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Chemistry - Environment - 11.01.2021
Scientists make sustainable polymer from sugars in wood
Scientists from Bath's Centre for Sustainable and Circular Technologies have made a sustainable polymer using the second most abundant sugar in nature, xylose. Last updated on Tuesday 19 January 2021 Not only does the new nature-inspired material reduce reliance on crude oil products, but its properties can also be easily controlled to make the material flexible or crystalline.

Health - Chemistry - 08.01.2021
Branching out: DNA discovery could advance degenerative disease treatments
New research on the structure and dynamics of a branched form of DNA called a three-way junction could lead to more effectively targeted treatments for degenerative disorders like Huntington's Disease, scientists say. In a new paper published , chemists from the University of Glasgow show for the first time how three-way DNA junctions undergo unexpected rearrangements in their structure.

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