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Physics - Astronomy / Space - 24.12.2023
Imperial's five quirky quantum leaps of 2023
Imperial’s five quirky quantum leaps of 2023
From creating new navigation systems to remixing old experiments, here are Imperial's top five quantum moments from 2023. Throughout 2023 Imperial has had many quantum breakthroughs. From wavefunction experiments to satellite-free navigation systems, this is 2023's round-up of quantum research at Imperial and how it's making its way out of the lab.

Astronomy / Space - Life Sciences - 21.12.2023
Christmas toys playing a role in scientific discovery
Toys aren't just sitting under the Christmas tree patiently waiting to be opened, they are also playing a significant role in scientific research at Cardiff University. Right across the University, the gifts old and young might receive this year are helping further our understanding of human development, democratising biomedical research, or helping shed light on some of the universe's unanswered questions.

Life Sciences - Agronomy / Food Science - 21.12.2023
Land-cover changes and serotonin levels: News from Imperial
Land-cover changes and serotonin levels: News from Imperial
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From a simulation to understand why land-cover changes have occurred, to a study that found different antidepressants all target serotonin, here is some quick-read news from across Imperial. Changing landscapes When land-cover changes happen, such as during the expansion of agriculture, there are numerous possible interacting reason for such changes, from environmental to social.

Health - Psychology - 20.12.2023
Emotional problems in young people were rising rapidly even before the pandemic
There was a substantial increase in emotional problems among young people in Wales in the years immediately before the pandemic, research from Cardiff University shows. Published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, academics studied data collected from more than 200,000 young people aged 11-16 in Wales.

Life Sciences - Health - 20.12.2023
New protein linked to early-onset dementia identified
A first potential therapeutic target for a type of early-onset dementia has been established by a team of scientists, including UCL researchers. The new study, published in Nature , and led by the Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, identified abnormal aggregates of a protein called TAF15 in the brains of individuals with early-onset dementia, known as frontotemporal dementia, where the cause was not previously known.

Health - 20.12.2023
Patients largely back online GP consultations, finds study
Contemporary pensioner sitting by table in front of laptop and watching online video with consultation of doctor at home Most patients felt online GP consultations were quicker, more flexible, and more efficient than traditional consulting methods, in the largest study of patient views on the topic ever carried out.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 20.12.2023
Satellite analysis of rivers could provide improved flood warnings
A new way to monitor the flow of rivers from satellites could provide a valuable early warning system for flood risk. A new way to monitor the flow of rivers from satellites could provide a valuable early warning system for flood risk, scientists say. University of Glasgow researchers have developed the first method of measuring the speed of river flows by analysing video footage captured from orbit.

Health - 20.12.2023
HIV drugs might help prevent multiple sclerosis, large new study suggests
Dr Elaine Kingwell (UCL Epidemiology & Health Care) discusses her study, with Dr Kyla Mckay (Karolinska Institutet), that shows antiretroviral therapy for HIV can influence the risk of developing MS. Over the last decade,á several case studies áhave reported that people with multiple sclerosis (MS) who started antiretroviral therapy for HIV (to keep the virus in check) subsequently found that their MS symptoms had either disappeared completely or the disease progression had slowed considerably.

Health - Life Sciences - 20.12.2023
New study from the RVC explores malaria invasion to help develop life-saving vaccine
Last Updated: 20 Dec 2023 16:00:21 Researchers from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) and University of Oxford have led an innovative project investigating the progression of malaria infection and the role of the parasite to better aid the development of an effective malaria vaccine and significantly reduce rates of deaths from the disease.

History / Archeology - Physics - 19.12.2023
Mesopotamian bricks unveil the strength of Earth's ancient magnetic field
Mesopotamian bricks unveil the strength of Earth’s ancient magnetic field
Ancient bricks inscribed with the names of Mesopotamian kings have yielded important insights into a mysterious anomaly in Earth's magnetic field 3,000 years ago, according to a new study involving UCL researchers. The research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) , describes how changes in the Earth's magnetic field imprinted on iron oxide grains within ancient clay bricks, and how scientists were able to reconstruct these changes from the names of the kings inscribed on the bricks.

Chemistry - Materials Science - 19.12.2023
Scientists tackle difficult-to-recycle thermoset polymers
Scientists tackle difficult-to-recycle thermoset polymers
Scientists have discovered how to make thermosets like gels, rubbers and elastomers so they can be degraded and be re-formed without loss of function. Published on Tuesday 19 December 2023 Last updated on Thursday 21 December 2023 A team of UK scientists has got a step closer to making several different types of plastic much easier to recycle, using a method that could be applied to a whole range of difficult-to-recycle polymers, including rubbers, gels and adhesives.

Environment - History / Archeology - 19.12.2023
Human activity responsible for mass bird extinctions
Humans have wiped out around 1,400 bird species - twice as many as previously thought - with major implications for the ongoing biodiversity crisis, a new study involving UCL researchers has found. Many of the world's islands were previously untouched paradises, but the arrival of people to places like Hawaii, Tonga and the Azores ledáto far-reaching impacts including deforestation, overhunting and the introduction of invasive species.

Health - Pharmacology - 18.12.2023
’Unclear’ whether opioids are effective at treating cancer pain
The world's largest review on opioid medicines for cancer pain has found it is unclear whether some commonly used opioid medicines are better than a placebo and suggests that non-opioid medicines, including aspirin, may be as effective as opioids. Researchers examining the data on opioids for pain caused by cancer have found surprisingly large gaps in evidence regarding the true benefits of these medicines for cancer pain.

Life Sciences - Health - 18.12.2023
Unusual RNA structures could be targets for new ALS treatments
Studying strange forms of RNA associated with the formation of aggregates in the brains of ALS patients could lead to new avenues for treatments. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive motor neuron disease, which causes degeneration of nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain. Neurodegenerative diseases, including ALS, dementia, and Alzheimer's, are the leading cause of death in the UK, and there are no known cures.

Health - Linguistics / Literature - 18.12.2023
Doctor Who festive specials linked to lower death rates
Study highlights the positive impact of doctors working over the festive period - may prompt broadcasters to air new Doctor Who episodes each year at Christmas A new Doctor Who episode shown during the festive period, especially on Christmas Day, is associated with lower death rates in the subsequent year across the UK, finds a new study.

Health - Social Sciences - 15.12.2023
Early-life diseases linked to lifelong childlessness
A ground-breaking study, published in Nature Human Behaviour , reveals a significant association between 74 early-life diseases and the likelihood of remaining childless throughout one's life, with 33 of these diseases prevalent in both women and men. Led by Aoxing Liu and senior authors Melinda Mills , Andrea Ganna and an international team, the study examined the link between 414 early-life diseases and lifetime childlessness in over 2.5 million individuals born in Finland and Sweden.

Paleontology - 15.12.2023
Palaeontologist cleared of fabricating data in dino-killing asteroid paper
Investigations conducted by The University of Manchester find the allegations made by Melanie During, published in Science in December 2022, that Robert DePalma " wanted to claim credit for identifying the dinosaur-killing asteroid's season of impact and fabricated data in order to be able to publish a paper before she did " were unfounded.

Paleontology - Life Sciences - 15.12.2023
Southampton features in prime time Sir David Attenborough documentary
Southampton features in prime time Sir David Attenborough documentary
Researchers from the University of Southampton are set to appear in a new BBC Natural History programme revealing the secrets of a giant pliosaur, a ferocious predator which inhabited our seas at the same time as dinosaurs roamed the Earth about 150 million years ago. The documentary, titled 'Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster' (BBC One and iPlayer, 8pm, 1 January 2024), follows Sir David Attenborough on a journey of discovery as he explores the fascinating story of an enormous marine reptile whose skull was found buried on the Dorset coast near Kimmeridge Bay.

Health - Life Sciences - 15.12.2023
New gene therapy could significantly reduce seizures in severe childhood epilepsy
UCL researchers have developed a new gene therapy to cure a devastating form of childhood epilepsy, which a new study shows can significantly reduce seizures in mice. The study, published in Brain , sought to find an alternative to surgery for children with focal cortical dysplasia. Focal cortical dysplasia is caused by areas of the brain that have developed abnormally and is among the most common causes of drug-resistant epilepsy in children.

Health - Life Sciences - 15.12.2023
Immune cells could offer new avenues for treating respiratory diseases
Immune cells could offer new avenues for treating respiratory diseases
Healthy lung development hinges on communication between immune cells and cells that line the airways, according to new research from UCL and the Wellcome Sanger Institute, with implications for the treatment of respiratory diseases. The study, published in Science Immunology , has created a first-of-its-kind immune cell atlas of the developing lung, revealing coordination between the immune and respiratory systems much earlier in development than previously thought.
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