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Health - Career - 22.12.2021
Biology unlikely to drive ethnic differences in Covid-19 risk for healthcare workers
Biology unlikely to drive ethnic differences in Covid-19 risk for healthcare workers
The differences in Covid-19 infection risk between ethnic minority healthcare workers and their white colleagues is likely due to home and work factors rather than biology, finds the largest and most detailed study on the subject, co-led by researchers at UCL. Previous research has shown that healthcare workers from ethnic minority groups are at a disproportionately higher risk of contracting Covid-19 than their white colleagues.

Health - Career - 10.11.2021
New target for Covid-19 vaccines identified
Next generation vaccines for Covid-19 should aim to induce an immune response against 'replication proteins', essential for the very earliest stages of the viral cycle, concludes new research carried out by UCL scientists. By designing vaccines that activate immune memory cells, known as T cells, to attack infected cells expressing this part of the virus's internal machinery, it may be possible to eliminate SARS-CoV-2 at the very outset, thereby helping stop its spread.

Career - Economics - 09.07.2021
Seafarers draw on vital support from port chaplains
Seafarers draw on vital support from port chaplains
Seafarers of different faiths and no faith rely on support from port chaplains in coping with what is often dangerous work in challenging institutionalised workplace settings, research from Cardiff University has found. On board ship, religious beliefs and attitudes are kept private but seafarers revealed to the team the ways in which many who do have a faith construct their own set of religious beliefs in order to cope better with living and working conditions.

Career - Health - 01.06.2021
Study launched to investigate whether paramedics can ease GP workload
This two-year project funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is a collaboration between the University of Bristol and UWE Bristol, and is being delivered as part of the ' REACH ' emergency care research initiative. The READY study will look in detail at how paramedics are supporting the delivery of general practice healthcare services up and down the country.

Career - 29.04.2021
Window views and smaller offices improve productivity
Window views and smaller offices improve productivity
Workers in open plan offices who face the room, are next to a window and have few or no desks behind them are more productive, according to a new study by UCL researchers. Smaller open-plan offices with fewer desks in also help workers to feel more focused and productive, the researchers found. For the study, published in PLOSONE, researchers studied four floors of the London headquarters of a large international technology company, collecting a staff survey on workspace satisfaction as well as specific information on office seating positions of all participants and a marked floorplan.

Career - 21.04.2021
Little evidence entry into the UK Armed Forces before age 18 increases PTSD risk
Two studies led by researchers from the University of Glasgow and King's Centre for Military Health Research (KCMHR) at King's College London have found there is little evidence that early recruitment to the UK Armed Forces is associated with an adverse impact on long-term mental health, despite previously raised concerns.

Health - Career - 12.03.2021
Covid-19 vaccine linked to a reduction in transmission
News - Public Health Scotland Vaccination of Scotland's healthcare workers offers some protection against transmission of Covid-19 to their household contacts. A study of all healthcare workers employed by the NHS in Scotland and their households (which has not yet been peer-reviewed), shows that the rate of infection with Covid-19 for people that live with healthcare workers is at least 30% lower when the worker has been vaccinated mostly with a single dose.

Career - Economics - 16.02.2021
How has the pandemic impacted our wellbeing?
New research from Professor Roger Gill, helps us to understand the impact of ongoing Covid-19 restrictions on mental health and wellbeing. The study, delivered in partnership with Professor Matt Grawitch and colleagues at St Louis University in Missouri, surveyed people living and working across the UK, France, Germany, Canada and the US.

Career - 11.02.2021
LGBT+ workers experience higher levels of conflict at work, shows new report
Last updated on Friday 19 February 2021 The CIPD is today launching a new research report, co-authored by the School of Management's Dr Luke Fletcher , to highlight how LGBT+ workers tend to have a more negative experience of work.

Career - Innovation - 02.02.2021
New book explores the challenges of working from home
New book explores the challenges of working from home
Academics from the University of Sussex Business School and Coventry University have teamed up to produce a groundbreaking book on agile working and working from home. The new book draws on new and existing research and literature to provide impactful insights and new findings into the impact of home-working and technology on productivity and personal welfare.