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Environment - Chemistry - 25.01.2022
Novel research identifies fresh 'mixers' in river pollution 'cocktail'
Novel research identifies fresh ’mixers’ in river pollution ’cocktail’
Water quality in rivers is affected by underpinning 'natural' hydrogeological and biogeochemical processes, as well as interactions between people and their environment that are accelerating stress on water resources at unprecedented rates. Pollutants can move at different speeds and accumulate in varying quantities along rivers where the mix of the complex 'cocktail' of chemicals that is making its way towards the ocean is constantly changing, a new study reveals.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - 19.01.2022
Manchester lab develop more sustainable and rapid route to future medicines
Manchester lab develop more sustainable and rapid route to future medicines
Researchers at The University of Manchester have developed a new powerful and sustainable method of combining enzymes found in nature with non-toxic synthetic catalysts to deliver important chemical building blocks needed for the production of pharmaceuticals as well as other valuable chemicals. New research published today describes the use of natural enzymes and earth-abundant and non-toxic transition metal-catalysts to forge organic molecules, creating what is known as an amide bond, in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

Astronomy / Space - Chemistry - 13.01.2022
University of Glasgow researchers lend support to major Martian meteorite study
Researchers from the School of Geographical & Earth Sciences have contributed to a new study ­of a Martian meteorite which could provide insights into the reactions that led to the building blocks of life on early Earth. The study, led by the Carnegie Institution for Science and , demonstrates that organic molecules found in a meteorite that hurtled to Earth from Mars were synthesized during interactions between water and rocks that occurred on the Red Planet about 4 billion years ago.

Chemistry - Physics - 06.01.2022
Gold solution to catalysis grand challenge
A simple, low-cost method of directly converting natural gas into useful chemicals and fuels, using the precious metal gold as a key ingredient, has been proposed by researchers at Cardiff University in collaboration with researchers at Lehigh University, USA and the National Centre for Magnetic Resonance in Wuhan, China.