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Pedagogy - 18.04.2023
Improving learning and wellbeing for autistic children
The first evidence-based guide to creating a sensory room to support the well-being and learning of autistic people has been launched. The Wales Autism Research Centre at Cardiff University collaborated with teachers and psychologists who work with autistic children, autistic people and parents to develop the new sensory room guide.

Pedagogy - Health - 06.04.2023
Breast and mixed-fed babies are at lower risk of having special educational needs
Children who are exclusively breastfed or fed a mix of formula and breastmilk for the first six to eight weeks of life are at lower risk of having special educational need and learning disabilities, according to a new study. The research, led by the University of Glasgow and published in PLOS Medicine, studied data from more than 190,000 children to understand the impact of early life feeding on later development.