treatment
Only a small percentage of cancer research funding gets invested into primary treatments, a study by the University of Southampton and Queen's University Belfast has revealed. Results of the Southampton and Queens study showed that treatments such as surgery receives just 1.4 per cent of funding, and radiotherapy only 2.8 per cent, meaning little direct benefit for patients.

Health - Research Management - 01.12.2022
Mapping the hidden connections between diseases
Mapping the hidden connections between diseases
A new study led by UCL researchers has identified patterns in how common health conditions occur together in the same individuals, using data from four million patients in England. With advancing age, millions of people live with multiple conditions - sometimes referred to as multimorbidity - and the proportion of people affected in this way is expected to rise over the next decades.

Research Management - 25.10.2021
Hospices ’overlooked’ during key moments of pandemic
New research by University of Warwick researchers highlights the challenges faced by hospices in West Midlands Early findings of a new research project have found that hospices in the West Midlands felt they were "overlooked" at key moments during the pandemic. Researchers from the Universities of Warwick, Sheffield and Hertfordshire, alongside end of life charity Marie Curie, are investigating the impact of the pandemic on hospices across the West Midlands region, in a bid to use the findings to improve clinical practice for people dying now and in the future.

Research Management - 19.10.2021
New report reveals hidden complexities of uplift for Universal Credit claimants
New report reveals hidden complexities of uplift for Universal Credit claimants
A new IPR policy brief suggests that the way the Universal Credit uplift was experienced highlights hidden complexity at the heart of the benefit calculation. Last updated on Tuesday 19 October 2021 A new report released today [Tuesday 19 October] shows that the cut in benefit caused by the withdrawal of the £20 uplift in Universal Credit will have a significant impact, especially for claimants without other sources of income.

Health - Research Management - 15.10.2021
Contraceptive pill can reduce type 2 diabetes risk in women with polycystic ovary syndrome, finds study
A study led by the University of Birmingham has revealed for the first time that the contraceptive pill can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by over a quarter in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The research findings also show that women with PCOS have twice the risk of developing type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes (dysglycemia) - highlighting the urgent need to find treatments to reduce this risk.

Social Sciences - Research Management - 21.07.2021
Major study of racial inequality in UK film industry
UCL is launching a major £1m research project into the links between racism, racial inequality, diversity and policy in the UK film industry, working closely with the British Film Institute (BFI), the UK's lead organisation for film and the moving image. The Colour of Diversity: A Longitudinal Analysis of BFI Diversity Standards Data and Racial Inequality in the UK Film Industry i s'a three-year research study that will explore the true nature of the presence, representation and experiences of Black and minority ethnic identities within the UK film industry.

Research Management - 17.11.2020
Researchers to recover Europe’s lost smells
Scientists are using artificial intelligence (AI) to research past and present smells of Europe to identify and trace their link to language, places, cultural practices and emotions. The international research project, Odeuropa, has received ¤2.8m (£2.5m) of funding from the EU Horizon 2020 programme.

Astronomy / Space - Research Management - 06.12.2019
Researchers named among world’s best
Durham researchers named among world's best At Durham we've long had a global reputation for the high standard and impact of our research. Now we're celebrating because five of our researchers have been named among the world's best for the quality and influence of their work. The researchers are investigating the origins of the universe, nature-based answers to climate change, and the make-up of the Earth's crust.

Career - Research Management - 26.11.2019
Early co-authorship with a senior academic boosts junior researchers’ future careers
Co-authoring a research paper with an established scientist early in an academic's career leads to significant future benefits for the junior researcher, finds a paper by UCL. This effect is much stronger for early-career researchers affiliated with less prestigious institutions, who are statistically less likely later in their careers to reach the same levels those at the most prestigious institutions will.

Life Sciences - Research Management - 19.11.2019
UCL academics named in global list of influential researchers
Forty-four academics are included in Clarivate's 'Highly Cited Researchers 2019' list, which recognises authors of the most influential research papers around the world. The results are comparable with university peers such as Oxford (55 researchers recognised), Cambridge (53) and Imperial College London (34) and represent an increase since last year, when 41 UCL researchers were recognised.

Research Management - 10.12.2018
Simple tips to curb overindulgence can help stop pounds piling on at Christmas
A global list of the most highly cited researchers has found nine University of Birmingham academics to be amongst the most influential researchers as determined by their peers around the globe - those who have consistently won recognition in the form of high citation counts over a decade. Placement on the list has been recognised as a significant achievement for those named and marks an increase on previous years.