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Chemistry - Environment - 11.01.2021
Scientists make sustainable polymer from sugars in wood
Scientists from Bath's Centre for Sustainable and Circular Technologies have made a sustainable polymer using the second most abundant sugar in nature, xylose. Last updated on Tuesday 19 January 2021 Not only does the new nature-inspired material reduce reliance on crude oil products, but its properties can also be easily controlled to make the material flexible or crystalline.

Paleontology - Environment - 07.01.2021
Research explains why crocodiles have changed so little since the age of the dinosaurs
New research by scientists at the University of Bristol explains how a 'stop-start' pattern of evolution, governed by environmental change, could explain why crocodiles have changed so little since the age of the dinosaurs. Crocodiles today look very similar to ones from the Jurassic period some 200 million years ago.

Earth Sciences - Environment - 05.01.2021
Imminent sudden stratospheric warming to occur, bringing increased risk of snow over coming weeks
A new study, led by researchers at the Universities of Bristol, Exeter and Bath, helps to shed light on the winter weather we may soon have in store following a dramatic meteorological event currently unfolding high above the North Pole. Weather forecasting models are predicting with increasing confidence that a sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) event will take place today, 5 January 2021.

Environment - 05.01.2021
Summer temperatures could rise faster in the UK than average global rates
The UK could be facing a future of extreme heatwaves according to a new study in which scientists mapped almost 40 years' worth of trends to project what lies ahead. The study, published in Environmental Research Letters , draws on datasets from the Met Office's UK Climate Projections, specifically UKCP18, which contains global climate model projections and simulations from around the world, as well as high resolution climate model projections on a local and regional scale for the UK and Europe.